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My Dorm [v 0.12]

You just got back from college, and it turns out your dad left with his new partner. Now, you're trying to turn your family home into a dorm. While doing that, you're making and fixing relationships with people around you. The game allows for intimate connections with girls, making it an inviting experience. There are no house rules and you turn your home into a frat house. Everyone fucks everyone here. The girls love it and are always coming back for more. Go crazy and fuck them all, fucky their pouty mouths and watch as they gag on your dick. Cum on their boobies and watch as they push out your huge load from their thoroughly fucked pussies. If only your dad knew they monster he has created.

796K 172 RenpyRen'Py

BDSM Apocalypse [v 1.0b]

The apocalypse happened, and the world was overflowed with zombies, robots, soldiers and raiders. After losing your job as a mercenary, you end up in a refugee camp. Meet three beautiful girls who run the camp to prove themselves. Carefully build your relationships with girls, as the course of the game depends on it.

69K 6 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Project QT (Sp0ns0red)

Join the fight in a world on the verge of chaos, chase after the sexiest schoolgirls this side of the multiverse and fuck your way to victory! Get ready for some really hot, uncensored content - Lead them into battle, and enjoy your just rewards as the hero, by unlocking sex scenes with each of them! Free Game!


The Will of Endreon [v 0.02p2p]

A hundred years ago there was a brutal war, people tried to resist despotic rule. One legendary warrior helped people to win this war. After the war, everything started to get better, until the threat appeared again. The main character and his team will go on a journey to find an opportunity to save many people from death. Think over every step, as they are waiting for dangerous adventures and difficult obstacles.

62.3K 7 RenpyRen'Py

Bindr: Kink Dating [v 0.1.7]

You are the developer and owner of the popular dating app Bindr. But this is not an ordinary application, it is aimed at fans of all kinds of perversions. You decide to test your product and meet different interesting girls. From this moment your sexual adventures begin. Decide for yourself what will happen next and how far you are ready to go in your sexual games.

173.7K 10 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Doors: Part 1

The main character lives in a happy but difficult family, where all the children are adopted. Suddenly he learns a terrible secret about his family, and it turns his whole world upside down. The main character will have to sort out his relationship with his family and all family problems. Make your choice wisely, otherwise it can ruin his life and the life of his family, who already have a hard time living.

131.7K 24 GaysGays RenpyRen'Py

Netorare God; Netorase Devil

The main character loves to read books, because in real life he is a complete loser. One night he wakes up in his fantasy world. Now he has the opportunity to make all his dreams come true. Using all his knowledge, he will try to create his own harem. But will everything go as he imagined, or will he remain the same loser in this world?

71.4K 4 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Horny Villa (Sp0ns0red)

It’s time to build your dream mansion while romancing the hottest and kinkiest girls. Are you into Sexy maids? Big-titty sluts? Submissive shy girls? Nymphomaniacs that live to please you? Horny Villa has it all! Get ready to collect unique hot photos and enjoy high-quality fully animated sex scenes. Play free now!


Free Cities Origins

The game kicks off with you starting as a slave in a world that's seen the downfall of modern society a few years back. Each day, you'll strive to break free from slavery's chains and carve a path to becoming a formidable warrior. The world is in constant flux, offering you the chance to gain insights into Earth's ever-evolving state as you progress. As you advance through the game, you'll have the opportunity to align with a faction, shaping the outcome of the ongoing war. Ready to dive into this immersive journey, make strategic choices, and influence the course of the conflict? Now, swords up and make sure you win that damned war!


Become A Rock Star [v 1.01]

Definitely worth the long loading! You take the role of a guy from a rich family. Your parents are loaded but they always want to control your life and force you to do things that you don't want. Finally you get to move out of your parents house, move to the city and pursue your dream job as a musician. The smell of freedom and fame intoxicates you. As a rockstar you get to meet new people and do whatever you want. Have sex with hot fans in public spaces, enjoy blowjobs before and after performances.

1.3M 209 RenpyRen'Py

Black Diamond

Follow 18-year-old Lydia's journey as she embarks on studies at a prestigious New York college. A once ordinary and inexperienced individual, Lydia faces a major life shift, moving to a new city. Navigate her challenges by making crucial choices in diverse situations, guiding her through the complexities of college life. From adjusting to a bustling city to forging new relationships, you can influence Lydia's path. Explore the details of her transformation, as she evolves from a quiet person into a confident sexy bad bitch. Help her take charge of her life starting with her sexuality. You could also ensure she has a smooth transition into her new life by making her choices.

81.9K 11 RenpyRen'Py

Jessica O'Neil's Hard News [v 0.60]

Follow the journey of 25-year-old Jessica O'Neil in her quest to become a formidable journalist. The story unfolds as she wakes up near Connor, navigating the excitement of her life day by day. Every day before work, Connor fucks her like crazy. He enjoys worshipping her pussy and loves being the one responsible for her glow up. To others, she may be a journalist but to him, she is his very own personal slut and they both love it. Driven by the ambition to achieve something significant in her career, Jessica understands the need to dig deep and take risks. How about reporting some hard news after she receives hard backstrokes!

1.2M 172 RenpyRen'Py

The Fiery Scion [update 12a]

This is a visual novel set in a fantasy world. Due to the curse, most babies are born girls. You play as a wizard who has just been released after ten years in prison. You will go on adventures, where you will make many friends and replenish your harem of lovers. But the most important thing is that every woman who spends the night with you gets pregnant.

44.7K 9 RenpyRen'Py

Measuring My Cum

This visual novel is about a guy who lives with his strict mother. The guy has problems with his health, or rather with his dick. He and his mother visit the best doctor to find out everything about his illness. As a result, the guy has to measure his sperm every day for a medical examination. Keep an eye on his relationship with his mother, as this disease will bring him many exciting events.

93.1K 7 RenpyRen'Py

21st Century

After graduating from school, you decided to live on your own and moved from your parents to your own apartment. You soon have problems with paying your bills, since your only income is your grandparents' inheritance. You decide to find a roommate to share the rent with. Meet your new female neighbor who streams on Twitch and pays all her bills on time.

395.4K 17 HTMLHTML

The Theater of Sinners

Do you enjoy horror stories that send chills down your spine and almost give you heart attacks? This is a fantastic horror story with a really twisted storyline. It's about two young girls, Paula and Rebecca. They have known so much pain and suffering in their lives. Since they can remember, they have endured constant violence from both their peers and adult men. This game has focused mostly on humiliation, sadism and masochism. These girls have been forced to endure pain as they pleasure their masters. Your task will be to help these girls survive the cruel trials and help them break free from the vicious cycle of violence.

54.9K 8 RenpyRen'Py

Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial

This game sounds like a total game-changer. Picture this: an everyday nurse from New York gets mixed up with a supervillain, gains superpowers after a wild night, and ends up becoming the right-hand woman to a powerful baddie. It's all about making those crucial choices to help her rise as the ultimate villain in the whole universe. Are you pumped to jump into this epic journey and guide her through the twists and turns of her dark destiny? And this is how villains are made - by deeming the light of the pure. Anyway, even monsters deserve some love right? Well, you get to have an intense relationship with your mistress, enjoy!

33.7K 2 RenpyRen'Py

Aeon’s Echo (Sp0ns0red)

Dive into the enchanting world of Aeons Echo! As the protagonist, you will interact, bond, and evolve with various captivating goddesses. Enjoy an immersive role-playing adventure in a visually stunning universe. Play Free now!


Where The Heart Is [Ep. 24]

The latest episode in the Where the Heart Is series introduces you to new girls and more intense sexual encounters. The story sets the stage for some very promising scenes: your parents divorced when you were very young and your mother's best friend, Monica, offered to share a home with her and her two daughters, Katie and Jenna. You lived together in Monica's house until you were 11, until your mother's sudden passing sent you back to your father. Now he's also gone and, eight years later, you meet Monica, Katie, and Jenna again... my how these girls have grown! Dialogue scenes reveal the hidden desires unleashed and your choices determine who you fuck and how: the key is building Relationship and Lust points to where you can turn an innocent relationship into one with benefits. A large variety of story choices and good writing make this a game you can return to for multiple playthroughs.

3.7M 896 RenpyRen'Py

Heart Problems [v 8.0]

Talk about an unfortunate turn of events! This game is a story about Iker. The guy was left by his mother when he was just 12 years old. Now, he is all alone in the world with no one to turn to. Nobody knows why she left and he hasn't seen her since then. His uncle's family took him in. Iker is grateful for having a place in another home at long last. But there's one little problem. His aunt and her two daughters are like walking strains of heroin. Each and every night he has to sleep with a case of blue balls imagining how it would feel if he got a chance to penetrate their sweet pussies. Watch as this forbidden love unfolds.

1.4M 311 RenpyRen'Py

Above the Clouds [v 0.75]

In this visual novel you'll take the role of a guy who's moving to his hometown because of his father's sudden decision. While being here you'll find out many secrets of this place and meet with super weird characters. Luckily all girls are beautiful and you'll have a lots of good time with them.

260.1K 28 RenpyRen'Py

Max's Life Ch.4

This is the fourth part of the dating simulator about Max and his family. The third part of the game ended with you and the girls caught in a deadly storm. You managed to survive, but you woke up completely alone on a desert island. Try to find out which of the girls is also on this island, and try to get out of this place. Attention, there are a lot of video files in the game, so don't click too fast, it will take time for everything to load.

45.7K 5 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Max's Life Ch.3

Play the third part of the game about Max and his crazy family. You got rich and invited all your relatives to your luxurious home. Finally, you are all together and can have fun. Also look at the map to move around it in search of new girls and adventures. Loading the game takes a long time and also contains a lot of video files, so don't click too fast.

34.5K 2 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Max's Life Ch.2

This is the second part of the game about Max and his family. The worst is over, and you start your adventure again with a lot of new and beautiful girls ready to sleep with you. Before you start the game, you have to choose one of the game modes, hard or soft. Choose the hard mode only if you are a big fan of extreme fetish. Attention, there are a lot of video files in the game, so don't click too fast, it will take time for everything to load.

48.6K 11 RenpyRen'Py

Max's Life Ch.1

You play as a 22-year-old guy named Max. You just finished your studies but you can't find a job. Since you can't move out, you live in the same house with your mother and two sisters. Many interesting events are waiting for you, as well as a large number of girls with whom you can easily have sex. Attention, there are a lot of video files in the game, so don't click too fast, it will take time for everything to load.

110.4K 19 RenpyRen'Py

Vinovella University [v 0.3.20]

This game is related to other game from our site, to be more specific the game is called Fetish Locator and these are the events before those. 3 girls got missing and it's your task to help investigation to find the answers. The university is really prestigious but it has so many secrets, that you're going to uncover.

291.1K 22 RenpyRen'Py

Milfy City [v 1.0b]

Concentrating in school can be hard, especially when you've got a hard-on for your teachers! Daydreaming about all your wildest sexual fantasies gets you kicked out of class and into the office of Judy, the school therapist who's a smokin' hot mature babe with curves in all the right places. She's an eager-to-fuck MILF who happens to have a soft (and wet!) spot for her students. This big-titted beauty uses hypnosis therapy to put you to sleep and help you explore your filthiest fantasies - sex class is in session! Choose what to have her teach you about next: anal, bondage, oral sex, and much more. How deep will you penetrate into your studies? With experienced MILFs leading the way, this satisfying sex game will teach you there's a million different ways to cum and nothing to be ashamed of!

13.5M 834 RenpyRen'Py

Her Secret [v]

This is a fantasy RPG game. The main character Ben falls into a dark dungeon, from which he is trying to get out. The entrance to the dungeon is completely destroyed, so Ben needs to look for another way out. On the way, he will encounter the evil mistress of the dungeon and her loyal servants. Help the main character make the right decisions so as not to fall into a trap.

91.3K 7 UnityUnity

Grandma's House Part 2 [v 0.37]

This game is awesome in that you don't need to have saved the scenes before. You have the choice of answering a bunch of questions to generate a storyline. The game is ever-evolving and gives you some refreshing content with each new scene. If you successfully save previous scenes, good for you! If not, don't sweat it. You won't miss out on anything! The game is filled with new adventures, tests your ability to make strategy decisions and of course has naughty sex scenes that will keep you at the edge of your seats. Ensure you devour the sexy babes on your platter. Bon appetit!

627.7K 65 RenpyRen'Py

Darkness Revenge [v 1.0.1]

Play a mysterious and a bit dark visual novel about vampires and attractive characters. Choose your character's gender. Follow the story, make decisions to move forward, and uncover spicy scenes. Your goal is to explore the plot, unlock interesting moments, and guide your character through an exciting journey. This novel lets you be part of the adventure, making choices that shape the story and lead to captivating encounters with vampires and alluring characters. Enjoy a simple yet immersive experience filled with mystery, desire, and a hint of darkness.

548.5K 43 RenpyRen'Py

Babe Quest [v 1.0]

This game has a twisted storyline. The hero is sort of trapped inside the porn game. Specifically, his mind is in the cage. Your task is to make the most out of the situation and discover how you can benefit from it. The game's organisation is top notch and the storyline is to die for! Some scenes are very naughty and sexual and may have you jerking off to them. All in all, when playing be prepared for a good laugh!


Lust Goddess (Sp0ns0red)

Assemble your unique squad of sexy mercenary girls. Earn their love and trust, and they will show you their gratitude by bringing your wildest and lewdest fantasies to life! Play Free Now!


Tilda von Titantanks: The Beast Within

Assigned by an old monk to probe demonic disturbances, Tilda enthusiastically accepts the mission. However, joy transforms into confrontation when she faces a formidable demon in a local bar. The once peaceful investigation unfolds into a fierce struggle, as Tilda courageously battles the malevolent force, navigating the dark alleys of the city to thwart the demonic activity. This time you will be playing as a demon, so beat Tilda in a mini-game to fuck your grand prize as soon as possible! The faster you beat her, the faster you can fuck your grand prize. She must get a taste of your mad games. Remember to use mouse controls to play the game.


Boobitch Family Reunion 2: Vigo the Carpathian

This game is a continuation of what happened with the Boobitch family. They are currently struggling to fight of a great and terrible evil. The hot babes just couldn't reel in their sexual energy and now they have freed an unknown evil that's over a hundred years old. In this game, the girls will have to find a way to imprison the sex fiend once more before he ruins any more lives. Enjoy this thriller and help the girls cage the evil. You could also decide to be oblivious and see what exactly the fiend will do. There's only one way the girls can defeat the evil and it's by using their sexy bodies. Who thought fucking would be so powerful!

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