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Fuckerman: Copbang [v 0.1]

Another new Fuckerman release and this one finds him stuck in the police department looking to free himself and his prostitute girlfriend from the cell. However, breaking out will not be easy, as you must follow all the rules and locate the required items to finish the task. Luckily, you can have sex with all of the busty girls that you interact with along the way. You can use W A S D to move around, E for action, and use the mouse to drag items on corresponding objects. Much like Superman, it seems nothing can stop our favorite paper-headed pervert from having sex, not even a jail cell. Play on and see just how far this sex hero gets when faced with gun-holding hotties.

253.4K 64

Eroman: Sexual Services

You applied for a job to provide sexual services for girls. You already have the first order - that's a lesbian couple and you'll have to satisfy them. Complete this order and you'll get more interesting tasks. As always help characters in different situations to get laid. Use W A S D to walk around and press E for any kind of actions.

182.9K 42

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Fuckerman: Cum on Ella [v 0.2]

In this Cinderella parody game, you must help the famous Disney princess get to an important ball. This means helping her get dressed, find stunning shoes, and all the other things she needs to stand out. As you progress through the game searching for these items, you can interact and have hardcore sex with other characters. If you love busty women with big tits, then this iteration of Cinderella is the ultimate erotic treat. Move around using W A S D and press E for action. You can also use the mouse to drag items on the screen or on each other to combine them.

558.2K 86

Eroman: Wish Fulfillment

Everyone has something to wish for to receive it on Christmas. As well as our hero and lots of girls want some specific things. Your task is to help them to fulfill their wishes and as the reward you'll be able to make love with them in different sexy situations. Use W A S D to move around. Press E for actions.

201.1K 70

Fuckerman: Assgard [Full]

Valar Morghulis! This time Fuckerman gets to experience what it takes to be a Viking. This game is a parody of God of War and Ragnarök. In this dreadful end times, before Fenrir eats the moon, Fuckerman better do some eating and fucking of his own. The main task will be to help other characters and have some viking sex with them. Make it rough. Also his girlfriend is joining the story and only she can solve some puzzles. Use W A S D to move, E for actions, use mouse to drug items on the screen. Press C to change character.

531.8K 73 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: Hot Date

Our hero is ready for some new adventures and this time he's going on a hot date. You'll meet different sexy babes and all of them will demand something from you. You just have to walk around the rooms and find things to satisfy their needs. Use W A S D to move around and E to perform action or pick up some items.

234.7K 82

Fuckerman: Atomic Fuck [Full Version]

We all love a cool adventurous couple that get to enjoy nasty sex scenes together. In this game, the couple is in a futuristic place full of robots and high end technology. Some equipments get damaged and become faulty. When you follow a certain sequence of actions, both of you will be able to get laid by rogue android monsters. They want to conquer the world but they are happy to spare some time for you and your wife. Use W A S D to move around. Press E to perform actions and C to change characters. You can use the mouse to drag items on the screen just like the robots will drag your ass as they fuck you mercilessly!

741.5K 82

Eroman: Bad Girls

In this episode, you are a warden charged with helping our hero look after naughty girls who are locked up. Your friend has to go out for a few hours living them with you. The girls looks so hot and feisty and you can feel your bulging dick begging to be let lose. The pussies will be even sweeter because you get to earn them by completing several tasks. Use W A S D to move and E to perform actions. Your goody two shoes friend doesn't have to know!

450.2K 80

Fuckerman: Skyfuck [v 0.2]

In this episode, you are the puzzle master. You get to help our hero solve several tasks on the plane. Some hot babes have bought tickets for this flight but you are here with your girlfriend. What a bummer! She doesn't feel like participating in the sex games and decides to just sleep. Do everything needed to become a pilot for a while and enjoy fucking the flight attendant as well as the other girls while your girlfriend sleeps oblivious to your actions. The very thought of cheating on her in the same room is exhilarating and you can't seem to stop. Use W A S D to move, E for action and use your mouse to drag items on your screen. Ensure your cock is rock hard because you are going to have an extremely long flight. Buckle up!

647.5K 70

Eroman: Wet Party

Are you ready for the New Year's party with lots of sexy porn stars? Help to decorate the house, fix various things inside and do other things to prepare everything for the party. As always use W A S D keys to control the hero. Press E key for actions.

244.7K 51

Fuckerman: Wedding Rings

The game features a beautiful wedding ceremony. Everything is going blissfully until you realize there are no wedding rings. A pigeon was the ring bearer and got scared of the crowd and ran away with the jewels. The wedding cannot be complete without the rings so you take charge and are determined to make this wedding go on as planned. But your inner devil wants to come out and play. The thought of ruining the wedding by fucking everyone in it sounds enticing. So, what's it going to be? Save or ruin the damn wedding?

881.7K 85 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: Sexy Night

Our hero is on another adventure with hot porn stars. He's in his apartment, watching the sexy girl from the opposite house and waiting for her invitation. Help other girls in their night duties and you'll be rewarded. Use W A S D to move around. Use E button for actions.

383.6K 105

Porn Bastards: Raven

This is a Teen Titans parody game and the 20th episode from this series. This time, the main theme of the game is Halloween and Raven is the main heroine. She’s sitting on a broom while she gets fucked in the pussy doggystyle. The wild thing is that Raven starts to enjoy it and she starts to become an absolute sex fiend that loses her mind and only cares about cum. You will also have full freedom to customize her basic looks and styles, so you can alter her in whatever way you want. Make Raven submit to you sexually and by the end, you will be able to watch her scream ‘Azarath Metrion Zinthos’ to orgasm.

403.9K 30 FlashFlash

Fuckerman: Deep Space

Join our beloved heroes locked in a space station, embarking on a journey filled with intriguing tasks. Your mission involves assisting characters like Leeloo from The Fifth Element, a crazy scientist woman, and more. Utilize W A S D for movement, C to switch characters, and E for actions. The mouse becomes your tool to drag elements on the screen, enabling their use or combination. Engage in this interactive experience, where teamwork and problem-solving lead to exciting discoveries. Navigate through the challenges, unveil mysteries, and immerse yourself in the diverse tasks that await in the captivating space station setting. And ofcourse this game will make your perverted brain have mindgasms!

723.6K 51 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: Seducer

Embark on a sunny day adventure, aiming to charm a few girls in their daily routines. Guide our hero by finding and using various items strategically in different locations to engage with the girls. Use W A S D for movement and press E for actions. The game features Easy and Hard modes, with the only distinction being that in Easy mode, you have an unlimited number of mistakes when using the wrong items. How about you apply some sunblock on before your cock explodes in the summer heat then fuck their juicy pussies. They will be dripping and anticipating to feel your veiny cock up their holes. Just remember to master the controls.

430.9K 65

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Fuckerman: Lewd Park [v 0.2]

Join our charismatic couple on a thrilling new adventure in an amusement park. Experience the enchantment of carousels with horses, navigate tunnels through swimming rivers, uncover secret rooms, and enjoy the panoramic wheel among other exciting attractions. Use W A S D for movement, E for actions, and the mouse to access items from your inventory. Click on the character face icon to switch between characters, adding a dynamic element to the gameplay. Be open to enjoy some lewd sex scenes with either of the characters. Try out your wildest fantasies in this sex park. Everything in it is a tool that will grant you heightened pleasure. How about you start with the Carousel? Wink, wink.

825.8K 100 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: Lunch Break

Navigate the office lunchtime chaos using W, A, S, D to move and E for actions. Your mission: assist female colleagues in various tasks, earning grateful thanks as your reward. Easy mode offers leniency, while Hard mode limits item usage mistakes. Tackle the challenge, balancing efficiency and gratitude, as you maneuver through the office dynamics. Stay sharp, execute actions swiftly, and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done, all while keeping the energy of the office lunchtime hustle in check. You could fuck them hard or slow depending on the mode you choose. Just ensure you complete the tasks they give you then you can fuck all of them.

559K 101

Call of Beauty [v 0.2]

This game is a parody for the video game Call of Duty and you'll have to help our shemale character to stop the war. There will be lots of difficulties on the battle field and you have to help other female warriors with their needs and fuck them afterwards - make love, not war! Show them what they are missing when they are fighting and how your cock would love nothing more than to fuck their warrior pussies. There is nothing hotter like girls fucking girls especially if one has a huge cock.Use W A S D to move, E for actions, Mouse to drag items on the screen.

816K 109 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: New Year's Adventure

What did our hero Eroman did during these Christmas and the New Year's celebrations? Well, he was heading to the party when all the sudden the bus he was on got broken. Driver needed his help to fix it. Meanwhile he fucked some girls in the neighborhood. Use W A S D to move around and E for actions.

344.3K 69

Fuckerman: Jingle Balls Blitz

This game was published around 2022. It's really nice for the merry Christmas and happy new year seasons. Bambook have outdone themselves once more. They have brought us a short version of the previous game. In this updated version, you can enjoy all the animations in one place without having to solve puzzles or tasks. Now, you can enjoy just sex. What a perfect merry Christmas gift! As always, you will need to use the W A S D keys to move around. You will need to press E to get laid and fuck all the girls.

597.7K 60 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: After the Plane Crash [Full Version]

After a plane crash you're in the middle of nowhere with bunch of girls who also were on that plane. Now you'll have to figure out how to repair the SOS button and finally get rescued. You're deep in the forest so a lot of wild animals will be around. Use W A S D to move, Press E to pick up items and use them.

385.5K 67

Fuckerman: Wild Breast [v 0.2 +Secrets]

Today, join our heroes in the Wild West. Experience a bank robbery, meet a cool sheriff, encounter Indians, and more. You'll control both characters at different times, shaping the story. Get ready for a thrilling adventure full of action and iconic Western elements in the dusty landscapes of the Wild West. You will be able to control the characters to perform your desired actions. Ensure you make the sexy sheriff strip down just for you Use W A S D to move, E for action, Q to get naked, C to switch characters (when possible).

1.1M 146 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: Unusual Day [Full Version]

It all started as usual when all the sudden the the building where you live got on fire. Now your task is to help all the girls in the rooms with their current tasks, get all of them out of the building and save your ass by flying away with a huge helicopter. Use W A S D to move and press E for actions.

393K 76

Fuckerman: Summer Time [Full Version]

Hot weather, beach, girls in bikinis, yachts Open relationships and polyamory are just the oysters of relationships. They embrace polygamy and allow you to have an adventurous sex life. This game features hot weather, beach, girls in bikinis, yachts and cold refreshing drinks. What can be better for a perfect summer? Today our hero together with his girlfriend are going to get laid with some big breasted babes. Walk around using W A S D keys, interact with E. Drag objects on the screen with your mouse. Switch between characters by clicking on the face icon or press C. Get naked by pressing the Q button. Run along now and have fun!

995.8K 88 ShemalesShemales

Wings of Silicon [Ch.12]

You are a graphic designer in Silicon Gorge, one of the most technological cities. Despite things not going as planned, you encounter a hot girl who becomes a wellspring of inspiration for your projects. To your surprise, she introduces you to her super hot aunt, adding another layer of naughty creativity to your work. Amidst the twists in Silicon Gorge, this unexpected connection with these inspiring women transforms your professional journey, injecting a mix of talent and personal connections into your graphic design endeavours. Let these muses inspire your work and enjoy fucking their sweet pussies.

1.4M 141 RenpyRen'Py

Fuckerman: Villa [v 0.2]

Dive into this episode where you can play as both a guy and a girl. Navigate the spooky villa using the W, A, S, D keys, facing off against witches and creepy creatures with a mix of suspense and action. To switch between the characters, click the face icon or press C, a crucial move as you approach the climax. Execute actions with the E key and manipulate items on the screen using the mouse. The eerie atmosphere intensifies as you progress, encountering challenges and supernatural tricks. Master the controls for a seamless experience, delving into a mysterious narrative where the male and female heroes must work together to unravel the mysteries of the haunted villa and emerge victorious against the supernatural forces at play. Stay alert, adapt, and overcome the tricks laid out by the otherworldly inhabitants in this captivating gaming experience.

1.6M 218 ShemalesShemales

Eroman: Robbery [Full Version]

This is a robbery now get down on the floor! This time our hero is going to rob some rich babe cooperating with two girls. To get the money you'll have to complete various tasks and help other girls in their daily duties. But in the end everything will turn around completely. Will you be able to fuck policewoman as well? Use W A S D to move and E for actions.

523.9K 98

Eroman: Master on Call [Full Version]

Our hero is on a new adventure. Just like Johnny Sins, he can be anybody, a doctor, a police officer or a fireman. Today he'll be master who can fix any anything in your home - a vacuum cleaner, bath, computer or even a fan. Just call him and give some sexual reward in return. Use W A S D to move, E for action.

725.6K 129 HTMLHTML

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Fuckerman: Hospital [Full version]

Our favorite character Fuckerman was just passing the street when he saw a girl with a perfect ass. He gets distracted and loses his attention on the road. As a result, he gets hit by a motorcycle. Now, he wakes up in the hospital and needs to get out of there really fast. The girl who hit you is really sorry about the encounter and is willing to make it up to you. You find her waiting for you downstairs. Seems like the two of you have this electric chemistry and it's clear that you are going to fuck her. Remember to use W A S D to move, E for action and the Mouse to use objects from your inventory.

1M 89 ShemalesShemales HTMLHTML

Eroman: Hotel in the Mountains [Full Version]

Say hello to different girls in this Christmas game from Eroman. This time he must help them all in various situations in a nice hotel in the mountains. Some of girls want to feel warmer, others have lost some items. All of them will reward you with nice sex. Use W A S D to move around and press E for action.

524.5K 70 HTMLHTML
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