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Redheads Sex Games

Girls with Red, Orange Hairs

Human Dairy Farm [v 0.5]

Your mother raised you alone. She loved you so much that she breastfed you for a very long time. You've grown up, but you haven't weaned off breast milk. One day your mother refuses to breastfeed you and you get terribly angry. Also, there was a disease on the dairy farm where you grew up and all the cows were destroyed. That's why you're going to kidnap women to replace cows. Make your choice more carefully, as this will lead to different endings of the game.

226.2K 33 RenpyRen'Py

Love at First Tail [v 0.4.5]

The main character returns to his hometown after graduation. He is going to visit relatives and find out all the news, as well as take a little break from his stressful studies. There he will meet old and new friends, and one interesting event will happen that will change his whole life.

191.8K 34 RenpyRen'Py

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Lisa Total Investigation! [v 0.97]

This game has quite a twisted storyline. It's about a young girl and her boyfriend who are really happy and are planning to get married. Everything was going so well but their fairytale life was destroyed by the death of their friend. A policeman appears and tries to investigate the strange incident. He is hellbent on pinning the incident on the couple. It seems like the couple becomes involved in this criminal process until their friend's death is solved. Enjoy this murder investigation and stay tuned to find out if the couple will be able to get married or if everything will get worse.

121.9K 8 RenpyRen'Py

Patriarch [v 0.14]

We all love being a building Bob, and creating our very own space where we can do whatever we want. In this game, your task will be to build a harem. You will meet sexy nymphomaniacs and it will be your task to make them work for you. A pimp always takes his girls on a test drive so that he can estimate his rate card! What's more interesting about this game is that it takes place in the future. You are the ultimate master and you get to explore different styles as well as fetishes. You want some hardcore sex? This game has you covered. Just ensure you read the text, it will give you clues as to what's happening in each scene. Enjoy!


Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story [Ch.5]

This audiovisual novel has a really nice storyline about a pretty lady. She has always gotten the short end of a spoon in life. Lately her life struggles have become more and it doesn't surprise her one bit. She is a single mother of two beautiful kids. She works in a full time job and has multiple debts that she barely pays. Her finances are stretched between rent and so many more needs. Luckily, she bumps into an old friend who offers a tempting proposal. She knows it's beneath her but beggars cannot be choosers. Follow her life path and help her improve her living standards. Everyone deserves to be happier in life.

333.8K 14 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Jamie [v 0.10.1]

This is a game about a 19-year old shy guy called Jamie. He is studying in college and has a girlfriend called Sarah. She is very caring and a sensitive girl. She reminds him of his mother - someone has mommy issues. One day, a girl was snooping around when she discovered a nasty secret that he hides in the closet. Turns out that her boyfriend is a sick pervert with specific desires. Follow the plot and find out all the details of the main character. Will Sarah leave him or explore his fetishes? Play to find out.

71.2K 9 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

The Roommate [v 0.11.03]

This game is a story about another group of young people who accidentally got involved with each other and now have to live together. Of course, that causes a lot of sexual intercourse and much more as they don't control their senses at all. But they need to be controlled, and that's you job.

585.2K 97 RenpyRen'Py

The Princess Trap

After the princess escapes from the palace, the main character is forced to change into her clothes to take her place. He took a chemical that would change his body over time. Suddenly it turns out that the royal family is being hunted, and he could become a victim at any moment. Therefore, he must somehow escape the death trap he has fallen into.


Hentai Clicker

Your task is to help girls reach orgasms, because there's an evil curse that won't let them cum. This curse is called the Mist. If you succeed girls will join your Harem and give you their naughty pictures. Each girl has different level of difficulty and how you have to click on them. Read their instructions and try to level up as much as you can. You are a master at making girls cum and giving them immense pleasure. Free them from this curse and just let them experience multi-gasms for the first time ever as they scream out your name. Don't stop. Fuck and eat them out until their legs shake with desire. Watch as they squirt their juices all over and be freed from Mist.



You play as a 21-year-old guy who lost both of his parents at the same time. It's hard for you to cope with this tragedy. That's why you started getting close to your childhood friend Emily, who found herself in a similar situation. Build relationships with Emily and other girls you meet. It all depends on your choice.

65.8K 10 RenpyRen'Py

Element-174 [v 0.24]

This visual novel is a story about another guy who is just accepted in the new University. As always you'll meet with new people and have good moments with beautiful girls. The story of this game is really big and with every choice you can get deeper and deeper into it. That means you can play the game multiple times to see all routes.

213.8K 15 RenpyRen'Py

Memoirs of the Stripper [v 0.10]

The protagonist in this game is a sexy babe called Carmen. She has just started to work as a stripper and has discovered that she loves it a lot. She is only 22 years old but she loves just how powerful it feels to show off her body. She has mastered stripteasing and she is perfect. She has always liked dancing, fitness and travelling. She has the perfect body and knows how to move it. This line of work pays well and it's easy money. The money has given her options to lead a really crazy life and not to worry about money ever again.

508.9K 26 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Point of No Return [v 1.0]

Picture yourself as Jennifer Turner, a 37-year-old woman with a husband and a daughter, Maya, preparing for college. Everything changes when three unexpected guests take over her home. Now, Jennifer has to decide whether to cooperate with the intruders or resist them. As the game unfolds, you'll uncover the characters' depths, their secrets, and motivations. Will she find the courage to protect her family and reclaim her home, or will unforeseen alliances alter her path? Get ready for a gripping narrative of survival, betrayal, and the strength of the human spirit. The sex scenes are just mind-blowing. Only way to unlock them is by allowing the intruders to fuck Jennifer and her daughter.

936.9K 113 RenpyRen'Py

COED Conquest [v 0.13]

Assume the role of Chad Gibson in this university adventure. As a student at one of the coolest universities, you'll experience progressive studying methods focused on business building. Beyond the academic scene, immerse yourself in the vibrant environment of Paradise City, where encounters with numerous attractive girls unfold. Juggle the challenges of both academic pursuits and social interactions, as the game weaves a narrative that combines business learning with the excitement of meeting enticing characters. Even a bookworm deserves an outlet! Socialize and have fun with these hot babes. They may like you and you might get lucky to be in their panties. Have intense sex with them and leave them begging for more.

919.4K 89 RenpyRen'Py

Fuckerman: Cum on Ella [v 0.2]

In this Cinderella parody game, you must help the famous Disney princess get to an important ball. This means helping her get dressed, find stunning shoes, and all the other things she needs to stand out. As you progress through the game searching for these items, you can interact and have hardcore sex with other characters. If you love busty women with big tits, then this iteration of Cinderella is the ultimate erotic treat. Move around using W A S D and press E for action. You can also use the mouse to drag items on the screen or on each other to combine them.

558.2K 86

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Neko Paradise [v 0.18]

If you love a good furry sex story, then this is the ultimate 3D adventure for you. The game follows a male character who goes out fishing in the sea with his father before a dangerous storm suddenly hits and knocks him out to sea. When he wakes up, all he sees around him are neko girls/cat girls (nekomusume in Japanese). These female kemonomimi characters all have feline traits like pointy ears and cat tails. Trapped in this new and unknown world, you must explore what this fantasy world has to offer and uncover all its secrets. Jump in and see what kind of feline perversion this monster sex game has in store for you.

517.4K 67 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Trans Pornstar Harem

How would you like your own personal harem? Now, how much more would you like a harem full of beautiful trans girls with massive cocks? This is the game for you! Travel around town completing challenges and quests and building your team of amazing trans beauties until you’re the number 1 porn star in town! Guaranteed to make you cum, these gorgeous cats will blow your mind with their amazing boobs and huge dicks, and you get to fuck all of them!! TRANS-form yourself into the main man and see how much money you can make with a trans pornstar harem. Play for free on any device and start rocking your world with ladyboys.

872.7K 44 GaysGays HTMLHTML

Project Supremacy [v 1.1.25]

The main character gets lost in the forest and has no idea where he is. An attractive woman appeared before him, her body is seductive, but something about her carries an endless darkness. After talking with her, he found himself in a village ruled by strong and evil women. The main character will have to try to find out the secrets of these women, as well as defend the honor of his queen.

46.9K 3 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Monster Girl 1000 [v 19.3.1]

Embark on a visually immersive journey with CTRL - zooming out to unveil a vast Hentai-themed game, where players like you, in the protagonist's shoes, engage in multiple battles against diverse adversaries. Each encounter promises unique challenges, ensuring a dynamic and enthralling gaming experience. As you navigate this expansive virtual reality prepare for intense encounters and employ strategic gameplay. Your task is to get laid and knock about 1000 monster girls who live in your village. Together with your companions you'll try to satisfy demands of your goddess. Ensure you cum inside and breed these monster girls. Your goal will be to create new species. Enjoy some monster pussies in the process.

1.9M 232 RPG MakerRPG Maker

WVM [S2-C1-E13-B3]

Being a star basketball player means you can choose to go to any college you like, which makes it a little shocking that you choose WVM, a school notorious for its terrible squad. But that's just an opportunity to build the team into championship contenders, which will take more than just on-court skills. To get the cheerleaders to perform, you'll need to seduce them... ALL OF THEM! Convince students to buy tickets to games by, you guessed it, fucking them until they scream “YES!!!” Unlock transgender options to explore sexy futanari adventures with teammates and coaches. You can even build a willing harem: with a little practice, you can get up to eight hotties into bed with you at once! With an intriguing impregnation theme and thousands of options at your fingertips, play it once and this beautifully rendered adult visual novel will have you cumming back for more!

4.6M 1.1K ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Exposed [Ep. 3.8]

In this uncensored title, you get to explore a parody/screening of the popular porn comic from Y3DF - Busted. This is a game where you will need to make choices to progress through the story with every decision you make having potentially positive and negative consequences. The best part is that while you’re handling your daily duties, you will also have several opportunities to seduce your busty landlady. If you think your seduction skills are up to the task and love MILFs with big tits, then this is your chance to get the most out of your interactions with this gorgeous woman and take her to pound town.

206.9K 25 RenpyRen'Py

What Is Real? [v 0.65]

What is Real is an uncensored, over 18 narrative simulator that follows 18-year-old Emma, as she navigates her daily life at home, school, and work. The game progresses with every interaction that you have with various characters, which means that the choices you make or don’t make will end up impacting the outcome of the story. Also, with every decision you make, her stats will increase. You can study to improve her intellect, work out to improve her fitness or even have teen sex with other characters and increase her corruption level. Guide our female protagonist to do the right thing or simply follow through on your perversion to see what kind of erotic, hardcore porn scenes she takes part in. It’s up to you to decide and also experience how Emma’s life turns out, for better or worse.


Intruder On The Bridge [v 0.8.4]

This is a sci-fi visual novel with some simple space ship shooting elements. You'll take the role of the captain of the Galactic Union. Your name is Roger Dyce and you'll have to protect the galaxy from some evil forces. It's not all about war and defense, there will be also some sexy moments on the space ship.

139K 16 UnityUnity

Fuckerman: Atomic Fuck [Full Version]

We all love a cool adventurous couple that get to enjoy nasty sex scenes together. In this game, the couple is in a futuristic place full of robots and high end technology. Some equipments get damaged and become faulty. When you follow a certain sequence of actions, both of you will be able to get laid by rogue android monsters. They want to conquer the world but they are happy to spare some time for you and your wife. Use W A S D to move around. Press E to perform actions and C to change characters. You can use the mouse to drag items on the screen just like the robots will drag your ass as they fuck you mercilessly!

741.5K 82

Pussymon 47

In this new Pussymon episode titled Dash, you arrive at Liunahelm’s caste to discover that the Princess Babette needs your help locating a royal guard Pussymon called Jane that has gone missing. To find them, you will need to recruit Dash’s help, who happens to be a another pussymon, bot and friend of yours. Much like the other episodes, you will get the chance to know her better but there are also other well known and not so well known characters that you will get to sleep with in various sex scenes. Explore the town and in your search, feel free to have fun with the hot babes you meet and talk to along the way.

112.6K 5 FlashFlash

Somewhere I Belong [v]

Two years have passed since the first wave of the epidemic. All countries of the world have united to stop the apocalypse. You were in another country when all this happened, and you managed to be evacuated to a special camp. You were relatively safe there for a while. Time passed, but things only got worse. It is extremely dangerous to go out of town now, but despite the fear, you risk your life helping people. This game is inspired by the movie "World War Z" and the games "Left for Dead" and "SCP".

66.8K 10 RenpyRen'Py

Daughter for Dessert Ch19

This is the grand finale of Daughter for Dessert. This final chapter contains ALL epilogues with Amanda, Kathy, Heidi and Lily. Make sure you play extra well to reach their best endings. You can also use cheat codes to unlock these sexy epilogues. The best part is that because all endings are all here, you can choose to replay the game over and over again to enjoy the steamy sexy scenes. The developers have definitely outdone themselves this time. Anyway, as you select make sure you remember your choices. Enjoy as these sexy babes get fucked and reach levels of orgasms that you never knew existed.

381.8K 30 HTMLHTML

What a Legend [v 0.6.01c]

Left at the brothel's doorstep as a newborn, a mix-up with the neighboring orphanage altered your fate. Time flew, and the women at the brothel raised you well. Growing up, you played your part in their daily tasks. Now, on your 18th birthday, you've resolved to leave, seeking your own path to manhood. The decision marks a significant transition as you step away from the familiar embrace of the brothel, ready to face the world independentlyYou'll meet some strange women who will send you on quest that is filled with lots of sex with several mystical creatures.

1.6M 285 RenpyRen'Py

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Rise of the Outcast Hero

The main character wakes up in a mysterious forest. His memory has been lost, and he does not understand where he is. Under the guidance of the elf, he learns that he has found himself in a world that is divided into humans and demihumans. Find out everything about his past and complete various tasks, and also enjoy romantic relationships. Every choice you make affects his fate and his future stay in this world.

56.2K 4 RenpyRen'Py

Foot of the Mountains [v 12]

Returning home for the holidays, you were met with a chilling sight: your parents, murdered. Seeking refuge, you moved in with Uncle William's family. However, a lingering question arose — should you join the investigation and uncover your own truth? Living among close relatives, a sense of responsibility compelled you. Determined, you delved into the mystery, questioning, searching for answers. Days blurred with interviews, clues, and sleepless nights. As bonds strengthened, so did your resolve to unravel the truth behind your parents' tragic fate. In the pursuit of justice, a familial alliance formed, forging a path towards closure.

2.9M 587 RenpyRen'Py
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