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Tyrant Quest [BETA 1]

A nice visual novel with multiple chapters. Lots of text and what's not typical for the RPG Maker games, it's more like a story telling game with few choices. This game takes place in some fantasy world where darkness, evil, demons and other mystical creatures rule all around. Story is really long so enjoy it by yourself.

878K 118 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Witchers: Wild Cunt

This is a really good parody of the game and TV series, the Witcher. Ofcourse the main hero is our broody and sexy Geralt. The game also features Triss and Ciri. Geralt asks Triss to take care of Ciri as he goes on his monster-hunting quests. He believes because Triss is a witch, she could teach Ciri how to harness and control her power. Little did he know that Triss would misinterpret his request and start taking care of Ciri sexually. The duo kiss each other passionately and eat each other's pussy out. Definitely not what Geralt had in mind. Anyway, the game has multiple storylines and content selections to choose from and interact with well known characters. Have fun!

183.7K 17 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Project QT (Sp0ns0red)

Join the fight in a world on the verge of chaos, chase after the sexiest schoolgirls this side of the multiverse and fuck your way to victory! Get ready for some really hot, uncensored content - Lead them into battle, and enjoy your just rewards as the hero, by unlocking sex scenes with each of them! Free Game!


Goddess Seed

Game may not work on certain browsers (local storage permissions needed). This is another story about goddesses, magic, small and giant characters and many more. You'll take the role of emperor of this universe and your mission is to save the world. Only love can save everything so do your best to make your family stronger and create your harem of goddesses.

147.8K 6 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Home Trainer - Domestic Corruption

Imagine this: You're a 20-year-old guy who unfortunately lost your home. It's really tough when your own parents, who were working for a charity organization, might be responsible for the bombing. But don't worry, you have a place to go. You'll be staying with your aunt Ayleen and her daughter Nina for a while. The big question is, how will they welcome you? Will they open their hearts and provide the warmth and support you need during this challenging time or will they open up their juicy pussies and allow you to fuck them. Sounds like a nice distraction, right? Being enveloped in the warmth of pussy heaven and being given blowjobs whenever you want. Sounds like a small price to pay for your living accommodations.

264.2K 26 RenpyRen'Py

My Future Wife: Ep.3 [v 0.23]

This is a continuation of the series. You will have to play the 2 previous episodes so that you understand the game's storyline. In this episode, you will meet more new characters who are thirsty and want to perform more sex actions with you. They are horny and desperately want to have a taste of your mighty shlong. You will keep on travelling through time and meeting all kinds of characters. Time travel is a delicate affair and the more you travel, the weaker you are so it may end up in tragedy. To avoid this, just make the right decisions, don't be too greedy and ensure you pace yourself.

497.4K 50 RenpyRen'Py

CNT University [v 0.085]

The game takes place in some future and our hero can't decide what to study to have a good career. However he applied to some only girls university (somehow) and there he'll study how to turn into naughty bimbo. He never seen so much big tits at the one place.

296.5K 22 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Horny Villa (Sp0ns0red)

It’s time to build your dream mansion while romancing the hottest and kinkiest girls. Are you into Sexy maids? Big-titty sluts? Submissive shy girls? Nymphomaniacs that live to please you? Horny Villa has it all! Get ready to collect unique hot photos and enjoy high-quality fully animated sex scenes. Play free now!


Fighting It [Ivy v1]

Step into the shoes of a guy striving to build a good life for his family. The central characters are his mother and aunt, anchoring the narrative. Alongside the journey for self-development, numerous distractions emerge, testing your resolve. Balancing familial bonds and personal aspirations, the story unfolds with simplicity. Navigate through the challenges and influences of others, as you carve a path toward your goals. You could choose to try something more daring with your hot mom and aunt. How about being their boy toy and relax as they take care of your rock hard cock? They would love nothing more than feeling it pulsate at the back of their throats or buried deep in their wet pussies. Give them and devour these milf babes!


Waiting 4 You

Hey there, so here's the full scoop: You're going to step into the shoes of Abramo, a talented young writer with a bright future ahead. As you embark on this exciting journey, you'll be responsible for managing Abramo's statistics, like his inspiration and writing style. The ultimate goal? To get closer to two beautiful girls named Jessica and Angela. But here's the catch: you'll need to earn the required amount of points for each action and continuously improve them. The best part? You have all the time in the world to achieve this! Get enough points and you will be able to devour Jessica and Angela's pretty holes.

285.2K 16 HTMLHTML

Sasha: Love or Career

You will take on the role of Sasha Brown, a talented young singer who's living with her boyfriend and manager, Linus. She's eager to release her very first single and make her dream come true. To make it happen, Sasha needs to plan a special evening for Linus. Here's the deal: you'll be making decisions throughout the game, and it's important to remember them as you repeat the game to reach the good ending. The key is to keep trying and learning from each playthrough. Get ready for a journey filled with excitement, romance, and the pursuit of Sasha's musical aspirations. Imagine Sasha fucking her manager in the same house her boyfriend is in. It's giving cuckold!


Escort Forum

So here's the deal: You'll be stepping into the shoes of a guy who's just started his independent life away from his parents. Starting fresh can be pretty stressful, but things take an interesting turn when he meets a woman who invites him to join an escort forum. This forum is all about providing information on escort girls in the city and sharing client experiences. But here's the catch: he'll need to check out this information in real life too. It's about to get naughty and steamy in here. Imagine reliving your fantasies with sexy escorts who are determined to drain your balls and make sure you have a time to remember.

128.9K 13 RenpyRen'Py

I Am a Bully

You have always been a goody two shoes all your life. You have always played by the book and hated breaking rules. But now you are tired of being looked down and stepped on all your life. You start craving power and would want nothing more than to dominate. You begin doing this by subduing and fucking every girl you meet. You are not interested in creating a long lasting relationship. No, all you want to do is to own and fuck their juicy holes. Their opinions don't matter to you. You are in this for a good time, not complicated situationships. Fuck and dump. It's that simple. Enjoy!


The Void Club Ch.23

In this chapter you will meet several superheroes. This specific episode is dedicated to Wonder Woman but you will also interact with Harley Quinn and several other hotties. There's nothing as hot as sex battles. Fighting your opponent and getting to fuck the loser as both of you breathe heavily. Your task will be to somehow beat Wonder Woman, tie her hands, make her submit to you and fuck her against her will. She will resist at first but ofcourse no one can resist your dick game for long. Your strokes will have her moaning and begging for more.


Conqueror's Heart

This game is all about war and conquests. You will be playing as a war general and your task will be to lead your army to conquer new territories and build a big kingdom. The game includes a lot of tribal and group sex. It's custom that after war, the conquerors take their spoils of war and fuck them as mark of victory. Devour your opponents' women and remind them who is in charge. To win the game, ensure you follow the instructions carefully and you will be successful. Try out several sex positions, be nasty and have fun. You have earned it!

289.6K 25 HTMLHTML

Eroman: Unusual Day [Full Version]

It all started as usual when all the sudden the the building where you live got on fire. Now your task is to help all the girls in the rooms with their current tasks, get all of them out of the building and save your ass by flying away with a huge helicopter. Use W A S D to move and press E for actions.

380.5K 76

A Weekend with Jeff's Father

In this steamy game, get ready for a sexy journey filled with sizzling images and seductive conversations centered around Jeff's parents. Dive into a world of passion and desire, linked to the wild and uninhibited world of "Nothing Can Stop Me" on our site. Let your imagination run wild as you follow a scorching storyline, brimming with erotic visuals and hot dialogue. Explore the depths of sensuality and indulge in the forbidden pleasures of this captivating universe. Prepare for an electrifying experience that will leave you breathless and craving more. Remember to dress down as you play because it's bound to be hot in here.

266.1K 22 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Project QT (Sp0ns0red)

Join the fight in a world on the verge of chaos, chase after the sexiest schoolgirls this side of the multiverse and fuck your way to victory! Get ready for some really hot, uncensored content - Lead them into battle, and enjoy your just rewards as the hero, by unlocking sex scenes with each of them! Free Game!


Landen: Fall from Grace

This is a story about Alison, a 21-year-old single detective. She's quite young to be a detective, but she's following in her father's footsteps. Unfortunately, her father was a detective too, but he was tragically murdered. Now, Alison is determined to uncover the truth and find out who's responsible for her father's death. But here's the twist: this game also includes creatures and supernatural elements. Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with mystery, suspense, and maybe even a touch of supernatural sex. Will Alison be able to solve the case and bring justice to her father? It's up to you to guide her through this intriguing journey.

128.8K 24 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Dreams of an Exile

This game runs smoothly on Chrome. You follow the journey of Lyra, a young girl on a quest to travel the world and connect with other girls. Her primary objective is to discover a cure for her ailing mother, who has fallen ill recently. Uncovering clues in her father's notes, Lyra learns of a potential solution, albeit one that involves crossing a perilous border. Join Lyra as she embarks on a daring adventure filled with challenges, risks, and the pursuit of a cure that could save her mother's life. Prepare to accompany Lyra on a thrilling expedition that promises excitement, danger, and the power of love and determination. Get ready to explore new territories, forge unexpected sexual alliances, and unravel the mysteries that lie ahead. It's time to have a sex-fuelled adventure. You deserve it!

123.4K 6 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Hire Me Fuck Me: Fast Food 3 [v 0.1.25]

This game will begin just like the previous episode. You will be making erands, running to your restaurant and delivering fast food to your clients. But in this episode, doing errands is becoming a little bit tedious and you will start hiring employees who are extremely hot and sexy. Of course you will want to fuck them but not so fast. You will have to do all the required things before fucking their sexy punanis. It seems like alot of fun to have an in-house brothel and have access to so many girls who you can fuck 24/7. Remember to follow the in-game instructions and have fun getting laid.

359.5K 30 HTMLHTML

Esteria [Ch. 5]

During your upbringing you learn a lot about what it means to be the lord of Lionguard. Now you'll take this role of the lord in the world of Esteria. A lot of interesting things will happen in this fantasy world as you'll have to fight with others, fuck with girls and do many other things.

460.4K 65 RenpyRen'Py

House of Maids [v 0.2.8]

Play this game on Google Chrome! You play as a young photographer who appears on an isolated island for a photo shoot with a hot Instagram model. By mistake, you arrive on the wrong island, where there's a secret mansion with sexy and kinky maids. While playing, you can make multiple choices, unlock secrets and get different endings!


Porn Fighter [v 0.3.7]

This story is about a guy who owns a gym that his father left him after his death. Now he learns everything about wrestling and trains with lots of sexy girls. As you improve your skills you'll unlock more and more spicy scenes with your opponents. Game may be freezing some times with black screen (better performance on Chrome).

306.7K 45 HTMLHTML

Fashion Business: Episode 3

Monica Buckfeet continues her sex adventures. She looks like a slut and she loves it. She has been working as an escort for a while now which has given her lots ot opportunities. She is now able to get good money while having the time of her life sucking cock. This episode contains a lot of sex scenes. Monica is part of a huge orgy in the hotel. Her pretty holes are all filled with huge dicks, stretching her out and filling her with a cosmopolitan of cum. She's everyone's whore and she loves it. Enjoy watching this episode and make several decisions to make sure she's fucked non-stop.

207.1K 18 RenpyRen'Py

Paradise Lust

Despite this isn't a full version of the game (because of some limitations for browsers) it's worth to see it. You are a bartender from a luxury yacht that just got into terrible storm. Now you're on the abandoned island with all other survivors and will be looking for a way to get back home.

181.1K 12 UnityUnity

Bad Wife

If you're prompted to press "Opciones" at the start, choose English if Spanish isn't your thing. This game is a short, snappy tale about Catherine, a 27-year-old attractive woman. She's all about those steamy evenings, but her hubby is always pooped after work. So, Catherine's gotta look elsewhere to fulfill her, needs. Get ready for a quick and spicy storyline that delves into Catherine's quest for satisfaction outside of her marriage. It's all about navigating those desires and finding ways to spice things up in her life. Time to see how Catherine's story unfolds. Who will she fuck? Only one way to find out.

204K 14 RenpyRen'Py

A Reflection In Your Eyes [Final]

You and your sister moved to Grimson Mountains for college, a town with a great college that your parents chose for both of you. The people there are amazing, making it a friendly place to be. However, like everywhere, there are challenges and problems to face along with the good stuff. It's all part of the experience, right? Enjoy meeting new friends, exploring the town, and dealing with whatever comes your way. College life in a small town offers a mix of fun and growth. Embrace the positives and learn from the challenges. However, don't be so rigid and find ways to get laid and have fun. After all, going away to college is your one chance of having sexual adventures that will last for a life time.

289.7K 20 RenpyRen'Py

That Girl [Chapter 10]

Hey, so here's what happened: You were driving home when out of nowhere, you saw and heard a girl screaming and crying. It was clear that some man was hitting her, and she desperately needed help. Without hesitation, you stepped in and saved her from that awful situation. From that moment on, this girl became a significant part of your life. Get ready for a journey filled with new experiences, emotions, and the potential for a deep connection. You never know what adventures await when unexpected encounters lead to life-changing connections. Buckle up, there will be some hot steamy sex scenes throughout the game.


Shattered Legacy [v 0.2]

This game's storyline is about memory loss. You wake up in this hospital that looks like a psyche ward. You wake up next to this sexy hot girl and you have no idea how the two of you ended up here. An even sexier doctor comes in and you are conflicted by how much you want to fuck her. You need some answers but all you can think off is caressing that sexy body and devouring her pussy. The sexy uniform turns you on even more. Try having some fun as you try to find out what exactly happened and hopefully you will be able to return back to your life. How the game ends entirely depends on your choices, so make them wisely.

144.6K 31 RenpyRen'Py

Royalty [v 0.1.3]

A Medieval story about a former guard of the king. Now he's in prison but he'll try to get out of there. The game has interesting mechanics which are unusual for online games. The game combines some RPG and combat elements as well. Of course you'll see nice sex scenes from multiple angles and various positions. Follow in game instructions.

221.2K 17 UnityUnity

Lust Goddess (Sp0ns0red)

Assemble your unique squad of sexy mercenary girls. Earn their love and trust, and they will show you their gratitude by bringing your wildest and lewdest fantasies to life! Play Free Now!


The Corruption of Emma [v 0.20]

Meet Emma, a robot created by a brilliant scientist. In a twist of fate, Emma finds herself on the streets, unaware of the complexities of human nature and the potential exploitation she might face. As you navigate through this captivating game, you'll witness Emma's journey of self-discovery and her interactions with the world around her. With a large game screen, you can easily zoom out using the CTRL - function to ensure everything fits perfectly. Explore the depths of this thought-provoking story and witness the challenges and triumphs that Emma encounters along the way. Of course a lot of characters will want to fuck Emma.

836.3K 82 RenpyRen'Py

Ana Free Time

This game is a sub-story from the bigger game, Ana: Ch.3 - Milf Unlimited. The mind is usually idle during free time and that's when it begins to fantasize. Anna happens to be in her office and for once in a very long time, she has some free time to spare. She is always horny but lacks the time to actualize her fantasies. Now she is free and has to decide how she will spend her day. Knowing how her blood runs hot, she will definitely be on the hunt for some fucktoy. Question is, who will be lucky enough to fuck Ana's thirsty pussy?

176.2K 6 RPG MakerRPG Maker
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