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Sex Games with Heroes


Sexy Magic 3

Story about guy with some magical skills continues. This time he's going to save a sexy fairy from the evil monster. You'll have to solve few puzzles to reach his house. Of course, fairy will be really thankful and bring you a lot of pleasure.

563.5K 13 FlashFlash

Wonder Woman Anal Fuck

Our hero is spending lots of time jerking off to Wonder Woman. Sometimes miracles happen - somehow she is in his room. And what do you think he'll do to her? Of course, fuck her right in the ass.

290.5K 3 FlashFlash

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Pussymon 27

In this new Pussymon release titled Back to Greenwood Farm, you head over to Greenwood Farms to visit Sarah and Bullseism and discuss what to do about the Brutemon Overlord’s army. Accompanied by Bridget, Lepllanny, Lizardish, and Valentina you set off. Upon arrival, you discover that the Pussymons there are acting wild and hostile again. You will now need to tame them again, which will enable you to have sex with them. As always, the new episode features a ton of new additions including 28 new animations, 8 new Pussymons, a huge new story, and several other things. Play on to unravel the mystery behind this unexpected quest now!

136.4K 2 FlashFlash

The Legend of Versyl - Female Edition [v 1.57]

You've been given a second chance at life, but this time, you have the power to shape your destiny. Will you use your experiences to become a hero loved by all, or will you embrace the dark side and become a nightmare for humanity? In this immersive game, every decision you make will have a big impact on your story. You can choose to change things up and become a better version of yourself, or you can let loose and become a force to be reckoned with. The choice is yours! As you progress, you'll meet interesting characters who will either guide you towards the path of righteousness or tempt you towards a more sinister path. It's up to you to decide who to trust and how you want to live your life this time around.

355.5K 21 RPG MakerRPG Maker

PokeSluts [v 0.45]

What if Pokémon was all shades of grey and perverted? This game bring to life a parallel universe where it is. As you explore this carnal world, you will meet pretty girls who will help you rule Pokémon and the entire region. You need to train and become a warlord but it's so hard to train while hot girls distract you and your shaft keeps on poking your briefs demanding to be let out and play. Ensure you explore different locations, acquaint yourself with these hot babes who rival Aphrodite and don't lose focus on your ultimate goal. Becoming the best Pokémon trainer that has ever lived!

676.9K 54 RenpyRen'Py

Melatonin Magiks

You had a terrible dream. After waking up, you don't understand anything, and you have memory problems. For the confused protagonist, the world now seems very strange. You meet a cat girl in your apartment who has a robot girlfriend. There are also many other attractive characters and a funny childhood friend waiting for you. But soon the guy will get used to what is happening and will be happy to participate in all the adventures.

113.9K 9 RenpyRen'Py

Oppaimon [v 0.6.2]

In this game, you have just turned 18 years old and are still a virgin. Maybe it's time you popped you cherry. Lucky for you, the world is filled with Oppaimons. They are some kind of monsters that look similar to humans. Monsters and humans alike started to fuck each other and for quite some time, the Oppaimons ruled and dominated the world. Your task will be to change all of this by finding them, training them and of course, fuck them all. Take them under your mercy and make them please you however you want. The instructions about the controls are inside the game.

1M 103 UnityUnity

Eater & Groper at the movies (all episodes)

Follow the sexy old-school adventures of Eater and Groper, as they take the time to review porn movies across six different episodes. With several famous parodies of popular movies like Spiderman, Alien vs Predator, Polar Express, Bourne Identity, and The Incredibles, you get to hear these two horny babes break down all the best moments. The best part is they have very little self-control and throughout the videos, you get to see and hear just how naughty they can be. If you especially like hot cunnilingus and female masturbation, then click on the labels at the top of the screen to watch the episodes and see what these two busty beauties do during their broadcast.

191K 1 FlashFlash

Kinetic Chronicle - Platformer Yuri Hentai Game

Long Loading! This is an action platformer Hentai game. The main heroine is a young treasure hunter Feley Fatalis. She has some special telekinetic powers. Her task is to find mysterious treasures. Use W A S D or Arrow keys to move. Click Left mouse button to kick or attack. Hold Right mouse button to charge and release the shot. You can click and drag objects. Move mouse over small rocks to pick them up. Also you have to shake your mouse to free yourself and get up.

502.5K 41 FlashFlash

Fuck Your Champion 1.4

This game is suitable for fans of female characters from League of Legends. Choose the right clothes and environment for each girl, then fuck her. Use the icons on the top and right to interact with the girl. Once you prepare her, try to bring her to orgasm. By the way, you can also change the sound or turn it off to focus only on the girl’s body.

545.6K 11 FlashFlash

Terminal Desires [v 0.10 Beta 2]

In this RPG game, you will face zombies and males who have huge dicks. They are horny all the time and enjoy fucking sexy babes. The game has been created in a city called Ashton Lake. You will be playing as a glamorous police officer called Tiffany Neil. You love your city and you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Soon enough, you realize that your city is infested by zombies. You make a vow to rid your city off this vermin. You are too sexy to be a police officer. You have juicy lips and pumped up boobs that bounce whenever you run off to fight crime. Your task will be to walk around the city and fight against your enemies. Remember, if you lose, you will be fucked in all your sexy holes.

1.3M 264 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Scooby Doo Sex Parody with Welma

Are you enjoying cartoon sex parodies? This one is from Scooby-Doo series where sexy Welma gets fucked really hard. Time by time she likes to take dick with a smile and ride it like a rodeo. In the end cover her glasses with cum.

593.1K 15 FlashFlash

Parody Sex Life

The game plays out in a sexy harem full of famous sex-driven cartoon characters such as Raven, Tsunade and many more. The game has a huge story line that will keep you invested and curious about what happens next. As a result, it may take longer to load but it's worth the wait. With few life path options, you will have no choice but to build your brothel from ground up and fill it up with the very best babes. Ensure you give their pussies a test run!

427.1K 19 RenpyRen'Py

Melatonin Magiks Ch.2

Before starting the game, enter information about the girls from the first part of the game. It will take some time, but the second part is just as interesting as the first. You and your girlfriends went to another dimension, the girls will help you cope with all the difficulties and fight the enemies. Follow the story and choose which scenario you will follow.

91.5K 4 RenpyRen'Py

Lust Hunter [v 0.99]

This game is big and has so much depth. The storyline will have you hooked and you will be invested in the characters. The game has the prospects of growing even bigger when it is updated. You have to find a huge map and use it to travel around the world of lust. You will interact with evil witches who lust after and love fucking vulnerable inhabitants. Now, the femme fatales enjoy fucking the inhabitants every second of every day. They find joy draining their victims' cocks. But it wasn't always like this. Before they cast an enchantment, they used to live amicably with the inhabitants. Your task is to find a way to get back to the old days and kill these witches. Don't fall for their siren eyes. Follow the in-game instructions carefully and finish your quest. All the best, soldier!

1.4M 160 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Pizzaboy's Secret Service

In this arcade-based title, you take on the role of a pizza delivery boy who flies on a rocket scooter. However, he also does more than just deliver pizza. He also delivers big dick to a wide number of sexy clients and it's up to you to help him make his deliveries without being stopped by a persistent horde of hungry flying turtles. This is a simple sex game with a ton of fun elements to enjoy. You can even customize your rocket scooter with weaponry to ensure that you make it in time. Play on to see if you have what it takes to keep all the hot women who need your services satisfied.

254.6K 6 FlashFlash

Cerberus Quest

In this game, you get to be a mighty paladin and rescue the people, just like the narrator suggests, or you can choose to go against their wishes. Along your journey, you'll meet companions who will join you on your adventure. Explore this world filled with monster girls and uncover hidden events waiting to be discovered. To progress through the game, use the arrow keys to move around and press enter to keep the conversation going. It's all about making choices and seeing where they lead you. Are you ready to embark on this epic quest, make new friends, and unravel the mysteries of this sexy realm? If you are lucky, you will fuck the monster girls.

311.8K 35 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Sexy Asses

You must catch some pink motherfucker that continues appearing and ruining you to watch these sexy asses. His name is Patrick, click Stop button to catch him. He is only one here, but there are tons of perfect asses. Ohh, give me 5 of those asses and I'll be happiest man on the Earth :)

474.8K 20 FlashFlash

Fuckerman: Cum on Ella [v 0.2]

In this Cinderella parody game, you must help the famous Disney princess get to an important ball. This means helping her get dressed, find stunning shoes, and all the other things she needs to stand out. As you progress through the game searching for these items, you can interact and have hardcore sex with other characters. If you love busty women with big tits, then this iteration of Cinderella is the ultimate erotic treat. Move around using W A S D and press E for action. You can also use the mouse to drag items on the screen or on each other to combine them.

558.2K 86

Meet and Fuck - Threesome Fun

Instead of a meet and greet, would you fancy a meet and fuck rodeo? You play as a guy named Chris. You happen to be walking along your street and bump into these two sexy babes who are just standing and having a chit-chat. You can't help but admire those full lips and how they would feel worshipping your cock. Their boobs seem to be crafted by Zeus himself because they are a work of art. All you can think of is shoving your face in those pillowy boobs as you fuck them. Wake up from your fantasy and give it a shot. They might surprise you and invite you for a threesome. Lovers of public sex, this is the IT game for you. Enjoy!

874.7K 87 FlashFlash

Dusty's Castle

This next part of The Legend Of Krystal sounds like it's going to amp up the excitement even more! It seems like the game is taking you on an even more intriguing adventure as you navigate through a castle between two worlds. The key to making the game even more interesting is mastering the art of picking up objects. Just keep exploring, moving around, and new objects will start appearing for you to interact with. Remember to use W A S D to move, press Space to interact with objects, use Q for No, and E for Yes when making decisions in the game.

414.7K 18 FlashFlash

Pussymon 28

Back with another Pussymon adventure and this new episode is aptly titled Riot in Pussymon prison. It starts with DOT having issues teleporting you and Lizardish, Lepllanny, and the others back to the Hunter Society. Now, you must head there on foot but who knows what will happen on your journey there. Just like all the other episodes in this series, there will be a ton of sex scenes and extremely perverted behaviours. The gameplay will also feature 6 new Pussymons, 17 new animations, and much more. Keep in mind this release is a little smaller and shorter than usual, but the next episode is coming soon.

143.3K 5 FlashFlash

Cockham Superheroes [v 0.6.1]

Set in an alternate Gotham City, this Justice League parody game features several notable heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Black Widow, Batman, Super Girl, and Captain Marvel. In this game, you take on the role of a newly recruited superhero that is tasked with putting a stop to sex crime in this perverted city using your massive 15-inch cock. The game also lets you take on the role of a villain. So, you can choose to lay down the law or destroy it with your superhuman hard-on. With several hot female heroes with big tits, it's up to you to decide how you will use your sexual powers.

358.7K 44 RenpyRen'Py

Paparazzi Final Run

Paparazzi have seen many babes world wide, catching them on different situations in public etc. Now he has a new idea to sneak into their houses and take pictures straight through their windows. How he didn't come up with such idea in previous two parts? :) But hey, looks like these VirtuaGirls have security even at home! Probably there's no way he can take good photos uninterrupted, only if ... he's faster than big security guys. Check in-game help.

400.4K 4 FlashFlash

Jessica Rabbit's Flesh for Porn [v 2.5]

Jessica Rabbit has been giving viewers a hard-on for almost 40 years, now you get to be the director of her pornographic film debut! She's eager to begin releasing films online, all you need to do is tell her which fantasies to act out. You'll receive different prompts, make the right choices and she'll remove her clothing, dance naked for you, and much more. Once her top is off, see if you can get her down on her knees for a nut-busting titty fuck. Get her hot enough and you can make her submit to being double-teamed, blow a load on her face, or even get her pregnant. Keep your commands focused on the job, she can be cranky to work with: if her anger meter gets too high, you'll be out of a job. NOTE: This game was last updated September 19, give it another try if you've played and enjoyed it.

1.7M 79 FlashFlash

Pussymon 34

The Pussymon project has been up for over 3+ years and continues to be updated almost every month. In this new episode aptly titled The Hydragodon's rival, the story finds you trapped in a cave in your search for her. Accompanied by your Pussymon crew, you locate a gate but it is blocked by a guardian. To enter, you will need to seduce and have sex with the guards for them to let you in. Much like the previous episodes, this new release will contain several new animations, stories, tasks and mechanics. You will also interact with a ton of characters such as Lepllanny, Valentina, Bridget, Lizardish, and others. Play on and use whatever perverted means are necessary to find this mysterious rival.

108.4K 8 FlashFlash

Milk April O'Neil

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - remember this cartoon? Well there was reporter April O'Neil. In this game you can use your milking device and suck her boobs dry. To start this game you have to click on those black squares in the right sequence: 1.bottom-right, 2.bottom-left, 3.top-right, 4.bottom-right, 5.top-right, 6.top-right.

658.4K 48 FlashFlash

Pussymon 8

Check out the 8th version of the game about Pussymon: A Xmas Duty. As always, surprises await you in the game, and this time Christmas ones. You will respond to a distress signal that will take you to a new region. You will meet new characters there and explore new territories. By the way, an unforgettable experience awaits you again.

160.5K 5 FlashFlash

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Legend of Krystal Kari

This is an adventure game from the Legend of Krystal game series. Your task will be to increase the reputation of your character by fucking with everything you got. So, make sure you give your A-game and that you continuously increase the pleasure bar. This will be necessary so that you can progress to the next part of the game. Fuck like a maniac and ensure your character is thouroughly satisfied. To move, use the arrow keys. You can control everything else with your mouse. You can activate the actions you want to perform. Let the fuck sessions begin!

654K 21 FlashFlash

The Legend of Versyl - Male Edition [v 1.57]

Imagine having seen death with your eyes and getting to live and tell the story. In this game, you happen to come back from the limbo plane. The world between life and death. Now you have another chance of living your life once again. You led your life honestly and were a kind person. Unfortunately, your second chance at life is extremely bad. Seems like life has taken you for a personal enemy and is fucking you over. What will you do? Will you change anything to become better or will you prefer things to get worse. You have a chance of transforming into a hero or the worst nightmare that humans have ever seen.

885K 267 RPG MakerRPG Maker
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