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Games made with RPG Maker Software

Paradise Beach [v 0.4.6]

You take the role of a young man who's living on the tropical island. You were trained to use weapons, fight, dive under water and many more when you were a kid. There was a reason why your dad and grandfather did these trainings to you. But you will decide what you want to do, date girls or become a fisherman or what ever else comes to your mind.

1.1M 139 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Beasts of Our Beginning

This game takes place in outer space. The main heroine is this really sexy girl and she wakes up in a spaceship. She's stranded and doesn't know how she got there. Upon a closer look, she discovers that the spaceship has little fuel left. She thinks strategically and decides to head to a nearby goblin planet. It's not as grand as earth but it will have to do. She sets on a mission to look for her lost crew members. This is not an easy task to do but she perseveres and pushes through. She's on the run and some really bad people are constantly hunting for her. Your task will be to help her earn as many credits as possible. This is important so that she can pay off the loan shark that is after her. Of course there are other ways to get rid of the debt.

77.9K 8 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Captured by Dark Elves: Arachna's Return

This game starts with an unfortunate turn of events. You find yourself in the hands of evil hunters who hunt down elves. You are forced to work for them alongside other humans and slaves who have been enslaved. You will be working in an old mine where you will be digging for gems and any other treasures you find. These dark elves are evil incarnate. They can be quite brutal and they enjoy using their slaves to satisfy their sexual needs especially in a dominant way. There lies the challenge. Try to survive as you wait for the story to unravel. Luckily you will be provided with a way out.

714.9K 142 GaysGays RPG MakerRPG Maker

Dwindling Away [v 0.23b]

This is something new, as you take the role of the guy who can shrink back and forth in his size. Depending on certain choices and actions you'll serve multiple girls, get inside their vaginas and even breast nipples and see what's happening in there. Be careful, because you can also die in this game.

594.8K 58 RPG MakerRPG Maker

A Woman's Scent

A woman's scent can be quite heady and addictive. Well, this game is all about this. Just a small hint, try not to skip everything because if you do so, you will not understanding everything. You have to go to the inventory by clicking on Esc or X. You will also have to drink drugged water at the beginning of the game. Anyway, in this game, a third world war has just ended and everything must be restored back to normal. The problem is that this will not b that easy. There's a new type of virus that bends genders. You are going to get under it's effect as well. You are bound to enjoy your newly found body.

170.5K 16 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Hentai that seduces you [v 0.4]

This game takes place in another fantasy world filled with demons, monsters and other creatures. You will take the role of a soldier who has already won a war against these monsters. You are quite a nuisance for them so everything starts again from the beginning. You are cursed and transform into a girl. Just imagine what they have planned for you in this scary world. They will definitely have fun with you and ravage your new pussy. This is a naughty world filled with horny demons. They will devour you and remind you that they own you. Now, make sure you arch that back and enjoy it.

359.3K 35 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Run Alex, Run

This is yet another small games from the authors who created another game called Selena: One Hour Agent. In this episode, you will be playing as a girl called Alex. You are running from naughty horny guys who just want to fuck you. The faster you run, the harder it will be for them to reach you. If you want them to fuck your pretty holes, you can always slow down. To win, you must collect coins as you run so that you avoid your enemies. The coins will also unlock sex images and help you save your friends.

398.1K 31 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Cohabitation [Redux R2]

Step into the shoes of Calvin Baxter, a man forced to move in with his brother to make ends meet. You'll be sharing a room with your niece Megan, and if you play well you'll end up sharing much more! In this XXX domination simulator game, the goal is to make Megan into your obedient slave. Manage four stats to keep her bound to your perverted desires. Spend time with Megan, earn her trust, and she'll open her mouth and legs to endlessly satisfy your cock. Turn a homework study session sexy with some sleeping pills, setup cameras to record her showering, fuck her without a condom if you want, and dominate her relentlessly. Don't be afraid to get rough with her: it's her job to like it and keep asking for more. When the time is right, you can also corrupt your sister-in-law Susan and enjoy a mother-daughter fantasy. You're in total charge of how naughty this family gets!

3.1M 1K RPG MakerRPG Maker

Henteria Chronicles Ch. 3: The Peacekeepers [Update 13]

The main hero of this part is Leto. His family also arrived to Nos'Ra - a kingdom on the island that is one of the richest kingdoms in entire Henteria. However there was a tragedy in his family and now he's living with a new family. Now you'll have to discover this place, meet new people and be nice to everyone.

262.9K 27 RPG MakerRPG Maker

A Goblin's Tale [v 0.6.1]

Just imagine yourself as the goblin, that nobody loves and stays the fuck out of him. But you really need to find some place to stay for a night and power-up yourself. Fortunately there are good people around who doesn't judge you by your looks, but maybe they should?

919.7K 724 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Domina [v 9.5.2]

This is a story about a chosen guy who must resist against dark female demons who are planning to take control over the World. As of the demons everything is related to some nasty, dark and naughty things that you'll have to deal with. Wander around different realms where rule each of these demons and help the goddess of light to fight against them.

735.3K 296 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Katya and Dungeon Quest [v 0.12]

You take the role of the farmer girl named Katya. The world is filled with wars and magic and she lives in the small village of the big kingdom. She lives a simple life that includes farming and brewing beer. All the sudden her beloved one was kidnapped. Help her to get him back and decide your path and who will help you.

444.2K 40 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Sensual Realms

Just a little notice at the beginning, when you can't get out of some choices, press ESC to return step back and then choose other option. This game will concentrate your mind on turn based combat against sexy babes that you'll be able to fuck. However some story behind all this will keep you at this game for some time for sure.

559.4K 78 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Hostage Hotel Ch.2

The adventures continue in this scary hotel called Lancaster Hotel. The game kicks off with two sexy babes called Nancy and Ashley who start talking about their experiences in the hotel. This will go on for quite some time in the first part. Their story will give you a picture of what to expect in the hotel. Before playing, make sure you read your instructions, know what tasks you have and purpose to complete them. Expect to see a lot of images of tied girls who are being tortured and moaning in pain. You can later decide if you want to save them.

325.6K 16 RPG MakerRPG Maker

A Pirate's Wife for Me

When I was a kid I loved Pirates Lego so much, I made a castles and the ships and abandoned islands. Now we see a story about the commander of the ship who is traveling from an island to an island to make the friends and benefit from the adventure after all. And of course, to get laid.

127.9K 10 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Reincarnated in Submission

The main character of the game dies under strange circumstances. Waking up, he found himself next to a mysterious goddess who wants to reincarnate him in another world for some kind of test. He thought he would have an exciting new life, but ended up in a prison run by women. Find out if you can escape or become a slave to these sexy bosses.

24.2K 9 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Saturday Night [v 7]

The main heroes of the game are Naomi and Kyle, a happily married couple. Both worked and earned a good living. Kyle spends a lot of time playing poker and drinking with his friends. Naomi had enough and gave him a time to restore a good life and get some money. They found a good job and now they are working together.

1.2M 136 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Harshville [v 1.5]

This is an adult themed game, but at its core it is a survival and resource management game. Your main resources are hunger and stamina. You also have bits, which is the currency of Harshville. Game features day/night cycle. Game has multiple paths. Just stay alive and don't forget to eat.

1M 175 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Kingdom Queens, Princesses & Whores [v 0.9.0]

In a kingdom ruled by the Dragon Queen after a big war, you play as a guy living with your stepmom and sisters. Your dad might have died in the war, but you can't remember. The game is about finding out the truth. As you explore, you'll face challenges and secrets, slowly revealing your past. Discovering what really happened becomes your mission, shaping how your story unfolds. Explore the aftermath of the war, put together the pieces of your history, and confront the mysteries left by the Great War to uncover the truth about your father.

517.6K 70 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Paccsu [Final]

Get ready to dive into an epic and emotionally-charged story that'll leave you on the edge of your seat! Meet Jack, a college student who's feeling disillusioned with the world around him. His dreams seem to be slipping away, but little does he know, everything is about to change. In a twist of fate, Jack discovers he possesses a remarkable and magical power that sets him apart from the rest.But here's where it gets even more exciting! Meet Amy, a mysterious government agent with a secret agenda. Her mission? To track down and capture individuals like Jack. As you play the game, you'll have the unique opportunity to switch between both characters, seeing the story unfold from their distinct perspectives. And here's the best part: every decision you make as Jack or Amy will have a direct impact on the outcome of the game!

1.2M 203 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Legend of Versyl - Male Edition [v 1.57]

Imagine having seen death with your eyes and getting to live and tell the story. In this game, you happen to come back from the limbo plane. The world between life and death. Now you have another chance of living your life once again. You led your life honestly and were a kind person. Unfortunately, your second chance at life is extremely bad. Seems like life has taken you for a personal enemy and is fucking you over. What will you do? Will you change anything to become better or will you prefer things to get worse. You have a chance of transforming into a hero or the worst nightmare that humans have ever seen.

885K 267 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Coceter Chronicles

This game is set in a place called Runda'lmare. A world somehow connected to our world. You will be playing as a beautiful babe called Tabitha and your major task will be to come into the human world and get more information about humans. During your travels, you are going to meet and interact with different mystical creatures and have intergalactic sex with them. Picture this, big monster cocks all of them thirsty for you. The game features also a lot of futanari content and so much more. Sexy babes with huge cocks sound like the perfect way of spending your time.

613.4K 138 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Relicts of Aeson [v 0.13.0]

You'll play as Ariana in this game. The place where it all is situated is under some sort of spell or plague, as it turns all inhabitants into slaves. You're going to try to stop this and save your girlfriend. Nobody else is actually interested in stopping this so you're the last hope.

223.7K 33 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Siren's Song

The couple got into a real financial mess. Suddenly, they have a chance to join the staff of a resort hotel on the island and earn good money to finally get rid of the looming debts. However, the hotel turned out to have a dubious reputation, which they must fix on their own.

19.7K 2 GaysGays RPG MakerRPG Maker

Chronicles of Hell and Heaven [Ch. 1 Act. 3 Final]

A game from Kazuki-Chan. A great creation with lots of images, animations and stories. The story about demons, dark lords and other evil creatures who come to the human world to complete their tasks. The game is divided in multiple chapters. Follow the in-game instructions and read the dialogs.

244.8K 30 RPG MakerRPG Maker

My New Family Tree

In this game, you are going to be in a dysfunctional family. Your family divorced a few years ago and now you live in Italy with your grandparents. All was well until one day, some strange thing started to happen. You heard some weird sounds and decided to look what was it's cause. You find the source and meet a vampire girl. She's eerie, beautiful, sexy and her aura just draws you in. You are quite aware that vampires are dangerous and can drain your blood but you don't really care. One look at her and all else melts away. This is just the beginning of a beautiful story.

511.7K 58 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Corrupting Jennifer [v 0.8]

Meet Jennifer, a 24-year-old living in New York with her fiancé Mark, who recently landed a promising job prompting their move to the city. Despite the change, Jennifer holds onto her dream of becoming a high school teacher. Fortunately, she secures an interview, offering a glimpse of hope. Yet, as the story unfolds, uncertainties linger. Will Jennifer's aspirations align with the unpredictable turns of life in the bustling city? Soon enough, you discover that everything comes at a price. The once goody two shoes Jennifer is forced to abandon her morals and be corrupted in order to survive.

1.2M 117 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Never Saint [v 0.20]

You were raised by a Christian family who are the very definition of leading a saintly life. You are a relatively good human being but definitely not a saint. One day your mother discovers your unholy secrets and you are excommunicated. You experience mixed feelings. You are excited that you finally have your freedom but you are scared about what the outside life has in store for you. Your life is going downhill at a thrilling rate and you enjoy every second of it. It's time to break taboo and enjoy some of the wildest sex ever. You can fuck whomever you want and whenever you feel like it. Press ESC for inventory and indulge a little. You are welcome.

2.1M 453 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Giantess Spa - Investigation [v 0.3.7]

3 years have passed since you begun your research. People living in your city started to disappear without any evidence. You are a detective and your task is to find them. Few clues lead you to the new place in town - Giantess Spa. This is really weird place where girls dominate and humiliate guys in very disgusting ways. Try to survive all this and find out the truth.

321.4K 50 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Sultry Summer Stories [v 0.3.4]

Main hero wakes up after a tremendous dream with hot girls, Miranda, Sam, Veronica. You're now in Miranda's house - mom's childhood friend. Samantha and Veronica are her daughters. As usual in such stories you're back in the town where you haven't been for years. Of course, girls now are smoking hot and you all are in your sexual active age. Lets see how it all develops.

1.1M 210 RPG MakerRPG Maker
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