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Mystic Valley

The main character lost his mother when he was little, and his father disappeared when he turned 15. As a result, he had to live in orphanages all the time. One day someone invited him to move into a huge mansion and live next to a bunch of attractive girls! He must meet each of them to create his own harem. Uncover all the secrets of the mansion, as well as find out why the main character's father disappeared.


Fall Flavors

You decided to run a business, but you lost everything. All you have left is an old car and empty pockets. You have nowhere to go back to, you sleep in the back seat of the car. You are ashamed and don’t tell your relatives what’s wrong with you. One day your mother calls and asks you to visit your younger brother, who recently got married. You come to them, and a lot of strange and incomprehensible things begin to happen. Follow the story and make your choices to figure it all out.


Mystic Valley

The main character lost his mother when he was little, and his father disappeared when he turned 15. As a result, he had to live in orphanages all the time. One day someone invited him to move into a huge mansion and live next to a bunch of attractive girls! He must meet each of them to create his own harem. Uncover all the secrets of the mansion, as well as find out why the main character's father disappeared.


Apocalyptic World [v 0.38a]

You live with your grandfather as an 18-year-old who spends most of his time gaming in his room. Gramps was an ex-army officer who had designed his own nuclear bunker. Just when you thought it would never happen, you hear the nuclear siren and are forced into the bunker for 15 years. When you finally emerge, you realize the world and the survivors have changed completely. You will need to work your way back into society by using your skills (and your cock!!) to make your mark. Will you deal with underground bosses or maybe gather up some slave women, the choice is yours!!


Pale Carnations [Ch. 4 Update 4]

You start working in the Carnation Club- a special club where any sexual fantasy can be fulfilled. You have the choice of being naughty, sadistic, dominant or romantic. The sex scenes no matter your choice are extra hot and spicy. The game has multiple life paths meaning even after finishing it, you can also come back, make different choices and enjoy something new. Because most of the girls in this brothel are trying their best to win the grand price, they compete amongst themselves to give you the best sex ever. One girl's loss is another man's win and here you are the man!


College Kings

College Kings is now on our site, offering a vast gaming experience suitable for high-performance desktops. Assume the role of a newcomer in the vibrant San Vallejo college. Navigate the unique rules and hierarchy to ascend to the coveted position of college king. Amidst the immersive gameplay, encounter stunning virtual girls and unlock opportunities to fulfill your college fantasies. With captivating visuals and intricate dynamics, this game invites you to embark on a journey where you shape your destiny within the enticing realm of San Vallejo. Embrace the challenge and make your mark in the exhilarating world of College Kings.


Grandma's House Part 4 [v 0.56]

This is a continuation of the story about a guy who graduated from college and enjoys life. He rents a room in the house of the landlady of the apartment where he lives with sexy female students. But in this part everything will be completely different and an unexpected turn of events awaits you. The main character liked the girlfriend of his landlady so much that he will start courting her in the hope of sex.


Shinobi Girl v10

I guess this is it! This is the final version of this little hentai fighting game. Fight, defeat then enjoy being fucked by your opponents. Ensure you move around and fight against all monsters that are trying to fuck you. Tease them, be quick on your feet and try hiding how turned on you are by their huge dicks. Try not to fantastize about them raping all your holes. Your big tits sell you out! Your nipples are erect and it's clear to see that these monsters turn you on. If only they can bend you over and ravage you non-stop everyday. You crave those big dicks and cannot help but play with your pussy imagining how it would feel if those dicks were to simultaneously cum in you. Use Arrow keys to move, Z to attack, X to masturbate, C to cause explosion.


18Titans [v 1.3.4]

This game is a parody of Teen Titans where all the famous characters including Raven, Starfire, Beastboy, Cyborg, Deathstroke and Robin fight against crimes. You take on the role of Robin who leads the heroes to fight against the villains. You are determined to protect Jump City against all evil, especially that of the green monster Beastboy. You are abducted and injected with something that looks like a high-functioning aphrodisiac… Find out what happened to you next!


Unveiling the Unknown [v 1.1.0]

This is a visual novel with an unusual plot twist that you may not see it coming. The main character is pretty normal and doesn't have any special skills. However, he will have to take the place of his twin brother. These are really big shoes to fill because unlike him, his brother is a skilled warrior. He fights and defeats demons. He is basically a legendary hero of the city. There's more to it. The main hero of the game is enchanted and cursed by an evil demon queen. All the time, she constantly plunges him into extreme erection making him always ache for some release. The only way to stop the magic is to find someone to fuck.


My New Girlfriend [v 0.3 Ch.1]

Immerse yourself in a seductive story and find out all the juicy details of Eric's passionate relationship with his sexy girlfriend. You will immerse yourself in Eric's innermost fantasies and be aware of all his desires and arousal. Eric will have sex not only with his girlfriend, he also wants to enjoy other charming beauties who come his way.



You live with your sister in the north of England, in a miserable communal apartment with mouldy ceilings. After your parents die, you have nothing left but their debts. So you and your sister are trying to decide what to do to get out of this vicious cycle of poverty. You will meet various characters on your way, and the development of the plot will depend on your choice. Do everything you can to improve your life.


Campus Bonds

Alex lived with his father, but he had big dreams of changing everything. Therefore, he applied to the university and, to his surprise, he enrolled! The main character leaves his father and returns to study in his hometown. He is full of hopes to discover a new world, meet new friends, and also fuck a lot. It’s up to you how Alex's story will develop.


The Star Cove Incident [v 0.10a]

In this game, life unfolds on a small island where everyone depends on the sea for a living, living and dying by its rhythms. Our hero's ordinary routine takes a turn when the sea yields something extraordinary. This marks the beginning of an intriguing story, where the simplicity of island life collides with newfound mysteries from the depths. Life is no longer boring. Hot babes who I suspect are sirens grace your island. Don't be scared and try out these supernatural babes. Pummel their wet pussies and watch their eyes roll back as they deepthroat your cock. You deserve it, now let loose and enjoy some steamy salty island action.


Brothel Empire [v 5.31U]

Play as the owner of a wonderful hotel that burned to the ground. Your only chance to recover your fortune is to build the world's best brothel. Luckily, a beautiful gang leader named Diana can help you: she provides the cash to begin building, but you're going to need to pay off your debt quickly. Good thing there are plenty of fuckable women who are eager to help you get started. Explore the town, find new whores to add to your stable, and gather the resources you need to build your prostitution empire. Add rooms to your brothel according to your fantasies: Handjob Room, Anal Room, BDSM Room, and more. Keep the girls fucking and you keep earning: it's a win-win scenario that will keep you cumming back for more. This is a remake of previously published game, now using the Unity engine to allow it to work on almost all devices.


Depraved Awakening

This is another great visual novel that is played from the first person perspective. You make decisions that affect the game and what happens next. You take the role of the private detective and your latest client is dead now. You want to find out what happened, because most of the people think that was a suicide.


Rick and Morty: Another Way Home [v 3.9.1]

You’ve seen the hit TV show, now it’s time to play the game!! You take on the role of Morty and travel around different dimensions meeting guys and girls who are out of this world! Every decision you make will determine how Morty lives his life. There are so many different paths to choose and different people to try and bang along the way, your cock is guaranteed to be sore! Will you enter a different world to fuck Summer? Could there be a world where you end up fucking Mom? You know there is!! Try this game now for free and let us know what you think.


Fucking My Hero

In this My Hero Academia sex parody, you get to see two of the most popular UA High School students get busy in the bedroom. Anyone who’s watched the anime knows how well Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki have fantastic chemistry. This text based game gives you the chance to see what happens when these two are left alone to study a sex book and start experimenting with the most unique and intense sex poses. With 5 different scenes to explore, Momo’s incredibly big tits and Shoto’s hardcore sex skills will be something to admire. Play on and find out what happens when these two superheroes come together, literally!


Unnatural Instinct [v 0.7]

The D-Day has finally arrived. You finally get the chance to connect with your family. It's been over a year since you saw them and you have missed them every single day. During this time, your family has moved to a new big house. They have upgraded and they are not the family you once knew. In your time away they became total strangers. Everything about them has changed even their personalities. Seems like you will have to reconnect from scratch and get to know them once if you want your relations to be closer.


Young Again [Ch. 14]

At 38, Paul reflects on unmet dreams, yearning for a better life. A twist of fate thrusts him into a young man's body after a supernatural incident. To sustain his newfound youth, Paul must serve a goddess. The unfolding game introduces a world where age-defying service intersects with mystical whims. Balancing past regrets with otherworldly demands, Paul strives to rewrite his story. This journey offers a second chance at life, where the supernatural and personal aspirations weave together, presenting Paul with an opportunity to embrace a rejuvenated path and pursue the dreams he once thought were beyond reach. The only catch is that he will be a sex slave, a boy toy. He will have to use his cock to service the goddess.


Eternum [v 0.7]

Navigate a virtual world as a student in a new city with your friend, where a trending game blurs reality with an implant. This cutting-edge technology erases distinctions between the virtual realm and reality. Engage in a multitude of activities within the game, ranging from legal to illegal, with no external control. As you explore this immersive experience, the narrative unfolds, presenting a dynamic fusion of virtual and real-life elements. Amidst the limitless possibilities, the game challenges players to grapple with the consequences of their choices, creating a captivating adventure where the line between legality and fantasy is purposefully blurred.


Succubus Trick: Grown Up Problem

After a really long absence, you will return to the city where you spent your childhood. Here, you will meet a strange girl who happens to be in some kind of trouble. Your task will be to help her get out of the mess she is in. There will be a lot of crazy things happening to you and you will find yourself in several awkward situations. If you play it well, the strange girl will be so grateful to you maybe she will let you fuck her as a thank you. All, I am saying, it's going to be a really awesome time and you are in for many sexy treats. Bon appetit!


Attack on Survey Corps [v 0.18.3]

This game is set in the Attack on Titans universe. Picture this. You and your sister Elsa have had a carefree childhood. You do your housework, play with other kids and are happy just like everyone else. Then the dawn of Titans happened. The broke through the city walls and gets. Now your once safe city is destroyed and life as you knew it is gone. You were taken to a shelter where you interact with other guys. Are you going to be cordial or are you going to do more than interact? The choice is solely yours. Time to man up and make some tough decisions.


Thirty Days

You will definitely love how flexible and versatile this game is. You can play as any character you want. The game starts with a small breakdown that every character will gather in one house that they are supposed to stay in together for a month. Each character has lost their memory and can't seem to remember each other or how they know each other. What's worse is that the characters are related to each other. Yes, they have a chance to reunite but what if they take things farther and have taboo sex. Anywho, how the plot develops totally depends on the choices you make so make them carefully.


X-Change Life [v 0.20]

This 3D sex simulator offers players a chance to experience what life would be like if you could temporarily switch genders whenever you wanted to. It tells the story of a newly developed gender-changing pill that allows you to become a male or female. However, this revolutionary new drug has been banned across the country with the only legal exceptions being in certain cities. Players start the game as a recently graduated male character searching for a job until he suddenly encounters this super pill. With characters being based loosely on real porn stars, you can explore what it would be like to change into a blonde with big tits, a brunette with a great ass or may even a redhead with a firm body. The options available to you are endless but be careful. Transitioning between genders is a process that can affect your life in many different ways, as you will soon discover.


The Company [v 5.9]

Ready for a story-driven adult game that blends family intrigue with multiple slutty sex adventure scenarios? You've developed a mysterious scientific serum that has a thrilling affect on anyone's sex drive, performance, even their gender! Testing it out on your family and coworkers is going to take some clever convincing and you never know who you'll be able to blackmail with the incriminating results. The Company puts you in total control of the story AND the sex. Choose who to fuck and how to fuck them, while navigating meaningful story choices that open up new challenges and opportunities. Customize every element of your character and create a personalized game each time you play. This sex game can play out however you choose and rewards multiple playthroughs, exploring different thrilling sex scenes and story events. Make sure you lock the door to your room - you won't want any interruptions while playing this cum-drenched adventure!


Summer's Gone [Season 1]

Spirits are sensual fluid believes and there is nothing intoxicating than having steamy sex with someone you crave to touch but can't. The anticipation of not seeing but wondering where they will touch you next is just gasmic! In this game you'll see a story about a spirit that tries to get back into living world. In the beginning you'll see chain of actions that lead to mysterious consequences. With a little bit of help from hot girls all around you, you will be able to find the truth about everything that is happening. Make sure you pay your dues by fucking them!


Imouto no Onanie

This is a beautifully created 3D hentai game. The game's storyline has some taboo twists which makes it all the more enjoyable. The game is about a single girl who is actually your sister. She is in her bedroom masturbating while fantasizing about her brother who is you. She plays with her pussy as she imagines how your cock would feel pummelling her tight wet pussy. You find her and decide to make her wishes come true. Walk around the room and look for actions that will appear on the right side. There will be 4 sex scenes. You can decide to fuck her on the bed, chair, table or coat stand. You could always decide to fuck her in all locations. Now be the best brother and fuck your sexy sister!


A Mother's Love [Part 1-13]

You fall hopelessly in love with your girlfriend's mother but she doesn't feel the same way about you. You are determined to show her how much she is missing and how you would attend to her bodily needs. Even worship her, if she demanded it. But she is an evil sexy milf that just wants to destroy your relationship with your girlfriend. She only views you as an obstacle that needs to be gotten rid off. You are desperate for a mother's love and you are keen on getting it no matter what. Find out your next course of action as you play this love-fuelled game. Remember, compromise is key!


Missy [v 0.8]

If you love lesbian sex then this game is especially made for you. There will be a lot of sex scenes performed in an alternate world overpopulated with women. Who doesn't love some women love? Well, our main hero will be a sexy babe called Missy. She is only 18 years old and she's still a school girl. Of course girls will be extremely horny and just want to fuck and eat each other out. There will be a lot of hot sex scenes that will have you wish that you would immerse yourself in such a world. You will have the option of going crazy or being a good girl. Choose the first one and get ready for a sexy rollercoaster.


Inner Bimbo

Inner Bimbo is a game that puts the fate womankind in your hands. You find a machine that has the power to “bimbo-fy” any woman who enters it: their desire for sex and cum fulfillment becomes uncontrollable! What will you do with this power? First up is your assistant Summer, who has been collecting a salary she hasn't earned: time for her to pay up with her wet pussy and heaving breasts! You can choose to be discreet or flaunt your power. Just know that before long, the source of this mysterious technology will catch up with you. In this adult adventure game, choice is everything: see how the city around you evolves with your decisions. Spotlighted fetishes include bimbofication (voluntary and involuntary) and corruption, with MF and FF content.


The Fapocalypse [v 0.1.11b]

A disaster occurred in the world, and the virus destroyed all males except you. Something strange happens to women due to the virus, now their libido constantly demands intimacy. You have to create your own harem to take care of your girls, creating safe conditions for them. In this game you will also see some familiar characters, for example, Hermione, who was created using Deepfake.


Inspector J Episode 6

In this already 6th episode you have to meet with mayor's secretary. This will be really sexy. It's clear that the mayor is involved in this case, too! Find all answers and get information from this busty secretary.


My Pig Princess [v 0.7.0]

You play the role of a farmer, and this means that you are at work until late at night. You got tired and decided to take a vacation to go to the capital of your country. There is a kingdom in the capital, where a beautiful princess named Emelie lives. You will meet her accidentally, and this will lead you to unforgettable adventures. Find out how the royal daughter will have fun with an ordinary farmer and how she will cope with all the scandals and intrigues of the kingdom.



Megumin is a wizard from the KonoSuba series. As always in niiCri games you just have to undress and fuck her, using all other features at your disposal to enjoy this mini game. This time you can switch between vaginal and anal sex as well.


Attack on Survey Corps [v 0.18.3]

This game is set in the Attack on Titans universe. Picture this. You and your sister Elsa have had a carefree childhood. You do your housework, play with other kids and are happy just like everyone else. Then the dawn of Titans happened. The broke through the city walls and gets. Now your once safe city is destroyed and life as you knew it is gone. You were taken to a shelter where you interact with other guys. Are you going to be cordial or are you going to do more than interact? The choice is solely yours. Time to man up and make some tough decisions.



Excitement fills the air as you step into the vibrant academy, ready to mingle with iconic Overwatch heroes Mei, D.Va, Mercy, Tracer, and Brigitte. The sexy babes are eager to please and are thirsty for your hard dick. You are invited to join the orgy and you happily oblige. To become an agent of Overwatch you must show your expertise and please the sexy babes. So, what will it be? Slow or a hard and rough fuck till they beg you to stop? On guard Doomfist! The kitties need some worshipping.


Space Paws [Final Working]

In this sci-fi XXX hybrid between a visual novel and point-and-click game, you're an astronaut in the far future. Train your character in strength, charm, and knowledge as you fuck hot alien chicks and furry girls across the far reaches of the galaxy. Gather powerful items to unlock new locations and quests. Your partner Alison and robot E-Millio will help you on your adventure as you explore 40+ fully animated scenes, four unique planets, and nearly a dozen outrageous women to fuck. Mankind's survival depends on your ability to make these women submit to your perverse desires! NOTE: This is a very large game, so please be patient during loading. Content is still being added, so check back regularly.


Lewd Falls [v 0.03b]

Set in an alternate universe of Gravity Falls, this over-18 sex parody game follows all of your favorite characters like Dipper, Wendy, and Mabel. The main lead is back in town to see the Mystery Shack and visit his childhood friends who he hasn’t seen in a long time. So much time has passed and the girls’ bodies have grown immensely within that period. Wendy now has incredibly big tits and Mabel has a busty body. As you can expect, it’s difficult to resist the sexual temptation and he eventually starts to make his move. Play and discover if he truly can seduce these sexy babes out of their panties.


Grandma's House Part 4 [v 0.56]

This is a continuation of the story about a guy who graduated from college and enjoys life. He rents a room in the house of the landlady of the apartment where he lives with sexy female students. But in this part everything will be completely different and an unexpected turn of events awaits you. The main character liked the girlfriend of his landlady so much that he will start courting her in the hope of sex.


The Coven

The main character has magical powers. He will be asked to join a group of witches at a secret college. The main character there is the only man, since only women have such skills. So he is waiting for incredible adventures, as well as constant attention from beautiful students and sexy teachers.


Routes of Life [v 1.60a]

In this visual novel, you get to take on the role of a male protagonist who looks back on his youth as a computer gamer. You used to enjoy playing video games with your friends in the past but becoming an adult has meant that you had to go to college, get employed, etc. Everything in life became mundane until you come across a strange hentai AI that gives you a chance to feel like your old self again. Suddenly, you’ve gone back in time and can now manipulate any human interactions you have in your favor. Explore all your fetishes in this over 18 title that promises to bring back some sexually-charged excitement into your life!


School Girls 2: Emergency Case

You still play as Ivan. You live with Michelle, who is nice but always seem to stick her nose in your business. In the previous episode, you managed to land a job as a private tutor thanks to your friend Delphine. This morning, you're getting ready to give your first lesson when you hear the phone ring.


Erotica [Episode 13]

You just graduated from college and don't know what to do next. Suddenly you find out that your uncle is going on a long trip and he needs someone to look after his luxurious home. You are happy to agree, because you will be able to earn some money and live for your own pleasure. There you will meet your childhood friend who got into a difficult situation. You decide to help her, and as a sign of gratitude, she introduces you to many of her friends.


Milfy City [v 1.0b]

Concentrating in school can be hard, especially when you've got a hard-on for your teachers! Daydreaming about all your wildest sexual fantasies gets you kicked out of class and into the office of Judy, the school therapist who's a smokin' hot mature babe with curves in all the right places. She's an eager-to-fuck MILF who happens to have a soft (and wet!) spot for her students. This big-titted beauty uses hypnosis therapy to put you to sleep and help you explore your filthiest fantasies - sex class is in session! Choose what to have her teach you about next: anal, bondage, oral sex, and much more. How deep will you penetrate into your studies? With experienced MILFs leading the way, this satisfying sex game will teach you there's a million different ways to cum and nothing to be ashamed of!


Parasite Infection [v 1.34]

First select the gender you want to play as and then let the story begin. You work in the carpet store and lead a regular life. You are mostly happy but eventually you understand that there's something missing in your life. You start trying to find the meaning of life and all of a sudden you wake up in a techy room. You suspect that this was an alien abduction and can't help but feel a little bit thrilled by the prospect of interacting with aliens. Continue with the game and see what happens next.


Jikage Rising Arc 3 [v 2.10b]

As a follow up to one of the best porn games on the market, you continue your journey to make your clan the strongest of all time with some of your favourite Anime characters. You are going to need all your wits to take control of the beautiful women you meet along the way and bring them into your clan. From blow jobs to licking pussy and from cumming on their tits and fucking them in the ass you need to make the right decisions to get them to join you and rise to become the strongest faction ever! Find out what the girls need and what you can give them (besides a big dick in the mouth!) to continue your following and become the strongest clan of all time. If you enjoy sexy Anime girls with the best pussy this side of Japan, then this is the game for you!


Area69 [v 0.80]

This game is the very definition of bilingualism. You have the option of playing it in Spanish or English. You will live with your mom's best friend while your parents are out of town. Thank her for her generosity by taking care of her body. She needs some servicing and who better to fine tune her sweet pussy than you? You are also a student and this is your last year. Do not forget to do whatever it takes to pass your final exams. Apart from your sexy host, there are a lot of weird things happening in the city lately. Several paranormal beings have been spotted across town. You have the opportunity to experience their otherworldly sexuality or choose oblivion. Be a little daring and interact with them.


Hazelnut's Butt-Rut

This game is especially made for anal sex, furry and Futanari lovers. Looks like this one is for you guys. You can select the gender for this lovely squirrel. Afterwards, you can start performing all perverted actions that are available. Show this cute furry creature just how much you want to dick it down and stretch that ass. As a surprise scene, you will also be able to fuck the squirrel with a huge horse cock too. Let's see if it can fit or you will have to stretch that ass for a little bit longer. Either way, have fun with it.


The Golden Boy [v 0.6.2]

Golden Boy is an uncensored 3D simulator game that tells the story of a 20 year old male protagonist who lives with his father and stepmother. However, there’s trouble in paradise between the couple and soon enough, sexual tension between our male lead and the sexy ass MILF starts to boil up to unexplored, new heights. But the story doesn’t end there. He continues to meet several sexy babes with big tits and each one of them is interested in getting to know the young man. This visual novel is a thrilling and sexy tale that allows you to interact with different women and get to know them better. The more you do, the higher the chances of you fulfilling any kind of perversion that you can think of. Can you convince your step mom to let you cumshot her? Can you glamour other women to satisfy your sexual desires? So many paths to take and so many possibilities. It’s up to you to give it your best shot!


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