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Obscure Affairs

The main character got married unsuccessfully and now regrets the time spent. He's finally divorced, and his family hell is over. Now he has the opportunity to start all over again. Things are going great at work, the main character gets promoted and now earns very good money. The main task is to return the lost time and enjoy all the girls he once missed. All the characters in this game are over the age of 18.

151.1K 30 RenpyRen'Py

Meet and Fuck: Boobitch Family Reunion

This game features three nymphomaniac heroines from the Boobitch family, who have unrealistically big boobs.The women, trapped in a powerful and mysterious storm, were suddenly transported to an unfamiliar dimension. To their astonishment, they realized Vigo, a menacing villain, orchestrated their abduction, plotting something truly frightening. Now faced with a daunting challenge, the women must muster all their strength and courage to thwart Vigo's sinister intentions. In this strange realm, they embark on a journey to uncover their own latent powers. United by a common goal, they delve into harnessing their inner strength and tapping into an unexpected source – their own sexual energy. Determined to stop Vigo's nefarious plan, the women find newfound resilience within themselves, paving the way for an epic confrontation in this otherworldly adventure.


Aeon’s Echo (Sp0ns0red)

Dive into the enchanting world of Aeons Echo! As the protagonist, you will interact, bond, and evolve with various captivating goddesses. Enjoy an immersive role-playing adventure in a visually stunning universe. Play Free now!


Reality Show 5: The Intruder

As the semifinals unfold, the intensity escalates, and the competition reaches a boiling point. The stakes are high, with no girl willing to exit before the coveted finale. Only two can advance, adding an extra layer of suspense. The quest to secure a spot in the final intensifies as each contestant strives for the maximum 158 points. The game becomes a thrilling battleground where every move counts, determining who will step into the spotlight of the grand finale. Amidst the excitement, the anticipation builds, promising a climactic showdown to unveil the fortunate pair set to join the ultimate party. I have never known that a sex battle could be this hot like, damn!


Multiverse Ballance [v 0.9.5]

The protagonist of this game died from overwork. The guy meets a succubus who will offer to sign a contract with her, otherwise he will go to hell. If you agree to her terms, you can be reborn in any universe of your choice. Embark on a journey through different dimensions and seduce as many girls as possible. With your help, the succubus will provide herself with sexual energy, and you will get everything you dream about.

118.6K 6 GaysGays RenpyRen'Py

Bad Bobby Saga: Dark Path [v 0.15.4888]

The game is part of the bigger and older game Bad Bobby Saga also known as Bad Brother Saga. The story revolves around your mother and 3 sisters that you live with. Yes they are blood but you cannot help but view them as sexy babes. You are a daredevil and throw caution to the wind. You want to have a taste of them and you can't choose among them so you choose all of them. Now your daily house chores involve ensuring sex is kept in the family giving your home girls a hot serving of dick every day.

423.7K 59 RenpyRen'Py

The Pirates of Lust [v]

This game you will be playing together with Lucy and Henry. Expect to enjoy mind blowing adventures on the tropical island. There's something heady about sex on the beach and near green trees. The three of you find a house to bunk in. It's in terrible condition so you decide to repair it together and make it habitable. Give your all, work really hard and try to earn some money. Meanwhile, as the game progresses, you will discover that this mansion is not as plain as you once thought. It has several secrets and mysteries hiding in every nook. Your task is to uncover all of them.

334.2K 35 RPG MakerRPG Maker

King of Kinks (Sp0ns0red)

Power up your girls and build up your unbeatable squad! Investing time & resources in your squad of gorgeous women will get you kingly (and kinky) reward! Play Free Now!


Fairytale [v 0.20]

You happen to move into a new house with your sisters. After going to college, your life changes and for the better. After you are through with your studies, you bump into this sweet fairy called Eva. She is your fairy godmother and she's excited to grant your every wish. Earlier on girls never noticed you but Eva is here now to ensure that they not only notice you but also crave you. She shows you an app called fairytale which when installed on your phone allows you to control any girl that you take a picture of. What's even better is that the fairytale doesn't end at midnight. It lasts as long as you want. No rush milords!


Meeting Her [v]

Generally, meetings can be awkward. Now imagine meeting your daughter who you haven't seen for so many years. Of course it will be difficult and there will be a lot of emotion running around. You decided that singular life was your cup of tea and chose to live your own life with other women and friends. Life was really good and you had loads of sex. Your daughter decided to stay with her grandmother - your ex wife's mother after she passed away. Your task will be to choose whether to enjoy your life alone or to go get your daughter and try to rebuild your life with her. Maybe you should ask her to stay longer.

323.7K 41 RenpyRen'Py

Human Dairy Farm [v 0.5]

Your mother raised you alone. She loved you so much that she breastfed you for a very long time. You've grown up, but you haven't weaned off breast milk. One day your mother refuses to breastfeed you and you get terribly angry. Also, there was a disease on the dairy farm where you grew up and all the cows were destroyed. That's why you're going to kidnap women to replace cows. Make your choice more carefully, as this will lead to different endings of the game.

209.5K 32 RenpyRen'Py

Bound to Please

The main character left his hometown many years ago. He left friends to go to college. Also, he promised to visit them and keep in touch. But, as usually happens, everything turned out to be completely different. After studying, he got a good job and found a beautiful girl. But suddenly everything changes when a childhood friend comes to visit him for a short time.

136.6K 9 RenpyRen'Py

Mythos: Book One

This game allows you to choose your gender at the beginning. You can choose to play as male or female. The storyline is quite tragic. You have just found out about the tragic death of your ex-girlfriend. You really loved her and are saddened by her death. You decide to investigate this mysterious death. Soon enough, you discover that your world is inhabitated by supernatural beings. Interact with them as you try to find the answers to your questions. Make the right decisions and remember this game has different life paths. There are several solutions to solve the murder. Spoilers choice!

31.5K 2 RenpyRen'Py

Shards of Her

This story is about a demigod who lost his beloved girlfriend. It broke his heart, and no one could make him happy again. Suddenly, Hemera visits the demigod, and sends him back to earth. On earth, the main character will find himself in the epicenter of a war between humans and gods. He will also resume the search for his beloved and, perhaps, learn something about her fate.

37.5K 11 RenpyRen'Py

Shuggerlain Camp Girls

Attention, this is not the original game, but its Lite version. You will find yourself on the continent of Shuggerlain, where you will meet three beautiful girls. Chat with them and get experience points to give girls gifts and take them on dates. Constantly move around the tent camp and visit the girls to get everyone into your bed as soon as possible.

70K 5 RenpyRen'Py

Big Brother: Another Story [v 0.02.00]

This is a story about a guy who lives with his mom and his two sexy sisters. One day, you receive a generous gift from your father - a big house with everything you have ever wanted. The sudden rise from poverty is a heady delight and all you can think of is how many girls will swoon at the sight of your newly found wealth. However, there is a catch. You have the house but you do not have the money to maintain your status. That will be your main task in this game - get money then get laid. Capiche?

1.1M 204 RenpyRen'Py

Miri's Corruption [v]

This is a game filled with varieties. There's a lot of different sex types, styles and mythical creatures to fuck. You will take the role of a girl called Miri. It happens you have been marked. You have the demonic lust mark on you and now underworld creatures are hunting you down and they want to devour you. Of course you have a choice. You can decide to become pure again or you can let yourself fall deep into the world of lust. Embrace your fate and have all manner of sex interactions with different creatures. Seems like all of them want to sample your sexy holes.

388.6K 31 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Horny Villa (Sp0ns0red)

It’s time to build your dream mansion while romancing the hottest and kinkiest girls. Are you into Sexy maids? Big-titty sluts? Submissive shy girls? Nymphomaniacs that live to please you? Horny Villa has it all! Get ready to collect unique hot photos and enjoy high-quality fully animated sex scenes. Play free now!


My Demon Friend [v 1.1]

This game features two protagonists, a man and a woman. Each character has their own storyline completely different from the other one's. Whichever character you choose, you will have lived a hard life before this scene. You will have experienced great loss, both your parents are no longer in the picture and you were adopted. Death struck again and took even your adoptive parents. Luckily, your resilience is on another level. You survived those two losses and still managed to find a home. Many years have since passed. Play and find out what else life has in store for you!


Fuckerman: Atomic Fuck [Full Version]

We all love a cool adventurous couple that get to enjoy nasty sex scenes together. In this game, the couple is in a futuristic place full of robots and high end technology. Some equipments get damaged and become faulty. When you follow a certain sequence of actions, both of you will be able to get laid by rogue android monsters. They want to conquer the world but they are happy to spare some time for you and your wife. Use W A S D to move around. Press E to perform actions and C to change characters. You can use the mouse to drag items on the screen just like the robots will drag your ass as they fuck you mercilessly!

687.3K 82

Hacker's Restart

The main character has lived all his life in an isolated and wealthy family. Since childhood, he had very few friends, and he constantly spent his time on the computer. The main character got so carried away with hacking that a simple hobby turned into problems with the law. Now he has to rethink his life and try to somehow fix everything that he has done.

63.9K 5 RenpyRen'Py

The Office [E3 v 0.3b]

Follow the journey of Gail, a super hot 27-year-old excelling at a financial services company. Despite her humble beginnings, Gail has risen to great heights in her career, achieving consistent promotions. Now, she aspires for a new position, determined to climb higher on the career ladder. The story unfolds as Gail navigates the challenges of the corporate world, showcasing her resilience and ambition. Witness her pursuit of professional success and the strategic moves she makes to secure a coveted new role. In this narrative of ambition and determination, Gail's journey offers a glimpse into the complexities of climbing the corporate ladder. She is willing to do what it takes, including selling her pussy to the highest bidder to scale greater heights in her career and from the looks of it, it was worth it.

1.3M 121 RenpyRen'Py

MILFs of Sunville [Season 1 Extra]

A great and really promising game with lots of beautiful characters and sex inside it. You're facing some difficulties in your young life and now you have to get back to college and leave your rich life behind. The city where your college is located is called Sunville.

258.7K 30 UnityUnity

Panthea Leave2gether Act 2 [v 4]

This is a follow up to the really great game Panthea. The second act starts at the place called Vault, the place full of broken dreams and smell of semen. The main character Casey wants one more drink and that's how the story begins. You'll meet with other well known and new characters on your way.

476.6K 33 UnityUnity

My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend [v 0.86.3]

!Ω Factorial Omega. This is a game and story about sex bots in the world. There will be different times for these things and the market will go up and down with total ban for such devices. Long story short, you'll play as a young guy who recently found a sexbot without hands and legs. Will it make your life happier and you'll be able to earn enough money to pay the rent and survive? Imagine having a sexbot that feels just as good as a human pussy. It doesn't have any hands or legs so you can turn it however you like and fuck it in all manner of positions. There are so many clients who would love to have a taste of your sexbot. Pimp it and get rich!

613.1K 76 UnityUnity

Beyond the Edge [The Book of Tentacles v]

Take a role of the mysterious creature as you find yourself in a completely different world. Here you'll find lots of magic, spells, battles, monsters and sexy girls. You want to find the truth about your past because your memories have vanished. You also have some special power that can show you person's secret desires.

335.6K 49 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Helping The Hotties [v 1.0]

You'll take the role of the student from the college. You received a phone call in the beginning of the summer that you'll have to go and work in the boy's rehab camp. Those guys need an assistance to learn how to behave themselves and also to learn something new. But you know that? That isn't a camp for guys anymore.

468.7K 48 RenpyRen'Py

Derealization [v 0.0.5]

You take the role of the guy who has some mental issues. So he leaves his town and goes to some other to find some harmony in there. But as the days go by he gets back to old problems and relationship troubles with friends. Maybe the problem isn't in all of them, but in you?!

216.9K 55 RenpyRen'Py

Succubus Stories [v 0.14.3]

In this game, you'll step into the role of a farmer girl who transforms into a succubus seeking revenge on those who wronged her family. The gameplay primarily focuses on text-based interactions with some steamy scenes sprinkled in. Brace yourself for tough decisions and thrilling moments as you progress through the story. Are you prepared to embrace the power of the succubus and navigate the challenges that lie ahead? Get ready to immerse yourself in this captivating adventure where your choices shape the outcome! Use your sexual powers and rape all those who harmed your family. Drain their balls and have fun while dominating them.

517.7K 43 HTMLHTML

Human Alteration App [v 1.3]

In this game, begin by choosing your traits and naming people around you. The focus shifts to testing a special application that controls your entire life. Through this app, you gain the power to manipulate not only your life but also the lives of those around you. Explore the possibilities of controlling actions and bodies, shaping the narrative as you desire. The game unfolds as a unique experiment, allowing players to navigate the consequences of their choices and the impact on the lives of fellow humans. Enjoy the simplicity of character customization while diving into the complexities of this extraordinary life-controlling application. Customize the clients to your liking and of course, fuck them all!

2M 109 ShemalesShemales HTMLHTML

Goblin Down [v 1.00.0]

This is a short visual novel featuring horny goblins. A long time ago, when magic existed and mythical creatures roamed the earth, you were kidnapped by a tribe of goblins. Luckily you managed to escape. A goblin woman helped you and she will later become your wife in future. For some time, everything in your family life was fine, but on one fine day you were walking by the roadside where you found a wounded orc. You decide to take him to your wife so that she can nurse him back to health. You are hopeful that she will be able to save him. You are drafted to go on a mission and leave your wife alone with him. Will she fuck him or will she remains loyal to you.

191.7K 9 RenpyRen'Py

King of Kinks (Sp0ns0red)

Power up your girls and build up your harem to fit your hottest fantasies! Get spicy private messages from the girls you meet during your adventure! Fulfill their desires and unlock the kinkiest sex scenes! Play Free Now!


Loretta's Brand-New Job

The game takes place in 1911. It features a story about a happily married couple. The main character and his sexy wife Loretta are a good example of the perfect marriage - or so it seems. There's just one problem. Loretta is inexperienced in the sexual department. Her husband Elio is not satisfied with her because their relationship lacks intimacy. This situation has always stressed Loretta. Luckily, everything starts looking up after Loretta meets Fabio. He decides to help her through hypnosis. Things take a wrong turn and he makes things even more unbearable. He turns her into a slut. Find out if Loretta will end her debauchery and if she will be reunited with her beloved husband.

199.2K 28 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Lust Guide

Doctors are very concerned about the health of the main character. They're trying to figure out what's going on with the young guy, and they make different diagnoses. The main character produces an excessive amount of sex hormones, which is why he cannot get excited. Doctors do not understand how to help him, but they suggest trying to stimulate sexual desire. The guy needs to create a harem of women who are ready to remove sexual charms from him.

152.7K 26 RenpyRen'Py
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