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Castellum Res Venereae 4

In addition to 12 new sex scenes in this part you'll have a sword to fight against all monsters. Press Space to use it. The goal is the same - reach the exit door using Arrow keys. This part will contain lots of gang-bang scenes.

306.2K 13 FlashFlash

Share of Sweet [v 0.1.4]

When the main character was a child, his mother died. The father found a new wife who has a daughter from her first marriage named Anna. You and your beautiful sister are in your senior school year and you are very close to her. Suddenly, financial and domestic problems begin in the family. The main character needs to figure everything out and urgently find a way to earn enough money.

127K 9 RenpyRen'Py

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Giggle Night: Trixie's Trial

This game sounds like a total game-changer. Picture this: an everyday nurse from New York gets mixed up with a supervillain, gains superpowers after a wild night, and ends up becoming the right-hand woman to a powerful baddie. It's all about making those crucial choices to help her rise as the ultimate villain in the whole universe. Are you pumped to jump into this epic journey and guide her through the twists and turns of her dark destiny? And this is how villains are made - by deeming the light of the pure. Anyway, even monsters deserve some love right? Well, you get to have an intense relationship with your mistress, enjoy!

39.8K 2 RenpyRen'Py

Pussymon 43

The Pussymon journey continues in this special Christmas release. This time, you discover a lost elf who was meant to be travelling to Frost Pole to the Christmas workshop but now, she has no idea how to get there. Naturally, your entire party made up of you, Bridget, Lizardly, Lepllanny, Valentina, Lumemonire, and Dash, decide to help her arrive safely. In this game, the story is fairly straightforward, so all you need to do is follow the plot and complete all the quests put before you. As always, you will find new animations, stories, sex scenes, and characters. Explore what the town of Frost Pole has to offer during this holiday season!

135.7K 4 FlashFlash

Total Drama Harem [v 0.3.3a]

Welcome to Total Drama Island! In this cartoon parody game, you take on the role of Cody aka the Codemeister, as he sets on a mission to seduce all the female contestants on this thrilling reality show that he likes. This is not going to be easy but if you play your cards right, you can help him make a few girls’ hearts melt and sure enough, they will submit mind, body, and soul to him. You will interact with all the hottest babes on the show including Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Lindsey, and others. Complete all the tasks put before you to progress through the game and watch how these girls fulfil any sexual desire.

187.8K 19 RenpyRen'Py

Sensual Realms

Just a little notice at the beginning, when you can't get out of some choices, press ESC to return step back and then choose other option. This game will concentrate your mind on turn based combat against sexy babes that you'll be able to fuck. However some story behind all this will keep you at this game for some time for sure.

559.4K 78 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Witch Hunt

Full Version. Somewhere in an old dark forest... Zombie meets sexy which with huge boobs. He really wants to fuck her but, of course, she won't let him. That's why you must fight to force her to have sex with you.

435.7K 14 FlashFlash

Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc

This is a 2D first person Hentai game where you will play as Maiko Umiya. She has a pretty normal and regular life until you realize that you can turn it all into something unreal and magical. You have a chance of giving Maiko sex adventures that she will forever remember. To play this game, make use of your mouse and keyboard. Also, be patient when multiple files start to preload during the game. Some of the files are quite big and they may take quite some time especially the guitar play mini game. When they load, expect to have a blast.

841.4K 69 FlashFlash

Kay Fox and Magic Sword

In this game, we still have the same heroine from The Legend of Krystal. She's a busty fox girl with seductive eyes and a snatched waist. This time, Krystal must fight against the different dinosaur monsters. They are horny as always and just want to fuck her. Your task is to help Krystal fight the dinosaurs. Remember, if you are defeated, you are going to be fucked in all your juicy holes. Now you can play the full version of this amazing furry adventure. You can use the arrow keys to move and the A S D keys to attack.

688.8K 45 FlashFlash

Royalty [v 0.1.3]

A Medieval story about a former guard of the king. Now he's in prison but he'll try to get out of there. The game has interesting mechanics which are unusual for online games. The game combines some RPG and combat elements as well. Of course you'll see nice sex scenes from multiple angles and various positions. Follow in game instructions.

227.5K 17 UnityUnity

The Awakening [v 0.4.4a]

In this 3D simulator, you follow the main character who suddenly pulls out of a coma after a near-death experience in a car accident. It’s been two years since then and now, he wakes up with no memory of who he is and how is meant to live. This uncensored porn game puts you in his shoes, as you try to rebuild his life and learn more about his true identity. You will need to interact with those around him and solve several different tasks along the way. Keep in mind that every choice you make influences how the story unfolds. Can you help him make all the right decisions? Play on and uncover the truth!

276.4K 37 RenpyRen'Py

Apocalyptic World [v 0.38a]

You live with your grandfather as an 18-year-old who spends most of his time gaming in his room. Gramps was an ex-army officer who had designed his own nuclear bunker. Just when you thought it would never happen, you hear the nuclear siren and are forced into the bunker for 15 years. When you finally emerge, you realize the world and the survivors have changed completely. You will need to work your way back into society by using your skills (and your cock!!) to make your mark. Will you deal with underground bosses or maybe gather up some slave women, the choice is yours!!

961.6K 373 HTMLHTML

Vicious Circle: Femdom Edition [v 0.7]

You are an ordinary guy from an orphanage who lost his parents in infancy. Despite all the difficulties, you were able to enroll at the most prestigious university in the country. You will meet a lot of women who will show great interest in you. You will be trapped because these women are addicted to sex. Also, if you wish, at the very beginning of the game you can turn on cuckold and gay content.

170.6K 25 GaysGays RenpyRen'Py

Eyes Never Lie [v 0.9]

You are a young student and you have blood in the angel. That means all demons want to get you and even the Principal in your school is a demon and she really wants your sperm. It will be a hard adventure where everyone will try to get your balls dry. Also there will be things like feet and fart smelling, be careful.

144.1K 19 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Last Oasis before Chastity

Ever been hunted? Well, this game is all about the hunt. The main character receives a message from an unknown sender who demands that he leaves his home as soon as possible. Scared of the threat, he grabs his daughters and they run away from home. Soon after, the chase begins and they need to run. The hero needs to further his plan on how to escape. With his family, he will navigate through the desert. So, before they set off, he will need to stock up enough food about the trip. After this, our hero's adventure begins in a world filled with different girls. All of them are ready to satisfy his sexual pleasures before his long move.

93.3K 15 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Cartoon Wild West [v 0.4 Final]

Set in the Wild Wild West, this parody game features some of the most popular Disney characters such as Snow White, Jessica Rabbit, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Jasmin from Aladdin, Cruella from 101 Dalmatians, Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, and many others. To progress through the game, you must interact with these busty beauties and complete various tasks and challenges. If you succeed, you can have sex with them in different positions. Can you make these horny fairy tale princesses submit to you in this dangerous and lawless land? Play on and find out what this western has in store for you.

286.1K 49 RPG MakerRPG Maker

F.F.Fight Ultimate

Another (when I say another I mean another fucking great game) episode with our favourite girls: Tifa Lockhart, Celes Chere and Yuffie Kisaragi. Select one of them, fight against them to reach the bonus scenes and enjoy the gallery. Remember that you have not only to attack them, but protect yourself, too. Just use your mouse to control the game.

642.8K 8 FlashFlash

Of Devotion and Despondence [v 0.2.15]

In this stunning 3D visual novel, you get to explore an incredible fantasy world filled with all kinds of beautifully drawn girls and landscape imagery. It is an exciting and romantic tale about a male protagonist who sets off on a dangerous journey that most people never come back from. However, this may be one of those rare exceptions and along the way, you get to meet all kinds of miraculous creatures like a stunning redhead with big tits and four arms. This is an exciting title filled with RPG and battle elements, so it’s up to you to make certain choices, which may determine whether you survive the thrills and dangers that lie ahead.

227.3K 21 RenpyRen'Py

Pussymon 50

In this series episode titled Megan, you continue on your journey to find more Pussymons to get laid with and this time, the focus is on one of your newest companions, Megan. After rescuing this dandere from the evil witch, she tells you that the witch plans to attack Liunahelm with her magic spell book. Megan agrees to help you steal it and so begins your quest that will also involve a ton of hot Pussymon sex, as always. This new entry also features several past characters like Princess Babette, Scarlet, and Jane. However, if you have yet to play the other previous 49 episodes, then give this one a try.

94K 4 FlashFlash

Her Secret [v]

This is a fantasy RPG game. The main character Ben falls into a dark dungeon, from which he is trying to get out. The entrance to the dungeon is completely destroyed, so Ben needs to look for another way out. On the way, he will encounter the evil mistress of the dungeon and her loyal servants. Help the main character make the right decisions so as not to fall into a trap.

99.3K 7 UnityUnity

Edge of the Sky [v 11.5]

In this The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim parody game, you set off on a quest to eliminate all dragons in the kingdom and save the nation from being captured. You will also interact with Ralof and help him to find his lost sister Gerdur and her husband in the neighboring town of Riverwood. As you continue to navigate your way through the territory, you will get to meet other famous characters like Faendal. Best of all, you will have several chances to seduce and have sex with women in every city you stop in. If you’re looking for a fun and erotic adventure within the Elder Scrolls universe, this is your chance to seize it!

51.6K 7 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Deathable [v 0.3.5]

This is a dystopian game in which two different worlds are connected. You play as a young guy who has an ordinary and boring life, but very soon everything will change completely. The guy is not ready for this, but step by step he will investigate the events around him. Get to know all the characters and find out all the details to move through the plot.

171.9K 17 RenpyRen'Py

NTR Classroom Sabotage [v 0.14c Part 1]

This is the story of two classes whose only goal was to completely dominate the academy. This is a very low-prestige educational institution, which receives all kinds of students who were rejected from other academies. Now the two strongest classes are in a dispute for superiority in the academy. But one day, during a fight, they are abducted by an omnipotent being. A scary creature takes them to a fantasy world to steal information. The class that copes this task will gain strength and will be able to do and cancel various things at will.

138.8K 11 RPG MakerRPG Maker

A Femdom Adventure [v 0.03]

You take the role of Eric who dreams about traveling around the world. But the world is full of other things to do that will slow reaching of the goal. Walk around the village, accept quests, talk to other characters and reach sex scenes. Many of them are related to foot fetish.

361.6K 36 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Lucky Monster [v 0.9]

While playing at the casino, you were unexpectedly killed. You woke up in the afterlife, where you met Lady Luck. You don't remember anything from your past life, but you are still responsible for your previous sins. Lady Luck will give you a second chance, and you will go back to earth. Your soul will move into the goblin's body, but this is not what you expected at all. Now you are a warrior who fights with people and other creatures. You can also fuck any women you catch. Welcome to your new life.

138.8K 16 RenpyRen'Py

Attack DLsite

The full name of this game is: I'll break into the office of DLsite's distribution system. You have to find your way to access all their mascot characters and have some fun with them. Of course this is not going to be easy. You will have to fight against employees who are trying to stop you. Think of this game as hunger games where you have to hunt or risk being hunted. It's going to be so much fun, running around and trying not to get caught. You can use your keyboard to control the game and make several actions.

777.7K 16 FlashFlash

RaiOhGar: Asuka and the King of Steel

This game has been built in a Sci-fi Hentai style. Your task will be to control a robot called RaiOhGar. You will have to protect the robot against all dangers and make sure it's not destroyed. You will have a map of different locations and you will need to run around fighting your enemies and making sure they don't have access to RaiOhGar. In your mission, you will also help our heroes Asuks and Kouta to fight against evil forces and restore world peace. You will need to pay alot of attention and know who's your enemy and who is your friend. As always, you will enjoy several sex scenes during your adventure.

324K 32 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Vandread Love Quest

This is a really old game. Someone may love it or hate it. Either way, this is a really great game that has combined several genres such as dating simulator, shooter, battle, fighting, cards and so much more. It has a little bit of everything just for you. The game is a parody of the popular anime series Vandread featuring it's characters. You will interact with sexy characters including: Jura, Hibiki, and the fierce Dita Liebely. Try it out and you might date either one of them. You will also enjoy some spicy sex scenes and intense fighting sessions.

169K 3 FlashFlash

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Foxy Box Water Match

At the first sight you'll think that this is a short simple boxing game with two hot girls. But there's a lot of great features, secret combos and many more for you to unlock. Collect coins and use them to purchase those upgrades.

303.5K 7 FlashFlash

SpaceCorps XXX [v 2.7.1]

If you enjoyed the Top Gun movies, then Spacecorps should be a fun and challenging title worth checking out. In this parody game, you get to be one of the elites like Maverick but instead of fighter jets, it's all about space warfare. Moreover, you get to train with a bunch of other cadets and interact with numerous female characters, some of whom are sexy aliens and even cyborgs. In this space adventure game, your seduction skills will be tested, so you must do your best to get laid. Keep in mind there is also a lot of gay content but most of the time, you can feel free to skip it.

390.2K 40 GaysGays RenpyRen'Py
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