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Milfy City [v 1.0b]

Concentrating in school can be hard, especially when you've got a hard-on for your teachers! Daydreaming about all your wildest sexual fantasies gets you kicked out of class and into the office of Judy, the school therapist who's a smokin' hot mature babe with curves in all the right places. She's an eager-to-fuck MILF who happens to have a soft (and wet!) spot for her students. This big-titted beauty uses hypnosis therapy to put you to sleep and help you explore your filthiest fantasies - sex class is in session! Choose what to have her teach you about next: anal, bondage, oral sex, and much more. How deep will you penetrate into your studies? With experienced MILFs leading the way, this satisfying sex game will teach you there's a million different ways to cum and nothing to be ashamed of!

13.8M 846 RenpyRen'Py

Treasure of Nadia [v 1.0112]

Lust Epidemic was a fan-favorite, this is the long awaited followup that explores deeper on a journey into ultimate sexual desire and satisfaction. Your father was a great adventurer, now his untimely passing has brought you together at the funeral with several beautiful and mysterious women from his past. Lucky for you, they're excited to find out if "like father, like son" applies to sexual stamina! Solving this mystery requires navigating rewarding gameplay that includes finding items, crafting tools, and solving puzzles. You'll also have to fuck your way through a bevy of buxom women. Be careful playing this pornographic treasure hunter adventure game: pleasing some of them will draw you deeper into fantasy and closer to the treasure, while others might help you blow your load but distract you from learning the truth. Choose wisely and let your lust guide you!

12.5M 6.3K RPG MakerRPG Maker

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


The Company [v 5.9]

Ready for a story-driven adult game that blends family intrigue with multiple slutty sex adventure scenarios? You've developed a mysterious scientific serum that has a thrilling affect on anyone's sex drive, performance, even their gender! Testing it out on your family and coworkers is going to take some clever convincing and you never know who you'll be able to blackmail with the incriminating results. The Company puts you in total control of the story AND the sex. Choose who to fuck and how to fuck them, while navigating meaningful story choices that open up new challenges and opportunities. Customize every element of your character and create a personalized game each time you play. This sex game can play out however you choose and rewards multiple playthroughs, exploring different thrilling sex scenes and story events. Make sure you lock the door to your room - you won't want any interruptions while playing this cum-drenched adventure!

11.2M 1.5K ShemalesShemales HTMLHTML

Hole House [v 0.1.62]

The Hole House name says it all: this pervy online porn game is the ultimate brothel experience, starring all your favorite cartoon characters as your very own sex slaves! Once you learn the secrets to pleasuring slutty favorites like Ahsoka from Star Wars, Velma from Scooby Doo (hint: she LOVES being fucked in the ass!), or even Marge from The Simpsons, you can unlock a roster of willing slaves ready to do your bidding. This uncensored hentai game lets you build your own cat house from the ground up when you help the owner, Gloria, recruit new girls and earn cash for upgrades. Blow your load over these elite cartoon babes when you dress them up in sexy outfits, strap them into fucking machines, tie them up, and pummel them with your massive dick. Stretch out a huge variety of blond, brunette, redhead, and shaved pussies while you flex your business skills: this is one of 2024's best XXX games, where absolutely anything goes!

8.7M 216 UnityUnity

Become Someone [v 1.43]

Become the hero of your own story when you play Become Someone! Get ready to cum: in this text-based, open world life simulation, no matter which path you choose sexy women will eagerly follow. Interact with 35+ unique hotties, each with potentially dozens of different scenes, then choose from three distinct life paths and explore a vibrant city with eight different locations (including the titillating Red Light District). Build your character's capabilities in nine stats and embark on a journey of sexual conquest. You're rewarded for replays: each story choice leads to a different ending and unique, highly satisfying sex scenes. Win over and fuck any girl that meets your eye, or all of them: from nubile high school students to your down-to-fuck step grandmother, every woman can be an eager slut at your beck and call!


Hornstown [v 7.23]

Welcome to the largest online text-based fetish porn game that's been making players cum since 2017! This open world simulator caters to a kinky crowd and lets you change genders and clothing at will. There are hundreds of unique big city locations to explore, where you can find and seduce 500+ unique NPCs: engage in the hottest, naughtiest sex with men, women, and trans companions of both genders. Unlock new adventures and stories when you choose a career: become a whore or pimp, bondage escort, peepshow manager, burglar, detective, secret agent, or any of a dozen other jobs. Immerse yourself in your sluttiest sex fantasies, with extensive scenarios for doms and subs, exhibitionism, bondage, MtF/FtM transformations, voyeurism, sissy play, chastity, humiliation, and more. Manage your time wisely to create the sex paradise of your dreams!

7.9M 477 ShemalesShemales HTMLHTML

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Dungeon Slaves [v 0.69]

As Amy, a young, innocent Elvish maid to a sexy but demanding Princess, your job is to take orders and not ask questions. When the kingdom is threatened by an army of Orcs that is capturing beautiful young girls, your wits and your tits are the only way to free these ravaged sex slaves. Prepare yourself for epic battles and be ready to pay for any loss with your nubile body - the enemy is eager to conquer every hole! RPG-style gameplay lets you craft potions, build relationships, and fight evil monsters. This is a fantastical world of enormous adventure and even bigger breasts, indescribable sexual pleasures and cruel punishments, and massive cum explosions from monstrous cocks. Protect the kingdom, rescue the girls before they're fucked to death, and become the hero you deserve... and maybe the slutty Princess will be your ultimate reward!

7.7M 519 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Hentai University [v 32]

Welcome to Hentai University, the world's sexiest and sluttiest school! First, choose your character: you can be a male or an androgynous futanari. As the university's counselor, you'll meet dozens of young students who are eager to explore their most perverted impulses. Hypnotizing them unlocks a variety of naughty situations: they think you're helping break their bad habits, but you're actually convincing them to fuck all day! Seduce uwu girls, titillate twinks, roleplay as a dom or sub: you're in total control of every fantasy and kink. Explore the university and town, every play reveals new characters and stories. This hardcore sex game caters to your every whim, it's a must-have for true anime and Hentai fans.

7.6M 404 GaysGays HTMLHTML

Meet and Fuck Detective RPG

Another instant classic from the acclaimed Meet and Fuck series of Hentai porn games. In this sexy RPG you are young stud detective Paul McClain, hired to solve the case of the missing daughter of a wealthy English landowner. Search the town of Springfield to gather clues and get closer to the truth. This is a real mystery: there are dozens of slutty young girls who could be his daughter, but only one has the telltale family birthmark on her ass. The only surefire strategy to crack this case is to fuck them all and find the right girl. Use your hands to fill a girl's pleasure meter and coax them to strip down. Once these anime babes begin moaning and the panties come off, you can choose what to do next: grab their tits, get sucked off, fuck them until they cum, and even use the bullseye tool to choose where to spray your load. There's no hurry to find the right girl: you'll enjoy sexy maids, slutty bikini babes, mysterious madams, and eager teens everywhere you go!

7.4M 1.6K FlashFlash

Degrees of Lewdity [v]

Orphans have it rough, but it's an even more cruel world if you're a beautiful young girl. However, it's not all bad for you because this game allows you to control your character and the story. Customize body parts, sizes, clothing, submissiveness, even lubrication and how wet you get. Explore almost any desire, fetish, or scenario in this naughty sex student simulation game. The key to your success is satisfying Bailey, the ultra-strict mistress who manages the orphanage. She'll force you to earn money to pay for your upkeep. The challenges you accept are completely up to you: stay in school, satisfy lovers, avoid being assaulted, and accept offers to perform the most lewd acts imaginable. Build your stats high enough and you might even humiliate Bailey into being your sex slave - fuck your way to the top and don't look back!


Super Deepthroat [updated]

If you enjoyed Final Fellatio X, you'll love this blowjob simulator that takes you on a new nut-busting adventure. Endless customization means each session is unique and every dick sucking desire can be savored. Adjust girls for eyes and hair color, accessories, arm positions, mood, resistance, throat depth, and more. Adjust your character's position, penis and balls size, reactions... the list of features to customize is insane! Even spit and cum are dynamically generated, with settings to create your perfect blowjob scenario. Once you're ready to begin, simple controls make this game easy to enjoy: just move your mouse to bob her head on your cock. Use Auto Mode and let her take over, so you can really lose yourself in the game play. This cum dumpster simulator rewards frequent replays!

7.1M 236 ShemalesShemales FlashFlash

Anna: Exciting Affection [v 2.0]

In this fuck-filled RPG, you play young Anna and help her make decisions that guide her life's journey. Now that she's escaped an alcoholic father and graduated college, she moves in with her older sister Rebecca, who has some intriguing sex issues she's working through. Here in Sun City, Anna's found a boyfriend named Andrew. But Rebecca is protective, so Anna has to explore the city on her own. Spoiler alert: the big city has some “hard” lessons for this big-titted beauty! This small town girl gets herself into some sexy adventures on her way to maturity, which is where you'll make most of your choices: who will seduce her, how will they fuck her, and will Rebecca and Andrew get to take their turns abusing her soaking wet holes? The main story has different outcomes and multiple endings, depending on your choices, and dozens of side quests. NOTE: Currently only supported on Google Chrome.

6.3M 755 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Young Maria [v]

As the beautiful and eager girl Maria, you've got a rockin' bod and an insatiable appetite for sexual stimulation. Now it's time for you to move away from home and to the big city, where endless sex adventures await! But there's also danger and you'll need to protect yourself from being humiliated, abused, or even worse: it's “hard” out there on the streets for young girls who look like they love to fuck! There are many locations to visit in this open world game: walk around naked, buy clothes and tattoos to customize Maria, meet men and women everywhere, visit the beach and join a gangbang, explore your sexuality with your friend Rachel, and you can even have a naughty encounter at the park with a dog! Earn Achievements and build your Corruption score high enough to unlock some really kinky fetishes. Be sure to shower frequently to clean all the cum off (yes, that's in the game)!


Naruto Hentai Sex

Ever wonder what it would be like to see Sakura go completely sex crazy and demand you pummel her thirsty pussy, or choke her with a geyser of cum? In Naruto Hentai Sex, her ass is yours for the taking, along with every other hole! Watch this pink-haired minx bounce up and down on your cock as her Pleasure Meter surges toward 100%. Will you rub her pussy quickly or slowly, tickle her lips or prod her throat deeply? Naruto is jealous that he'll never get to smash Sakura like you do: turn her pink hair white as you drench her in an epic cumshot! This is a must-try experience for any Naruto fan and is a unique opportunity to explore your kinkiest anime fantasies.

6.1M 291 FlashFlash

SimBro [v 2.7b]

SimBro is a XXX brothel management/simulation game that puts you in charge of a your very own escort service. Explore different sexual story lines and challenges as you build your brothel. Equip your bedroom with furniture, shower, and sex toys to create the perfect environment, then tell your girls it's time for them to open their legs and start earning! Attract high-end clients to reveal new upgrades and scenarios. What will you do if a client isn't satisfied, or a girl gets pregnant? The answer is probably “More fucking!” but it's all up to you. Discover new girls and new fetishes, then start leveling up: this sex game has a scene and a girl to satisfy anyone! In this daring world of ultimate sexual opportunity, your wish is their command: build a brothel able to satisfy any fantasy and you'll be rewarded with new girls and scenarios in your journey to dominate the prostitution business.

5.7M 358 FlashFlash

Amouranth: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamer on the planet?! Amouranth: The Game gives you the power to make her do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Charm Sex

A short animation where a hot girl with big tits is actively having sex. She is riding a big dick in a cowgirl position while it is raining heavily outside the window. Choose the camera position, as well as the speed of sexual intercourse. When you're ready to cum, click Finish off. After the guy fills her pussy with sperm, you can repeat everything from the beginning.

5.5M 21 FlashFlash

Panthea [v 0.38]

Welcome to the planet Panthea, where Casey and Lana are a couple of sexy alien girls who are eager to show you a good time. This former human colony is now home to a variety of sex-starved species with anatomy that is adapted to satisfy every perverted desire: be pleasured by furries and aliens with huge tits, massive cocks, probing tentacles, and other unique sex organs. Customize Casey however you like and guide her in scenes lounging at home or working as a sales assistant at Galaxy Pumps LLC. Discover new costumes and items and explore a workplace filled with sexual opportunities, including cum-soaked alien fantasies and acrobatic threesomes. In this kinky extraterrestrial environment, it's always breeding season!

5.4M 273 FlashFlash

Hentai Heroes

Explore a universe of sexy and voluptuous women as you build your own harem of Hentai hotties. Recruit from dozens of candidates, earn cash, gather resources, build your stats, and battle for sexual supremacy. Satisfy all your fantasies and you can achieve cum-soaked divinity on the game's God Path! Become immersed in a world without taboos where all your dreams come true: can you sexually satisfy as many women as possible and expand your harem? Lust after gorgeously animated young girls who can drain your load in a variety of scenes, including doggy-style, threesomes, orgies, bukkake, sadomasochistic pleasures, and more. Different sexual missions offer opportunities to play alone or join a club to compete against other players. You can even find famous manga characters: realize your dream of fucking Bulma, Chichi, or Nami, all will be powerless to resist you. This is an otaku's dream game!


The Genesis Order [v 1.04]

Developed by NLT Media, the team behind Lust Epidemic and Treasure of Nadia, this new release is set to get new updates for more than a year and features a lot of new faces but also familiar ones too. In it, we follow a young man that works at a detective agency. He wants to earn a good living and maybe even hook up with some hot women in the process. Naturally, he finds himself drawn into a thrilling new mystery and the story starts to take quite an interesting and erotic turn. It's up to you to investigate and uncover all the crazy, dangerous, and sex-filled escapades that he gets into as the game progresses.

5.2M 2.8K RPG MakerRPG Maker

College Daze [v 0.480b]

Being a first year student is tough, from juggling classes and meeting new people, to trying to fit in at school. For you, though, things just got a lot simper: out of the blue, you discover that you have a supernatural ability to alter reality however you like. That's going to make fucking the cum out of all these hot coeds easy! Your powers are irresistible: make any of these powerless sluts your girlfriend, wife, slave, pregnant, change their gender, and more. Visit a church and force the nuns to service your cock. Build up your stats so you can assemble your own harem of super-hot young girls who cannot refuse even your most perverse demands. However, be careful how far you go: you might not be the only one with the power to control reality! This game features high-definition images and video, for a sex experience that is easy to enjoy over and over again!


Ben 10 Sex Game

This is a parody of the cool and famous cartoon Ben 10. You will be able to watch the beautiful Gwen, who grew up and became interested in guys. This time your task is to please Gwen. Gwen doesn't mind having sex with two guys, she has to have sex with two dicks at the same time. Fill Gwen's pleasure flask 100 percent with the mouse. Choose what Gwen will do with the guys from the options offered, such as jerking off, sucking or penetration of fingers or cocks into her pussy. If you do something wrong, you will easily lose and start all over again.

5M 335 FlashFlash

Perverted Education [v 1.3200]

In this text-based porn RPG adventure game, you're a young man struggling to lose your virginity. Your father died when you were very young, so you've never had a male role model to look up to and that's left you a little vulnerable to submissive impulses and sissy behaviors. Lucky for you, your school is the perfect place to be dominated by your sexy teacher, therapist, and guardian. How fast will their perverted desires corrupt you into acting out your kinkiest desires? In order to pay off your mounting debts, you'll need to submit to increasingly shocking demands, as they force you to suck their tits, finger their pussies, and withhold cumming until they're completely satisfied. Maybe if you wear your teacher's lacy panties she'll let you off the hook for the money you owe? Let these lewd ladies take over and show you that a real man and a good student knows how to take orders from a strong woman!


Meet and Fuck - Lavindor Kingdom

Another must-play in the Meet and Fuck series, Lavindor Kingdom takes you back to the Middle Ages, where anything goes sexually. Play as Murton, the kingdom's most skilled healer, tasked with an important quest: brew a love potion to restore the King's virility. You'll need to explore far and wide to collect the necessary ingredients and you'll also need to fuck numerous beautiful young women along the way! This sexy simulator puts you in control of the lovemaking: seduce your partner, choose a position and a hole, and build up the pleasure meter until you bust! What adventures will you find in the Princess's Room, the Queen's Bedchamber, and the Witch's House? It's going to take some big cock heroics to earn the Elfish Breast Milk or Virgin's Lock of Hair and win as much gold and pussy as you can carry!

4.9M 793 FlashFlash

Favorite Teacher [v 1.29]

We've all had a favorite teacher growing up, but this one is a little different... let's just say you're a favorite teacher with benefits! You're the new biology teacher in school and it's going to be up to all of the students to prove they deserve an “A” grade. Dominate slutty school girls, seduce and fuck your fellow teachers, and build your stats until you're ready for the ultimate challenge: forcing your cock down the principal's throat! With the amount of fucking this game lets you do, it's only a matter of time before you become everyone's favorite teacher. High-definition images and video make this XXX porn game a must-have for all fans of sexy school girls and cock draining teacher-student sex fantasies!


Kasumi Rebirth v3.25 Uncensored

An old-school bondage game with some of the latest features and finally fully translated into English. Yes, the game is not very big, but it is definitely worth playing. Your task is to examine Kasumi's body well from all sides, touch her and take off her clothes. She won't be able to resist because she's tied up. Use the mouse to play. Also pay attention to the game guide so as not to miss anything interesting. I advise you to pull the rope so that Kasumi spreads her legs to the full width, and you can enjoy her pussy.

4.9M 184 FlashFlash

Friends of Mine [v 1.3]

Play as Jason, a young student living in Onegaron in south-eastern Canada. Your best friend is Felix Morin and he may be walking down a dark path: his father wants you to watch after him and make sure he's not becoming involved with drugs. You can explore stories with Jason, his father, and several other characters, as you determine your own path that can involve straight or gay sex, feminization, tgirl and trans relationships, and more exciting fetishes. There are 1000+ extremely graphic sex scenes that will challenge you to get in touch with your most perverted pleasures. Build your stats, develop relationships, and even alter yourself (get drunk or high, have plastic surgery). Or, just dress girly and suck cock: there's not much you can't do in this XXX adult sandbox adventure game, let your imagination and your deepest desires run wild!

4.9M 402 GaysGays HTMLHTML

Behind the Dune [v 2024-02]

Inspired by the epic science fiction novel, the year is 10,191. The galaxy's most precious substance is Spice, used by the Spacing Guild for interstellar travel. Spice exists only on the planet Arrakis, also called “Dune” for its endless desert vistas. In the game, as in the book, young Paul Atreides is the hero, son of Duke Leto Atreides. The Atreides Family is allowed to govern Dune by the Emperor... but is the desert palace at Arrakeen as secure as it seems? If you're fan of the book, this visual novel is your chance to experience an erotic retelling that's even hornier than the original. Seduce Lady Jessica, avoid the Baron's lewd advances, even fuck a Guild Navigator inside her tank and penetrate her nipples with a dildo. Spoiler alert: it's not your hand the Reverend Mother demands you place inside her box!

4.9M 329 FlashFlash

Manila Shaw: Blackmail's Obsession [v 0.37B]

In this action porn RPG, you're Manila Shaw, one of the sexiest police officers in the United States. At 27-years-old you're still a virgin... but not for much longer! Today's your birthday and you discover a mysterious man is obsessed with you. How far will he go to corrupt you, and will you give in to his perverted desires? Explore the city, battle criminals in turn-based fight scenes, gain attack skills and weapons, and complete missions to develop your relationships. Lose any fights and you can expect to be sexually dominated by your opponent. A complex story with deep supernatural lore makes this a XXX game you can lose yourself in, as long as you can help Manila finally get the pounding she deserves!

4.8M 1.4K RPG MakerRPG Maker

Jerkmate: The Game (Sp0ns0red)

Ever wanted to control and strip the hottest game streamers on the planet?! Jerkmate: The Game gives you the power to make them do anything you want. Play Free Now!


Treasure of Nadia [Compressed v 1.0112]

Introducing a speedier variant of Lust Epidemic with reduced size and quality for faster loading – ensuring swift image display and an enhanced gaming experience. While this version prioritizes speed, the non-compressed option delivers superior quality. For optimal enjoyment, consider downloading the game from the official website, providing a full and rich gaming experience. Whether opting for quick loading or indulging in the full graphics, both versions offer a seamless journey into Lust Epidemic's captivating world. The choice is yours to tailor the gameplay to your preferences, ensuring a satisfying venture through the twists and turns of this immersive game. Dive in and relish the adventure, choosing the version that suits your desire for speed or image quality.

4.8M 1.5K RPG MakerRPG Maker

A New Dawn [v 4.3.5]

In this medieval XXX adventure game, it's the year 1487 and an ancient magic has awakened to transform the world. Your character is Victoria, virgin daughter to the Duke and his wife Lady Amelia. Terror strikes in the middle of the night: savage monsters attack, set fire to your mansion, and kidnap Lady Amelia. In a world driven into Chaos, can you defeat the evil monsters and reunite your family? Guide Victoria on a harrowing sexual journey that exposes her to the worst of monsters and men: explore her dreams that lead her down a perverted path, avoid being dominated by the cum addiction powers of the goblins, grow her abilities using the orgasm system that tracks her response to assaults, consensual sex, positions, and more. You're in control as she blossoms into a powerful woman capable of sexually dominating men, women, monsters, and beasts.

4.6M 1.1K ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker
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