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Milf Busters

Play as a young boy who is left with his mother and sisters in a big house without a father. His father was killed, and you must find out who did it. Fight the supernatural forces that will try to stop you. Fuck all the MILFs in town to make your wish come true. Move around the rooms, click on the door handles you see, or on the edges of the screen to advance in the game.

251.8K 16 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Fairy Fixer [v 0.1.4]

This game is a parody about the Winx Club and it's characters. You'll see multiple heroes from this universe like Musa, Flora, Stella and many more. You have to navigate in the map and look for available actions at the different locations. Also you'll have to earn some money to buy other things and then have fun with all these girls.

465.4K 57 RenpyRen'Py

Aeon’s Echo (Sp0ns0red)

Dive into the enchanting world of Aeons Echo! As the protagonist, you will interact, bond, and evolve with various captivating goddesses. Enjoy an immersive role-playing adventure in a visually stunning universe. Play Free now!


The Furry House [v 0.38]

You're going to live with your mother and stepsisters, because your father got in jail. I have to warn you that they are furry - human looking animals. A lot of other characters will appear and you'll have to go through different daily and not so casual situations to build some relationship with them.

640.4K 174 UnityUnity

The Daedalus Project [Ch. 9]

In this cool new game by Kitty and the Lord, you get to lead your hero through a world of mixed realities (your hero can be whichever gender). Your character has three stats: Mind, Body, and Heart. These stats will come into play in different situations and could be crucial for your success. It's up to you to navigate this thrilling adventure and make wise choices along the way. Keep a close watch on everything and everyone around you as you journey through this dangerous game. Get ready for a thrilling ride as you explore this unique and challenging game! Ensure you come out alive and don't get lost in the illusions.

348.1K 15 GaysGays HTMLHTML

Melatonin Magiks Ch.3

Before you start, enter information about past parts of the game. This time you find yourself in a dream again, where adventures with beautiful girls await you. You will find a lot of new and attractive characters with whom you have to start a relationship. Adapt to this strange world and enjoy the adventure.

104.4K 4 RenpyRen'Py

Buried Desires

At the school where you were teaching, there was a student who fell in love with you. You tried to adhere to your code of ethics. After this student committed suicide, you talked to people you live with to get over the sudden trauma. You needed to clear your head, hit the road and get away from all this. Then you are offered a job at the most prestigious school in the country. Are you ready to become a teacher again? Answer the questions to find out how your fate will turn out.

233.4K 55 RenpyRen'Py

Horny Villa (Sp0ns0red)

It’s time to build your dream mansion while romancing the hottest and kinkiest girls. Are you into Sexy maids? Big-titty sluts? Submissive shy girls? Nymphomaniacs that live to please you? Horny Villa has it all! Get ready to collect unique hot photos and enjoy high-quality fully animated sex scenes. Play free now!


Because I Love Her Ch.3

Dive into the lives of a couple who've been together since high school. As life progresses, you'll encounter new people and make friends. Both characters grapple with the question of whether sticking together was the right choice. Explore the possibility of trying something different instead of fully committing to family life. Have fun with friends, find a job, and decide the characters' actions. The game unfolds the choice: stay together or explore separate paths, allowing players to shape the couple's destiny. Whichever choice you make, you are in for a sex-fuelled treat so buckle up!

182.8K 13 RenpyRen'Py

Depraved Town: Remake

Awaken in the tantalizing confines of Depraved Town, surrounded by an air of mystery that leaves you disoriented and intoxicated by the unknown. As the veil of confusion lifts, you are met by Ryouka, a seductive succubus whose presence unveils a mysterious pact that binds you to an enticing fate. In this twisted arrangement, you've been gifted with a unique power — the ability to intimately connect with any desirable woman of your choosing. However, the true allure lies in the sultry succubus herself. Ryouka, a temptress of the shadows, feeds off the depths of your newfound debauchery, gaining strength with each passionate encounter shared with unsuspecting women. Dive into a world where desire and darkness intertwine, where every carnal rendezvous sends ripples of unforeseen consequences through the fabric of your existence. Let Ryouka, the enchanting succubus, guide you through a labyrinth of forbidden pleasures, laying bare the intoxicating power and thrilling repercussions of your extraordinary gift. Embark on an erotic adventure where the lines between right and wrong blur, desires surge like wildfire, and each seductive interaction stokes the insatiable hunger of the succubus for strength

205.3K 11 RenpyRen'Py

Melatonin Magiks Ch.2

Before starting the game, enter information about the girls from the first part of the game. It will take some time, but the second part is just as interesting as the first. You and your girlfriends went to another dimension, the girls will help you cope with all the difficulties and fight the enemies. Follow the story and choose which scenario you will follow.

81.6K 4 RenpyRen'Py

Melatonin Magiks

You had a terrible dream. After waking up, you don't understand anything, and you have memory problems. For the confused protagonist, the world now seems very strange. You meet a cat girl in your apartment who has a robot girlfriend. There are also many other attractive characters and a funny childhood friend waiting for you. But soon the guy will get used to what is happening and will be happy to participate in all the adventures.

102K 9 RenpyRen'Py

Ex.D.e. (Family Fun) [v 0.15]

You have always imagined how sex feels like. Finally, your dream comes true. You lose your virginity to this sexy babe that literally loves being on top. You put your cock in her and get swept in her sweet wet pussy. She rides your cock as if her life depended on it and you try so hard not to cum. She massages and drains your cock at the same time while moving her waist sensually. You can feel the pleasurable impact as she moves up and down to meet your hard dick. You want this feeling to never end but suddenly you wake up. You find your sister is trying to wake you up. To punish her, you turn her over and unload in her. Damn! The sex scenes in this game are just mind-blowing.

2.3M 616 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Wayfared [v 0.35]

This game begins on some island as you take the role of a young guy who wants to see the world and seek for adventures. Few years ago storm took your father and his ship. But now there are some rumors that someone maybe survived. Now you have to find the truth and meet with different creatures and (of course) fuck them.

487.8K 102 GaysGays RPG MakerRPG Maker

Devilish Business [v 0.71]

You have just finished high-school and you are having big plans for this summer. You want it to be lit and make it the best summer ever. Suddenly you bump into a stranger that promises to change your life. Of course everything comes at a price. You can always refuse but there's only one way of knowing what comes after. Girls will rain at your doorstep and you will be turned into the most eligible bachelor. You will be surrounded by sexy babes of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy their company and have fun with them. Your life will never be the same again.

225.2K 39 RenpyRen'Py

Terminus Reach: Sentinel

Everything happens in the distant future. The main character of the game is Garrett, a former contract killer. He has a lot of experience and special abilities that ordinary mortals do not have. For his good work, he was promoted to a new position, and now he will be responsible and determine the future of the Sentinel Station. Move along the plot and answer the questions, remember, your answers matter.

40.8K 13 RenpyRen'Py

Tales of Legendary Lust: Aphrodisia

You play as Captain Hale - a career soldier and an incorrigible ladies man. This is an erotic fantasy RPG game where the main character will travel through a fantasy world. He will meet a lot of depraved beauties. From ordinary peasant women to sexy aristocrats. Also, lustful monsters will come across on your way. Fight against the Red Queen and her warriors and enjoy the sexy games during the passage of the game.

60.2K 5 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Aeon’s Echo (Sp0ns0red)

Dive into the enchanting world of Aeons Echo! As the protagonist, you will interact, bond, and evolve with various captivating goddesses. Enjoy an immersive role-playing adventure in a visually stunning universe. Play Free now!


Wings of Silicon [Ch.12]

You are a graphic designer in Silicon Gorge, one of the most technological cities. Despite things not going as planned, you encounter a hot girl who becomes a wellspring of inspiration for your projects. To your surprise, she introduces you to her super hot aunt, adding another layer of naughty creativity to your work. Amidst the twists in Silicon Gorge, this unexpected connection with these inspiring women transforms your professional journey, injecting a mix of talent and personal connections into your graphic design endeavours. Let these muses inspire your work and enjoy fucking their sweet pussies.

1.4M 140 RenpyRen'Py

Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story [Ch.5]

This audiovisual novel has a really nice storyline about a pretty lady. She has always gotten the short end of a spoon in life. Lately her life struggles have become more and it doesn't surprise her one bit. She is a single mother of two beautiful kids. She works in a full time job and has multiple debts that she barely pays. Her finances are stretched between rent and so many more needs. Luckily, she bumps into an old friend who offers a tempting proposal. She knows it's beneath her but beggars cannot be choosers. Follow her life path and help her improve her living standards. Everyone deserves to be happier in life.

323.6K 14 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

The Secret of the House Ch.2

The continuation of the adventures of Fred. Fred lost his parents and got into the house of a close friend of his father. In this part, Fred will hide from Bertalan's mother, she really wants to sleep with a young body. Decide how your relationship with your new family will develop. You keep thinking about beauty Debra and it looks like she's treating you better. Try to finally make your dreams come true.

291.7K 38 RenpyRen'Py

The Secret of the House Ch.1

Your father blew up the house where you lived and committed suicide. You're completely alone and you don't know where to go. Your father's best friend Bertalan brought you to his home and introduced you to a new family. This is his wife Debra, she is very sexy and plump. You're not particularly welcome in your new home. Immerse yourself in the details of the game and help the main character with a choice, as well as wise advice on winning the woman he wants.

322.4K 55 RenpyRen'Py

Artificial Bonds

The main character is a young guy who is forced to work as an assassin. He offers his services to various gangs, and he has enough work. One day he saves a young girl from bandits. He hid her in his house, and now she lives with you and your little brother. You don't know what to do with her next, and you need to decide how you will spend time together. The girl is very beautiful, find out who is looking for her and what will happen when she is caught.

63.7K 3 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Cursed Estate

Alissa's life takes a mysterious turn when she receives an enigmatic envelope from an unknown sender, revealing her ownership of a remote estate. Puzzled by the unexpected inheritance, Alissa grapples with questions about her connection to the property. To unravel the enigma, your task will be to help Alissa find answers. Guide her on the arduous journey and remember that your decision will determine her fate. She is now filthy rich and can fuck whoever she wants. You could decide that she lives a closed off life or turn her into a nymphomaniac. The choice is yours!

162.3K 17 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Mira Office Whore

This game is about a married couple who are trying to make ends meet. They took out a house on credit but now they are having money problems. They need to find a solution to their money problems or they will lose their beautiful home. Mira will have to looking for a paying job and somehow solve their problem. She has never worked a day in her life but right now she has no other option. She can't land any other job except as a cleaning lady. Soon she will discover just how weird the company she works for is. The company has a recreation room for all employees. Out of curiosity she will want to participate in the recreation. Little does she know there's sex involved.

162.9K 27 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Void Club Ch.5 2.0 - Pokemon

In this sexy game at the Void Club, you're on a mission to find a nurse to help with the medical shortages due to the injuries. This nurse not only solves problems but also brings joy to the club. As you search for this candidate, you'll encounter various characters like Jessie, Joy, Jenny, and more. Each character may have a unique role to play in your quest. Get ready to explore the club, interact with different personalities, and uncover the mysteries that lie within. Enjoy as your sexy nurse does more than just solve your medical mysteries. Try out all the characters before choosing the one that fucks really good. So, who is it going to be, Jessie, Joy or Jenny?


Project Stockholm [v 1.03]

You take the role of a guy from the college who hasn't made a lot friends. But at least he has spoken to the girl he sits together in the class - Suzy. You'll have multiple options how to play this game and that will lead you to different endings. Kidnap your classmate and fuck her in various positions.

1M 118 RPG MakerRPG Maker

The Unpredictable [v 0.30]

There's something sexy about a strong Alpha woman. This game is about our main heroine called Sophia. She works as a renowned professor in a college. She is the primary provider in her family. A few years ago, her husband got into a car accident that had him paralyzed from waist down. They have two beautiful daughters together. She works day in and out to make sure their daughters want for nothing. A while back, the family are forced to downgrade from their lifestyle. They change their home location and move to a smaller house in a new city. Play to find out how they adapted to the new life.

231.6K 39 ShemalesShemales RPG MakerRPG Maker

Community Service [v 2.9.2]

It is your first day on Community Service. Together with your housemates, you get into an atypical lightning storm. This storm caused you and other characters to have special powers. Also, bored by being indoors you can't help but think how sexy and luscious your landlady and housemates look. All you want is to be inside them. Luckily, the storm has given you powers to alter the future meaning you can have all of them in alternate timelines. Alli, Caroline and Lexi will not know what hit them when you unleash your jackhammer. It's the least you can do for the community, thoroughly service their holes!


Vixens Tail: Duskvale

This hentai story follows a young shemale girl named Minx that grew up in an orphanage in Faerin before she ends up being thrown out. Now, alone and abandoned on the streets, she suddenly receives a strange letter that claims her as the only living heiress of the Duskpetal Estate. Naturally, you start to explore the estate and surrounding village of Flowerbed. Join Minx on a journey to make new friends and experience intense hardcore sexual thrills with some of the perverted townsfolk. If you need a game with themes and images of monster sex, tentacles or fetishes like futanari, then this is an uncensored 3D adventure title you will enjoy.

140.7K 21 ShemalesShemales RenpyRen'Py

Fallen Bride Mege

Finally Mege is marrying Rick, which he has waited for. Rick has been in love with her since childhood. It looks like the couple is very happy and everything is going great. But Rick's sudden dismissal disrupts their peaceful life. Mege decides to solve the problem and meets a lot of people. Everything in her life has changed, and life with Rick is coming to an end. Find out what happens next.

227K 37 RPG MakerRPG Maker

Lust Goddess (Sp0ns0red)

Assemble your unique squad of sexy mercenary girls. Earn their love and trust, and they will show you their gratitude by bringing your wildest and lewdest fantasies to life! Play Free Now!



After a long breakup, you will finally see your ex-girlfriend Emma again. The last time you met was the worst day of your life. Since that time, 12 years have passed. A lot has changed since then, and you're not 18 anymore. Try to rebuild your relationship again and start over.

187K 18 RenpyRen'Py

Slut Hunter

This game has so much depth yet it's still under development. Currently, you can enjoy an adventure in one of the cities called Surrogate. You have awesome friends and you have this tradition you honour every year. A FUCKFEST. You usually organize a competition where the main challenge is to fuck as many women as possible.The method by which you seduce a girl is absolutely not important. Any hole is a goal. Your sexual experience to date has been limited to jacking off with your step sisters panties. You doubt that you can win, but it's worth a try. After another wank, you're ready to start.

332.1K 15 HTMLHTML
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