Night Shift

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Description: The two main characters decide to take the dark path of crime, each pursuing their own goals. One of them dropped out of college and the other just got out of prison. Together they become managers of a strip club, selling drugs to visitors. They turned this club into a drug den, where girls are ready to serve clients at any moment.
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Version: Updated: 2024-07-09, Posted: 2024-07-09. Request for an Update!

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ca Futafinder69 @ 2024-07-14 22:42:31

This is a fun game, and everyone looks so interesting, but where are the Shemales.

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us Urban @ 2024-07-15 11:54:59

While optional trap content is planned, I genuinely have no idea why they tagged it under shemales


us Urban @ 2024-07-12 22:51:56

Hey guys! I’m the actual dev of this game (Urban) and I’m so excited that this made it on gamcore! I had no idea lol. I genuinely hope you enjoy it and we have a lot more planned. Our next update will release in an est. of 3 weeks! Follow us on Patreon(UrbanFictionStudios) for more info and exclusives. Your support is definitely appreciated and needed, as it helps us develop a better game! Even the smallest goes a long way. Can’t wait to hear more feedback!


us VN Master @ 2024-07-10 23:55:39

Ok first off WOW!! The women in these game are absolutely gorgeous and most importantly we have a game with REALISTIC BLACK BEAUTIES!! From the thickness to the dialogue, I am willing to say that this game is untouched. There are some negatives, like how short the game is right now, some of the animations can be a little wonky and the lighting in some scenes need work. There are also a few typos I noticed in the dialogue but nothing major. (Found devs Patreon, tech update soon!!)


us Duke @ 2024-07-10 21:22:24

great game so far, still kind of short but its an early version. women are sexy as hell and unique


us Urban Fiction @ 2024-07-10 21:01:10

Guys support the creator at to keep him developing this game!! hes got a major update planned


us TheR4ndomReviewer @ 2024-07-10 20:34:42

Night Shift is an ok game, I'm not crazy about this linear style games like this where these no freedom to move around building up your stats as you progress. For me it defeats the purpose of building stats at all. I was massively impressed with the smooth animation for the sex scene though

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us VN Master @ 2024-07-10 23:12:28

TheR4ndomReviewer, was coming to comment this but after finding the developers Patreon I got a few confirmations, he has an tech update coming in the next few weeks that will have some new stats system of sort and the one on the game now is just for demo purposes


br Dormin @ 2024-07-10 19:37:14

most great game in this site


ph Rodney @ 2024-07-10 13:40:30

I love this game it's so nice


nl Trash @ 2024-07-10 10:13:19

Jesus christ White Protagonist is a POS.

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us Tenebris @ 2024-07-10 15:23:47

Trash, A lot of protagonists in porn games tend to be POS's, don't know what it's so desirable.


us urmom @ 2024-07-10 02:32:19

this game sucks!!!!!


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