Monster College [v 0.8.6]

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Description: In this over-18 game, you get to follow the story of a male protagonist who suddenly discovers that he is a werewolf. This is something that has been in his family for generations but now, he feels like a monster and struggles to accept his heritage. He then leaves his prestigious university to enrol in Monster College, a place to call home that's built to take in creatures like himself. It is there that he meets a couple of sexy ass females including a vampire, demon, zombie, gorgon, and even another werewolf. With so many chances for hot monster sex, study these sexy babes to see where this story takes you.
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Version: Updated: 2024-07-04, Posted: 2023-07-22. Request for an Update!

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fr Benko @ 2024-03-11 17:09:12

Why cant i update it. I am stuck on version 0.5.8.


gb gazdavephillips @ 2024-02-06 09:44:30

Why does the APK never update properly for this game? Been stuck on like version 0.5.8 for forever.

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uz Hh @ 2024-04-08 22:51:31

gazdavephillips, same, did you found solution?


gb gazdavephillips @ 2024-05-14 01:46:07

@Hh yeah, i bought a new laptop lol. Was fed up of games not updating properly on my phone


iq AK @ 2024-01-17 20:15:14

Why do I have the game version 0.5.8 when I download it? Is there a solution?


us Marcos123 @ 2023-12-08 09:12:53

Wait what..but this update was really really short..I'm just gonna go cry into a corner..*sobbing..Anyways..Great work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update

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us hardcandy @ 2024-01-05 01:36:54

updates are always too short for this game but are very regular so that makes up for it .Always an enjoyable experience


nz ANONONONONONONON @ 2023-10-18 09:00:04

The Dev of this game is an example to others of how to code. Smick upgradeswithout losing saves. FOUR THUMBS UP:))))


ph Frangier Kean Francisco @ 2023-10-18 05:43:09

These game is awesome


us Game player @ 2023-10-16 21:20:40

This game is so full of bugs that it won’t even start now. How bad can a Developer get if every update adds bugs instead of fixes them?


au Delvoi @ 2023-09-27 13:51:16

Whats the point in playing these games when hours of progress is just fucked off in an instant because of errors. I love playing these games as time wasters but if this shit gonna keep happening i cant say ill be coming back any time soon

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nl Nikname @ 2023-11-14 17:58:22

Delvoi, there are no "many hours" at all to play in this so called "game", so don´t worry.


us Motato @ 2024-02-05 02:14:24

Delvoi, this site is used to alpha test a lot of games. most of the games you see here are still being developed. Errors are part of development. that like feedback so that they can fix them. they might not get to yours first, but they'll look at it. they have to balance fixes to finishing the story/game itself. I get your frustration, but sometimes they have to retcon something in the game, which makes your saves and whatnot incompatible. Sorry for your loss.


us JJWattFan @ 2023-09-25 15:59:57

Game doesn't work anymore. You people who make games clearly don't fix the errors. And that's why people wh love the game. Stop playing.


gb fgh @ 2023-09-13 20:09:13

Does anyone else have an issue where none of the games on gamecore will load on google chrome unless it is in incognito mode


us JJWattFan @ 2023-09-13 12:54:53

Bugs are now appearing. With each new update You failed to actually fix the bug. Nows there are errors.


gb Bley @ 2023-09-07 19:28:58

Its a great game, but I'm not starting from scratch again. Fix the saves.


de dev @ 2023-08-23 08:48:34

great games plz keep going


gb MasterGamer @ 2023-08-06 16:16:34

Using the Gamcore browser downloaded to windows 10 and getting this error below: Downloading engine... failed to asynchronously prepare wasm: CompileError: AsyncCompile: Wasm decoding failed: The Exception section must appear before the Export section @+58328 The game aborted unexpectedly. More information may be available in the browser console or contained in the log. Aborted(CompileError: AsyncCompile: Wasm decoding failed: The Exception section must appear before the Export section @+58328)


us Marcos123 @ 2023-08-03 04:29:29

Even though I had to re-play this from the very beginning cause the saves were broken on "auto",chapter 3 was still AWESOME and I can't get enough..*spoilers anyone else tried to fuck the ghost girl or so if that's even possible..Anyways..Great work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update..(#fix the saves)


us jerp @ 2023-07-24 19:46:36

This is one of the most unplayable games I've seen in months. I rarely have many issues aside from the standard Renply ones like saves no longer working after an update, but I had error messages/exceptions every few pages and had to just hammer "ignore, ignore, ignore" constantly. I barely got past the first choice in the game and already had around 20 exceptions occur.


us Aries01 @ 2023-07-23 07:42:12

to bad but I am not going to install Steam to my computer just to continue play good game so far just to bad


us Joeboo @ 2023-07-23 00:58:28

well done, nice animations, good story, keep it up :)


nz ANONONONON @ 2023-07-22 20:01:00

Fails before it begins. Not even loading


us Marcos123 @ 2023-07-22 15:59:21

FINALLY a GODDANM WEREWOLF GAME! WOOHOO..I may be a bit biased about what I'm bout to say so please take it with a grain of salt..The game is AWESOME,I been waiting! for this for Too long..*spoilers although for his first transformation,I expected him to be more SAVAGE then that and get found by his dad in the woods or something hunting and eating an animal..not having a casual convo on their couch about it

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us Marcos123 @ 2023-07-22 16:02:57

Also more Hair on the Wolf form too and fiery fierce looks in its eyes..I wanna Feel Like a GODDANM ALPHA!!!! not a third generated pup Wolf..Thanks Gamcore Overlords for finding this game..and Great Work Dev(s)..Will be looking forward to your next update(With much anticipations)


it Yoppe @ 2023-07-22 13:20:01

WOW, great game, good quality images and women and great story!


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