Crown of Desire

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Description: After the power had changed in the kingdom, and a new usurper took the throne, the princess had to hide. She is being hunted, and you, her faithful squire, must help her survive and overthrow the fake ruler. To achieve her goal, she decided to unite with dark forces. Will you seduce girls to fuel the dark magic of the princess, or will you find allies to save her from debauchery?
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Version: Updated: 2024-06-15, Posted: 2024-06-16. Request for an Update!

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au Lilfingey @ 2024-07-14 07:26:59

great game so farr,the quality of graphics is top tier


gb anon @ 2024-06-16 15:02:50

absolutely fucking amazing the story is great and morrigan is beautiful

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hr reg88 @ 2024-06-22 10:27:51

anon, what story there's like one mission lol


gb Idaho Johnson @ 2024-06-16 11:01:04

The skills points at the very start is bugged and won't let me assign them all so i can't proceed

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au Nullbin @ 2024-06-17 16:55:01

Idaho Johnson, leave one of them at 1


nz ANONONONONONONON @ 2024-06-16 04:52:49

Slow and clunky. Dev team need to sort coding

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nz ANONONONONONONON @ 2024-06-16 05:20:31

Even tried reloading this. Still clunky mess. pity story looks good. a potentially great game let down again by poor coding


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