THE SHRiNK R&R [v 07-11-2023]

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User Tags: shemales, cum inside pregnancy, incest marriage, Futanari, mariage poliguamie

Description: As you might expect your living in a house which is filled with hot women and you're only 23 years old. This game also contains shemale content, but you can turn it off and skip it if you want. Living in this town was really quiet and peaceful until one day one woman decided to take revenge on her cheating husband. She's a scientist and she attacked him by some virus that's spreading all around now.
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Version: Updated: 2023-12-04, Posted: 2022-06-28. Request for an Update!

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au George @ 2023-12-04 01:14:27

Not a big fan of installments 5 mins long.


us dog3y3 @ 2023-05-10 06:37:03

very exaggerated women in the dark. That's the new title. The entire pool party is in the dark. bad lighting. Also, do you really like your women like that?

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nz Futa @ 2023-10-10 18:00:19

dog3y3, ... you do know what happens at night, right? or would you rather it be lit up with giant spotlights?


au Deviant @ 2023-11-19 04:23:13

Futa, I would at least like to see who I'm talking to


nz Futa @ 2023-11-23 01:09:18

Deviant, it's not _that_ dark


za Anele @ 2023-03-29 14:23:51

This game is nice for people like me

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us Anele @ 2023-05-10 09:04:34

Anele, I love cum


us Marcos123 @ 2023-03-16 06:50:04

Some of the dialogues are real cringy..and the main character gets thrown in a world of big asses then acts all goofy almost all the time around them..I dunno man..I like slapstick comedy but cringe slapstick comedy a little bit outta taste a bit to me..fix the MC personalities to give him a bit of serious tone at times too..anyways..good work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update


au Deviant @ 2023-03-14 03:49:06

Hooray my saves from last month are still here. Random thought, watching the girls on the garden swing, in a zombie apocalypse the anally retentive lawn mowing fraternity would be among the first to go.


us TJSonin @ 2023-02-18 08:47:14

Not gonna lie, i like the characters before the vamp


mx SkyHard @ 2023-02-15 12:23:47

It's really, really short, like 15 minutes of gameplay.


au clitlicker @ 2023-02-13 15:11:24

All the work I did last week replaying from start to replace lost saves was pointless . This is a total rewrite.


br bloodsteinx9 @ 2022-12-19 23:32:18

why i dont continue the game? only aparece stay the update


mx SkyHard @ 2022-12-18 09:55:29

Good but super short, I thought it was an update of the old game with the same title.


au DeGenerate @ 2022-12-16 04:35:08

Normally when I go to a game the saves don't Appear so I try the left top corner reload button twice if needed. if unsuccessful I start a new game then see if my saves turn up. Then in desperation I import my saves that I exported earlier. None of this means a thing when the DEVs have rewritten the game and saves don't work anyway.


nz Futa @ 2022-09-19 16:33:10

Fucking bitch! all saves lost!! and was playing just a couple hours ago!!!

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nz Futa @ 2022-09-26 10:59:58

calm your tits: when Saves disappear, just start a new game and go straight to the Saves and they will be back


nz Futa @ 2022-11-29 16:18:10

not this time... :(


au DeGenerate @ 2022-09-17 04:06:44

Be Honest how many here want a full on incestuous HAREM story, no choosing one or the other and with no trans gay or cuck content.

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nz Futa @ 2022-09-18 04:37:14

DeGenerate, yes, with the _option_ of some of the others (namely shemale for me)


ec Santito @ 2022-09-17 01:12:26

I love this game, it needs many more updates and similar games to be released, thank you very much, enjoy this week.


jm Renegade @ 2022-07-28 03:49:18

The dialogue sucks! the man is 23 not a damn 12 year old kmt!


ec Santito @ 2022-07-08 15:22:15

Regarding the game, everything has improved, I am very impressed, excellent work, I hope to enjoy more content and similar games.


ec Santito @ 2022-07-08 15:15:04

Well, just thank and ask for more similar games and that the updates are never lacking.


nz Futa @ 2022-07-03 00:54:20

Is it possible to see the stats? Like how many points each girl has, and where?


us Mine60 @ 2022-07-02 05:19:02

I know it's just a game but , I have seen this in other games as well. The brakes do not go on outside of rims on a car. Any one with common since can see this.

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us Code @ 2022-07-02 07:34:40

Mine60, thats pretty funny that the dev forgot to put in spokes however you say in on the rims


us gumball123 @ 2022-06-28 23:55:28

really good until it crashed


ec Santito @ 2022-06-28 20:26:22

splendid, I hope to enjoy more content, I love all gamcore games, they are the best in the world.


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