My Dear Diary: Futa Desires

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Description: This game is about an unusual girl who has both male and female genitals. Her parents tried to protect her from the evil world and taught her how to protect herself in difficult situations. Growing up, she realized that she was attracted only to girls, but she was very afraid to reveal her secret to other people. Therefore, she meets a depraved nymphomaniac to have sex with her and start a family life. Find out if they will be able to become a couple in love or she will remain alone.
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us headhunter @ 2023-09-21 21:46:32

Is there a walkthough for this game ? do i want to get her pregnant the first night or no?


us Naoise012 @ 2023-09-20 21:18:31

Enjoying this so far but it's worth note that intersex people exist and plenty of people are fine with that, so you need neither the special background of secrecy nor the disgust of women and Deception. Just have the roommate be someone curious and open minded about the futa thing.

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nz Futa @ 2023-09-21 00:18:26

Naoise012, yes, but there are plenty who are _not_ okay, and women with both sets of genitals is still extremely rare


us Naoise012 @ 2023-09-21 08:38:42

Futa, I don't really see your point. I'm certainly not saying there's no discrimination, just that there are easy ways for this character to have had a relatively normal life and start a relationship without having to lie about it.


fr dragono @ 2023-09-19 12:44:12

Bonjour , merci au créateur de se magnifique jeux vivement la suite avec les futurs bébés par se que moi je les mis enceinte et je voudrez savoir si il y aura un garçon pour baiser la futanary et mètres enceinte et voir si il y aura un mariage avec les deux fille et faire plus de bébés


it GameOver @ 2023-09-19 01:24:19

Can someone tell me the song at the beginning of the game, just after you click Start?


ca JohnAlexander @ 2023-09-18 21:28:15

Error: Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded see JavaScript console for details problem


nl lucas @ 2023-09-18 16:30:06

Very good game


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