Unnatural Instinct [v 0.5]

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Description: This day has come, and you can finally reunite with your family. You haven't seen them for over a year and you really miss them. During this time, your family has moved to a new big house, and now everything will be new for you. Also, during the time you were away, the family changed a lot, and they became complete strangers to you. Your task is to try to build new relations with them and become closer.
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Version: Updated: 2023-09-24, Posted: 2023-05-30. Request for an Update!

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us Stark @ 2023-09-20 20:59:20

My saved games will not work !!!!!


it GameOver @ 2023-09-18 00:01:28

This game is so good, but it's bugged. Any save, directly from the game or imported from PC, doesn't work. When you try to launch a saved file, it always crash forcing you to start from the beginning. Can you fix it? Thanks.

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de Roper @ 2023-09-18 17:07:37

GameOver, This bug carries on since a few updates. -.-


us Marcos123 @ 2023-09-17 18:19:13

The game saves doesn't work yo..they crash hard after all of those progress and it crashed without being able to load back to where it crashed


us headhunter @ 2023-09-17 15:08:12

Downloading game data... Could not download game.zip: Error in input stream More information may be available in the browser console or contained in the log. This has been happening to alot of games on firefox since it last update... anyone know how to fix this ?


bs HentaiLover98 @ 2023-06-10 17:37:07

All this game needs is to learn how to allow you to load saves for once ffs.


fi casual gamer @ 2023-06-04 15:54:17

Great game needs desicion options please update


de Frank N. Furter @ 2023-06-01 17:51:09

Where are the dickgirls at? This game has the shemale tag, so where are my love girldicks?

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nz Futa @ 2023-06-03 08:52:03

Frank N. Furter, believe that is the MC... have you seen 'his' eyes and hair?


nl - @ 2023-06-03 11:00:53

Frank N. Furter, in the gallery there's a picture with nelly? having a dick. it is there but it hasn't yet been implemented in the story.


ru Alex2023 @ 2023-06-28 05:56:51

-, in conversation, they mentioned her secret, they just haven't implemented it in the plot yet


gb Kushiel @ 2023-06-01 15:25:19

Waste of space and time if you can't load saves! Please fix that problem.

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us na1970 @ 2023-06-16 17:12:56

Got the same problem.


us Marcos123 @ 2023-06-01 13:22:07

The game Visuals and whatever are nice..tried it yesterday,it crashed..had to re-load from the very beginning of Saves files are broken..tried it again today crashed at the same spot with the same issue..I would hope Ren'py and Gamcore Overlords fixes the issues with the Saves..but when was that ever done with Games with broken loading Saves Files issues here..Anyways..sad I ll never know how this game ends though..#fo' Shame


us A. Nonymous @ 2023-06-01 10:32:23

Let's you "save", but when you try to continue, has an error and starts over from the beginning anyway.


us jabber @ 2023-06-01 02:17:36

Bro this is absolutely hilarious, love it


bs HentaiLover98 @ 2023-06-01 00:33:08

When Ashley is teasing the MC and he imagines smashing her it crashes then trying to load up the save again it crashes not allowing me to rollback or if I ignore it, the game starts over entirely.


ca OpticalShoe98 @ 2023-05-31 20:16:02

ok the annoying part though game keeps crashing and them loading files don't work keeps bringing me back to the VERY beginning


de German Translate mobile XD @ 2023-05-31 18:39:20

ABWEHR ! at the text with the drunken girl from his sis XD Abwehr means to counter an action from a person ( like to stop a punch from a person )


ca OpticalShoe98 @ 2023-05-31 18:24:49

ok that was funny I did not expect ash to be in the fbi car thought I was gonna see something else cause I was like what there's a image for her in that sand box see nah but had to try in see right lol


au Deviant @ 2023-05-31 07:45:22

I left this for less than two hours when I reloaded all the saves were corrupted. Such a shame, this was one of the rare, promising, games

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nz Futa @ 2023-06-03 19:44:00

Deviant, gotta love games (or VN's) that do that...


us PopNJam @ 2023-05-31 03:00:05

Woah. I love the art work. Just so enrinched and each scene I take time to look over it all. Thank you for this masterpiece. :)


ca SHADOWS @ 2023-05-31 01:12:02



nl lucas @ 2023-05-30 23:25:24

its more like a visual novel, but as far as im concerned it is a very good one, cant wait for the next update!


de Katjablond @ 2023-05-30 16:52:54

OK. It's a shame it's a game. Where you don't get a single decision. It's impossible when it's my job. Improving the relationship with the family or not, etc. How am I supposed to do that without making decisions. I can't do anything, no decisions, no actions, how I want to have sex, etc. Unfortunately, the game plays alone and the player cannot intervene in the game. With so many decisions and actions, the game was 100% better. Boring


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