Tales from the Unending Void 2 [v 0.18]

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Description: I just hope that for those who have completed first season those save games will appear. Remember to complete the first part. Story continues about traveling around the galaxy, different creatures and sex with them. You keep playing in the role of the guy who takes a high position in his human dominated society.
More: Renpy Bugs | Help after Version Update
Please play Tales from the Unending Void Season 1 to get the save games and then start this one.
Version: Updated: 2023-11-21, Posted: 2022-07-08. Request for an Update!

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eg Zico @ 2023-11-21 06:05:33

It doesn't work on mobile devices even that I played the last version of it it still say please finish the pervious version so what should I do to make it work


us Greg1 @ 2023-11-19 03:08:19

for version .18 it brings up a "compile error" during the Renpy loading and won't load game. This is a good game and worked before this version so please fix the issue!


us wtfisthis @ 2023-08-28 07:04:45

Can't even play this shit without previous saves why even upload it.


us huh @ 2023-04-10 05:35:32

It crashed once and now my saves are gone


us Marcos123 @ 2022-10-09 13:10:07

Is the game really telling us to go back and replay the whole first Tale of the Borderland season cause it auto-deleted the data?...wtf dev(s)..how bout a short season recap questionnaire to continue the second season if the game was gonna wipe out my first season saves like that..for the short update I'm doubt you just posted..this is outrageous..though

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gr elkaroto @ 2022-10-09 20:50:54

Marcos123, i totally agree with you


us Marcos123 @ 2022-07-11 03:05:05

Luckily Gamecore Overlords seemed to have restore my previous in game saves..as when I came back to this game today they were there..but catching up with the sequel now,makes the episode feels shorter..I wished they were more to go on..as it entailed..so glad this came back for a season two though..so..then..Good work Dev(s)..will be looking forward till your next update


fi Amogus @ 2022-07-10 05:22:37

No, stop its no good


us Benny @ 2022-07-09 11:53:07

I just want to be able to have sex with Thim

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us Alex @ 2022-07-14 05:19:31

Benny, please get help


us randy @ 2022-07-09 08:44:55

can`t play the game it say : no previous season data found fals please complete the previous season of the game before continuing with this version and make sure a season save file is present in the saves directory consult the game manual or the FAQ section for more information does anybody have same problem or does somebody know what to do?? thanks

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us 999 @ 2022-07-09 11:43:18

randy, I have the same problem


es Carluchas @ 2022-07-16 20:55:54

randy, i have the same problem even playing the first one till the end of what is posted in gamcore


ge SSA @ 2023-07-08 18:56:31

Carluchas, you should save 1st at the very end of game and then press continue in s2


us Jerkfree @ 2022-07-09 00:34:34

Pretty soon there won't be ANY games left that don't have Futa Transgender, and sissified boys in them.... Not anti gay or transphobic, but SOAB practically every f'cking game is going this route!!!! JMO

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us Balls @ 2022-07-09 10:13:42

Jerkfree, honestly who cares? If you’re not into it just skip it.


de rauni2 @ 2022-07-12 02:30:57

Jerkfree, if you are not transphobic dont complain and just skip it, its called optional content for a reason. This just makes you look like a transphobe.


gb Proud transphobe @ 2022-10-10 03:39:05

rauni2, You will never be a woman.


us wtfisthis @ 2023-08-28 07:05:43

Jerkfree, Stop bitching out. Just say fuck the trannys. Don't use their made up nonsense words.


us wtfisthis @ 2023-08-28 07:08:01

rauni2, You're mentally ill. There is no such thing as a transphobe. It's made up nonsense.


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