Brainwashing with Tentacles R

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Description: In this episode, you will play as a tentacled monster called Ruth. You are one horny creature and your task is go to to a village and unleash havoc. You will do this by brainwashing the sexy village girls into wanting you. Afterwards, you can fuck them however you want with your monstrous tentacles making sure you fill all their sexy holes. But it won't be that easy. Expect to be surrounded by enemies everywhere who are trying to stop you. Your character may look weak but he is swift. Combined with your wit, make sure you win and fuck all those women.
Version: Updated: 2024-07-08, Posted: 2024-07-07. Request for an Update!

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us Cbomb9999 @ 2024-07-20 19:32:36

To get true ending, you need every girl's chain complete (except the bugged weapon shop), but the main route is: bookworm, elves, shopkeep, mage, innkeep, mostly in that order. 3 starting points: 1)bookworm, 2)shop, and 3)cook. 1 then goes into elves, then innkeep. 2 opens mage. 3 then goes farmer, mansion (x2), and finally church (but only after getting the mage to appraise something). Final party to turn tables: warrior (last target), mage, nun.


us Cbomb9999 @ 2024-07-19 05:06:30

Yeah, unless i am missing something, weapon shop is a bust. First of all, no warnings about method of approach, and going in blind just boots out an error that cant be fixed through the retry button. Otherwise, the game is a bit on the short side, especially since few of the characters really feel "earned" when it is one scene and done. A single key item per girl doesnt do much but linear-ize what is otherwise a shell of a game to justify a sex scene gallery.


us whatisthisgame @ 2024-07-11 06:59:39

pedophilia :/


us SavageMoon @ 2024-07-11 06:45:11

Other than the glitch, not bad.


us spike @ 2024-07-10 00:27:16

Anyone know how to get the animations to work? I've played it in 4 different browsers, chrome, edge, firefox and opera gx. So far they only work in firefox and even there they start out smooth for like 2 seconds and then get super choppy.


us DarkLegion42 @ 2024-07-09 18:49:07

How do i save?


dk The_King @ 2024-07-09 17:33:17

really nice game didn exepect to finish the game within 3 hours a bit tricky when you trying to take the worrior but i managed to do it


us ShadeFap @ 2024-07-09 10:29:20

decent enough game, though whenever you try to enter the weaponsmith it crashes, and when you get the girl at the inn and try to go get the warrior at night she always wakes up

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gb Nath48 @ 2024-07-09 13:05:39

ShadeFap, The crash is a bug. But, you need the sleeping potion from the mage to get Lisa.


us Jikomas @ 2024-07-15 01:25:50

ShadeFap, you make sure to get the sleep potion from cyan before talking with inn girl, right?


us mr.berg @ 2024-07-09 04:51:19

Anytime I interact with the warrior she wakes up and its game over. Did I miss something?

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us Woods @ 2024-07-09 06:02:12

mr.berg, from the witch


us HXHX @ 2024-07-09 04:27:38

weaponsmith crashes when trying to enter


us Woods @ 2024-07-09 01:20:35

W game but ye fix bug pls thx :)


gb jay @ 2024-07-08 21:46:55

weaponsmith error loading


be davidberg @ 2024-07-08 21:20:19

stupied end ,get warrior and magic female get schallence ,with bitch and still loose pf

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us Squad goals @ 2024-07-09 04:48:02

davidberg, you have to make sure you go into the mansion, brainwash both the sick girl and the maid, get the maid to open up the room right next to the room, go in grab the necklace, then you'll be able to successfully brainwash the nun if you go into the church. the final winning squad needs to be the warrior girl, the magician, and the nun for the battle to end up with you on top (in both ways).


us Toxic @ 2024-07-10 00:22:48

Squad goals, how the heck do you brainwash the maid?


us Squad goals @ 2024-07-11 05:31:36

Toxic, sorry for the late reply but you need to go to the room right next door after you brainwash the sick girl. Don't go too far or it it will trigger the maid coming upstairs and calling security. Just go to the door and it will say that it's locked, go to the sick girl and talk to her, she'll ask if you want her to call the maid for you, then pick the option that will proceed.


us mciver @ 2024-07-08 21:11:56

Loading error when entering weaponshop

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us mciver @ 2024-07-08 21:12:46

Loading error when entering weapon shop


au finny @ 2024-07-08 16:21:08

bugs out when you try to enter the weponsmith


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