Takei's Journey

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Description: This is a game based on the anime Naruto, where you will see many familiar characters! The main character learns that after the disaster he is the only surviving man from an ancient powerful clan. He will begin to meet and communicate with different girls who are trying in every way to attract his attention. Your task is to save the clan, as well as to decide with whom he will have a romantic relationship.
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Version: Updated: 2024-06-12, Posted: 2024-06-08. Request for an Update!

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us anonymous1 @ 2024-06-12 20:35:49

I wish whoever uploaded this game had included the Hima patch, it alreadt messed up 2 scenes.


ph Pusaydistroyer @ 2024-06-10 14:59:09

Why do this shi take too long to load!?


fr lerageuuu @ 2024-06-08 17:55:54

the mc is ugly af


us quanshu @ 2024-06-08 08:57:17



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