Lustful Legends

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Description: Are you ready to play something really classic and get back to the past with some matching memory game? This is a naughty card game where you match cards featuring hot fantasy babes. As you advance, you can undress them. The further you go, the more smoking hotties you unlock.
Version: Updated: 2024-04-06, Posted: 2024-03-31. Request for an Update!

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us Wtf @ 2024-04-04 22:20:27

If this was worse it could have been named Carnival Porta-Potty. All it contains is shit.


us me @ 2024-04-01 20:54:26

Some very low quality graphics. I suggest that whoever made this should just go go an AI imagegen website and in a few hours make vastly better pictures than what they've badly drawn here.

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nz Futa @ 2024-04-03 17:57:23

me, that's because this is a demo of the full game on


us ace @ 2024-04-01 18:38:47

hard pass on this.


us Sneaky J @ 2024-04-01 09:53:33

wow why dont i just play memory with a real deck of cards this is boring as shit


ca Big1 @ 2024-04-01 03:30:03



pl Gaalec @ 2024-03-31 21:43:23

Is it new "What is a Legend"?


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