Familiar Training [Restart]



  • ca wut @ 2019-02-21 01:14:46

    How do you advance scenes?

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  • us Badooper @ 2019-01-22 07:15:36 (+1)

    after mother tells me to show them that I'm better than they think I am the game just stops

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  • us anon @ 2018-12-28 01:30:31 (+1)

    shame this game's abandoned, i kinda want a game set in the fma universe where you turn lust into a submissive slut

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  • ky Prankstersrule @ 2018-09-23 22:45:17 (+2)

    I hate this game

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  • us Tyrant Zero @ 2018-09-22 17:48:19 (+1)

    Suu is copy righted, that is why game got shut down

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  • us Bleh @ 2018-09-27 05:18:59

    Tyrant Zero, I mean, it also uses characters and the setting of Zero no Tsukaima...that's also a bit of an issue but apparently the guys artist bailed and he couldn't pay another one for art.

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  • ph fucker @ 2018-09-21 20:59:59 (+1)

    fuck step mom

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  • us boyoo @ 2018-09-18 21:23:56

    The blowjob keeps glitching. Anyone else having issue?

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  • us random dude @ 2018-09-19 01:24:07 (+2)

    the blow job lagged

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  • dk factualiser @ 2018-09-16 23:45:32 (+1)

    Apparently the game is permadead.. the creator didn't get enough money on his patreon to continue this, and therefore scrapped it..

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  • us Yall Lazzyyyy @ 2018-09-14 08:41:05 (+1)

    There are scenes for both familiars and 3 of the clones, that i have found. 4 for both familiars and the first clone(redhead), then one for pinkhair, 2 for childhood friend/blackhaira and a grand total of NONE for the blond.

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  • us jim @ 2018-09-13 16:53:54

    how do you get suu ?

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  • pe Rise @ 2018-09-13 09:25:43 (+2)

    What the "F" Error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot Read Property 'width' of null

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  • us Lord_Dragon117 @ 2018-09-13 06:18:30

    just completed this game and have all the clones unlocked but haven't trained all of them and only ones i am able to train are the red head chick and then the maid, only 2 clones available and to train sadly but it will be worth waiting for this game

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  • us Blue Hades @ 2018-09-12 23:59:39

    there is a second Familiar, not sure how i unlocked her. a slime girl named Suu

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  • us Blue Hades @ 2018-09-12 14:43:27

    So far blowjob and handjob

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  • gb jjj @ 2018-09-11 20:51:07 (+2)

    good game, crashed tho

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