Yuri University [v 0.59]

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Description: A novel is about a girl who has just enrolled in university, along with her best and only friend. During her studies, she realizes that she is only attracted to girls. She will have the opportunity to meet 5 classmates with whom she will live in the same house. Help her build relationships with girls, as it is difficult for her to make the first step. But she is really open to new experiments.
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Version: Updated: 2023-09-16, Posted: 2023-06-22. Request for an Update!

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gb Chekkin @ 2023-06-27 12:40:58

Hello everyone! I'm Chekkin, the solo dev. I didn't upload this, and whilst I have no qualms with it being here, YU is not designed to be played in browser. No surprise it crashes frequently. Unfortunately I can't offer any support. If you'd like a more stable experience, I suggest downloading the official version. It's totally free, and you can find it on itchio or my patreon: https://chekkin.itch.io/yuri-university https://www.patreon.com/chekkingames <3

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dk Ravnen23 @ 2023-06-27 13:04:52

Chekkin, Nice job. I really like the game. Now a walkthrough would be nice, Im at games end for this update, and I have a feeling Ive been missing out on random encounters.


gb Chekkin @ 2023-06-27 13:35:40

Ravnen23, Thank you, glad you've enjoyed it! ^^ There is an in-game guide that will tell you if you've missed any side characters or events. On the map screen, click the phone in the top right, then "help" in the bottom right.


dk Ravnen23 @ 2023-06-28 03:26:00

Chekkin, cheers it seems there was a few events i havent encountered yet. Hope to see more of Rose and her friends in the future. Couldnt stop playing despite the occational crashes. But if you save regularly they dont ruin everything..


gr d devil @ 2023-06-24 20:36:30

crashes every 5 minutes damn it..


us Bethel @ 2023-06-24 19:28:38

Great game. Needs fixing to avoid crashing.


ca voctos @ 2023-06-22 23:22:31

jeez i hate when games crash but i like this game not a lot but like a moderate bit


nl vampthis @ 2023-06-22 02:12:04

w game but it crashes some time


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