Naked Adventure [Restart]

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Tags: Action Adventure Blow Job Bondage Cumshot Female Protagonist Fetish Games Group Sex Handjob Hentai High Resolution HTML Games Masturbation Oral Sex Over 18 Perversion Puzzle Quests RPG RPG Maker School Girls Sex Tactics Teen Sex Uncensored [change]

Description: Nika works as a courier and at the end of the day she takes some special package and wants to deliver it quickly but falls down from her bike and damages the package. Client is angry and gives her an opportunity to compensate it by taking some special job. She'll have to run around the streets completely naked and take pictures of herself, collect fragments, assemble the keys and complete quests.

Cohabitation [v 1.05] Slice of Venture 2 [v 1.0] Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret [v 0.7] Claire's Quest [v 0.16.6b]
Tales of Arcania Angelica Origins [v 0.4] Selena: One Hour Agent Sex Valley [v 0.1.6]
EraHunter Private Community [v 0.0.88] My Summer with Mom & Sis Student Affairs
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  • us LegalLoli @ 2019-04-23 04:17:27

    Im so mad at myself, I already had all the keys and half the quests dine then I closed the tab. This was before I was logged in...smh

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  • us r @ 2019-04-20 10:58:21 (+3)

    how do u get past the FUCKING boys dorms part

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  • us DPFORALL @ 2019-04-20 01:09:19

    she should do more gangbangs with them cumming inside both her pussy and asshole at the same time. Also make the sex scenes more detailed.

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  • us DPFORA @ 2019-04-20 01:06:57

    She needs to get involved in gangbangs where they penetrate her ass and pussy at the same time, and cum inside her holes at the same time. Also make the sex scenes more detailed.

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  • in plss @ 2019-04-19 17:29:22

    can somebody plss tell me the ending if nika was not get caught in boys dorm

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  • us Anon @ 2019-04-20 07:44:30

    plss, same as if you get caught; an elaborate message saying "More Coming Soon"

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  • rs vanjabogvet @ 2019-04-16 23:58:08 (+1)


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  • fi Was stuck there too @ 2019-04-18 12:59:18

    vanjabogvet, Use your computer to go online, go to the mirror, go back to the computer, search your house (bathroom), take a new selfie infront of the mirror, upload the picture

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  • us unkown @ 2019-04-15 23:58:34

    Guys mind helping I can't find clue 6 I found all of them but not clue 6 pls help me

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  • us Oh_Ecchi @ 2019-04-15 18:50:58 (+2)

    Nika is 11/10 perfection

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  • us CookedNut @ 2019-04-14 14:56:16 (+1)

    Great Game but can someone send me a video link of what it looks like to masterbate in the boys dorm quest because I hate how I have to play the whole game again just to get to a specific part.

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  • nl S @ 2019-04-14 16:53:05

    CookedNut, you can save the game at your computer, this way you don't have to replay everything.

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  • gb Hummuh @ 2019-04-16 12:55:03

    CookedNut, Start new game and click on the flower next to the building, then you can just keep retrying quest 6.

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  • ar Laura @ 2019-04-14 11:11:44

    Nice game!

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  • us Welp @ 2019-04-14 07:25:34 (+1)

    so i finished, used memories once, and now it keepssayin i have to complete game but i cant redo

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  • us Welp @ 2019-04-14 06:52:14

    how to get 1st chest, also, how do you win the mens dorm one cause i failed it

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  • cl fsdf @ 2019-04-14 02:52:20

    ist very good game

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  • de unknown @ 2019-04-14 01:55:26

    how do you enter the parking lot that has a fence around it? i think it is quest 6

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  • se Angel @ 2019-04-14 06:35:33

    unknown, you have to pick up the 5th box first in the bottom of district 2. This will give you a quest so that you can enter the parking lot :)

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  • fr azerty @ 2019-04-13 19:45:57

    wheres the indicated house in discrit 2

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  • fr azerty @ 2019-04-13 19:52:28 (+1)

    nevermind i found it

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  • us confused @ 2019-04-14 06:37:22

    azerty, where is it

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  • se yee @ 2019-04-14 14:40:18

    confused, it's right beside the school, you will see a red arrow pointing at lit like the blue one at your home

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  • be noo @ 2019-04-13 18:21:09

    i'm at home, trying the finger challenge. i can't take the pic & can't go outside. what am i supposed to do inside ?

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  • in helped @ 2019-04-13 22:34:25

    noo, go to the mirror to take the selfie

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  • de Joe @ 2019-04-13 17:39:20

    wheres the box for 2nd quest?

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  • nl Here is some help @ 2019-04-13 16:53:10 (+4)

    So the 2 biggest questions are how do you save and where to go after the lecture. 1. You save at your pc which you can only access at daytime in your appartment. 2. After the lecture you go to the left and walk into the streets to the edge of the map, there is a loadpoint which brings you back to sector 1, close to the bottom left is your home.

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  • us confused @ 2019-04-13 09:33:21

    where do you go to complete the second quest? it says go to the indiated building but i cant find it.

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  • us James @ 2019-04-13 07:24:32 (+1)

    I finished all the quest I like this game so far but I feel like it might get boring if you only look for keys in chests. There need to be more quests duh, more story elements, more enemies and, more interaction with characters. That will make this game much better

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  • fr me @ 2019-04-12 23:56:39 (+2)

    I can't find the chest of the third quest I have all other please help me

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  • de L @ 2019-04-12 20:39:37 (+1)

    Please help, what do i do after lecture? I am just running around at daytime

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  • in hope i helped @ 2019-04-12 20:56:32

    L, Just go back home in the first district which is to the east.

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  • de L @ 2019-04-12 21:18:03

    It was west but thanks a lot bud :D

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  • us Omega @ 2019-04-13 05:13:19

    hope i helped, There is no district to the east, what the fuck are you talking about?

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  • de L @ 2019-04-13 12:57:32

    Omega, ended up being West

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  • in helped @ 2019-04-13 22:35:43

    L, i meant west. sorry my bad. i got confused

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  • de L @ 2019-04-22 22:58:52

    What no im grateful you answered in the first place, i was lost.

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  • us Lammashtu @ 2019-04-12 15:09:30

    It can be a bit tricky at first but you have to do a lot of reading if you want to avoid getting lost.

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  • in Dickson @ 2019-04-12 15:07:11 (+1)

    cant find the box for the 4th quest. pls help...

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  • au anon @ 2019-04-12 14:18:12

    so what do i do after finishing all the quest

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  • in hope i helped @ 2019-04-12 20:57:16

    anon, wait for an update i guess

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  • sg d @ 2019-04-12 11:52:34 (+1)

    Can't find 5 and 6

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  • in manzu @ 2019-04-19 17:17:45

    d, in the bottom left (in the parking lot of district 2)

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  • in manzu @ 2019-04-19 17:26:40

    can somebody plss tell me the ending if someone was not get caught in boys dorm

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  • us Anonymous69 @ 2019-04-12 11:13:50

    does anyone know where quest 4 is located or how to get it?

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  • us Always. @ 2019-04-12 13:51:40

    Anonymous69, Quest 4 is in the daytime. you walk right until you see a red arrow pointing to the mall. The photo booth is top right.

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  • us Anonymous69 @ 2019-04-14 13:45:48

    Always., but where is the chest to activate it

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  • us DarthHerpes @ 2019-04-12 09:37:47 (+1)


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  • ca bill @ 2019-04-12 04:45:42

    i cant get to the medicine cabinet for finding something to cover my face

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  • us Jedez238 @ 2019-04-12 04:15:21

    where do i find the workshop?

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  • de andy @ 2019-04-12 02:54:37

    where are the last 2 quests? cant find the,

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  • nl SendHelp @ 2019-04-12 00:00:27

    just finished the lecture but now im stuck

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  • au VanillaCakePeople @ 2019-04-12 05:00:01 (+2)

    SendHelp, Same.

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  • de L @ 2019-04-12 17:31:12 (+1)

    what do you do after the lecture? i just go around the map in daytime doing nothing!

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  • gb ttipsigam @ 2019-04-11 23:42:01

    how does one save?

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  • gb ttipsigam @ 2019-04-11 23:51:13

    ttipsigam, ah I see - you need to use your computer once you get home

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  • ca Lonely Tentacle @ 2019-04-11 23:26:11

    Are there any tentacles??

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  • nl S @ 2019-04-11 20:01:40

    can't do the first quest for some reason

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  • se P @ 2019-04-12 02:24:39

    S, go to the computer during the night, then choose the 'get online'.

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  • de L @ 2019-04-12 20:38:19

    P, what do i do after lecture?

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