Milfylicious [v 0.20]

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Description: The story begins with a letter to the main character. It turned out that Uncle Albert passed away last weekend. You weren't particularly close, but he left you his huge inheritance. But with great wealth comes a lot of responsibilities. It turns out that Uncle Albert was a pervert who had a lot of girls who satisfied all his needs. The main character will need time to get used to the new status of a young sex master.
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Version: Updated: 2023-09-21, Posted: 2023-04-21. Request for an Update!

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us Marcos123 @ 2023-09-21 22:42:11

Guess we have to wait a couple of more update before doing anything out the imaginary with the aunt and mom..I wonder if there is a sister in the mix too..that be awesome..I throw in a towel every time I game this game..this is perfectly good..anyways..Great work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update


us Lucifer @ 2023-08-06 05:32:19

game is broken cant move past the aunt story all the other options are grayed out


fi Armas @ 2023-08-05 11:40:21

same problem here wwwebster


us wwwebster @ 2023-08-03 21:49:19

Anyone else stuck at the story mode part where you can only pick your aunt?

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au DDee @ 2023-08-04 23:11:36

wwwebster, I am and cannot figure out how to resolve this issue


us bradb3222 @ 2023-08-03 17:20:37

After Kendras interview it takes you back to screen to select a different character and it does not give you option to select anyone and will not pass it.


nl metromk @ 2023-07-16 17:40:08

ive been stuck on the part where rachel opens her door for the pas t month now it doesnt go infront that


us Marcos123 @ 2023-06-17 09:52:06

Gotta admit..really kind of disappointed that the "Dominate" option was the pseudo "Game Over" option at the Pool in your mother's show the game had limitations especially after what it had given us over the past such a let-down and I hope the Dev(s) can remedy that..anyways..Great shortest update work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to more


no Tony @ 2023-06-17 03:34:46

lol the last "update" was soooo short... and well.. Shit... come on DEV....


de Conrad @ 2023-05-19 23:53:57

Best Game so far Hope for way more updates (:


it Nikorobin @ 2023-05-18 11:56:14

Am I the only one having a problem installing the app? I download it, but when I finish installing it, I get an "app not installed" warning

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de T158 @ 2023-05-19 02:32:22

Yep, same happens when I want top install....gues


iq Ghon @ 2023-05-17 07:35:05

Good good good good


us Marcos123 @ 2023-05-17 02:04:59

Finally a decent car other then those generic SUV those Dev(s) have in those H games..and Lord have mercy with Lisa yo..goddanm..Great Work Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update


it Stocazzo @ 2023-05-02 14:39:58

Why the fuck the MC has a horse cock? You can't find one like that in rl life.proportion is sexier than this exxagerate thing!


nz Futa @ 2023-04-24 19:38:55

Why do the females have no nipples? even when he sucks on them, they remain un-erect. _he_ has visibly erect nipples, why not the females?


la B @ 2023-04-24 18:44:50

Sex gamecvery fun


nz Futa @ 2023-04-23 21:41:43

Short, and didn't get to fuck the girls would have preferred (would have rather Gwen, Sarah and Veronica, than Elsie, Ashley and Franceska... at least for now )


nz Futa @ 2023-04-23 19:01:33

Played yesterday, all saves are gone...

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nz Futa @ 2023-04-23 19:02:35

had to start again to get the saves back?


nz Futa @ 2023-06-17 17:48:35

Not this time: fuck all games that delete saves when they update!!


us dog3y3 @ 2023-04-22 18:56:01

Great start. However there is no struggle for the protagonist unless you count keeping his dick from being sore. Also, all the women are the same model, just changes in hair, skin and eyes. i would appreciate more realistic women since this is a 3DCG novel, not a cartoon. That's just my taste. Also, they don't look in their 40s .... they look in their early 30s. Older for a few of them is welcome as well. Don't be afraid of variety. Not everyone has the same tastes.


us Marcos123 @ 2023-04-22 12:52:57

Can be we be a little rougher with these women..I am not talking bout borderline masochists shits but we can't even fuck their asses nor spank them yet..if I got big booty in front of me,i am sorry I'm spanking the shit outta of it..and do not confine us to only the mansion I'd like to go back and talk "business" with the first secretary girl'mom too..Great Game Dev(s)..will be looking forward to your next update


us Aries01 @ 2023-04-22 02:42:00

Great stiry so far cant wait to see what comes next


no boots @ 2023-04-21 21:26:01

Great game, cant wait for more!


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