Love, Honor, Betray [v 7.0]

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Description: The main character of the game is 24 year old woman Lacey, who works as a nurse in one of the city's main hospitals. Her husband also works in this hospital as a surgeon. It all starts from the moment when Lacey gets into a scandalous and compromising situation in which she could lose everything she has. Find out how Lacey will deal with a blackmailer and see if she will be able to cope with this difficult situation.
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Version: Updated: 2023-11-19, Posted: 2023-06-01. Request for an Update!

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us beck29 @ 2023-11-19 20:16:30

Multiple sex scenes crash. It keeps saying the WebGL content can't load and the page has to be reloaded.


ca Direnthius @ 2023-11-19 18:45:00

choices are much more for flavour than actually changing the story much if any, might as well just be a regular visual novel. Which is unfortunate, the artwork is really quite good at times and the concept is intriguing enough to want more.

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ca Direnthius @ 2023-11-19 18:47:07

Direnthius, to clarify, choices change how sex scene appear but don't really affect much of the story outside of the directly related sex related scene tied to each "choice"


gb abby @ 2023-07-05 22:36:40

way too short and again bugs flag up good thing i saved


nz Ross6 @ 2023-06-03 20:05:37

cant open eitherx error downloading


no P @ 2023-06-03 08:09:25

Download version?


us Just me @ 2023-06-02 21:00:57

Will not open at all straight from the start.


us Nj @ 2023-06-02 20:04:55

Game crashes when Lacey is with the girl with strap on


us tallone @ 2023-06-02 04:31:02

wow brand new game and it wont load it says error while downloading man this site is getting worse everyday


co puemtes @ 2023-06-02 00:39:26

bien pero no me da acceso


us Dirtydan420 @ 2023-06-01 23:54:34

Cant open the game


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