Love, Corruption & Bimbos

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Description: This game is about a 19-year-old guy who wakes up and doesn't remember his own name. Little by little he begins to remember all his family and friends. Something happened to him, and now he is inhabited by a chaotic alien who has some kind of mission on Earth. She will give him some super powers that he can use on people around him. Will he go for it or leave everything as it is?
Version: Updated: 2024-03-01, Posted: 2024-02-08. Request for an Update!

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gb Random1 @ 2024-03-01 03:48:01

Nice work Dev, i like that you give a choice on letting them be with no routes or give them other various routes as well as choosing wether they want to be room mates etc, etc. A lil for everyone, the story is nice not making the mc a complete jerk, keep it up.


ua BoredBoar @ 2024-02-13 18:30:51

I just sick of all this "landlady"/"stepmom" stuff. Just do not all games with incest, is that a problem?


ca Dicker Max @ 2024-02-08 23:38:05

This is good shit, reminds me of that one back in the day with the bimbo machine. Except here you can win the whole thing without being an asshole.


us Level23G @ 2024-02-08 20:35:33

Text and gifs only in 2024? Fuck off with this shit

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nl anon @ 2024-02-08 21:12:26

Level23G, How's the game you're developing coming up?


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