Lida's Adventures EP1 [v 1.1] [Restart]

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Played: 380667
Tags: 3D Adventure Anal Sex Animals Big Dicks Big Tits Blow Job Bondage Brunettes CG Galleries Cumshot Disgusting Female Protagonist Fetish Games Glamour Group Sex Handjob Hardcore Porn High Resolution HTML Games Lesbians Oral Sex Over 18 Perversion Point and Click Public Sex Puzzle Quests Quiz Recommended RPG RPG Maker Sex Sexy Ass Sexy Babes Strip Tactics Toys [change]

Description: Lida is 29 years old hot brunette. Lately she and her husband left Russia and moved to a small American town, because her husband had a job offer and will make a really good money there. She'll become a hot housewife. Tonight she decided to make a dinner. All the sudden she found photos of the naked girl in the laptop of her husband. Does she need to worry?

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  • us ohhellyea @ 2019-03-22 13:07:45

    BUGGED AS HELL can't get out of clothing shop after mechanic let me in

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  • world SİKİCİ @ 2019-02-10 04:20:11 (+1)

    How can fishing?

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  • us guest69 @ 2019-02-07 09:00:04 (+1)

    stuck on finding workout parts for guys in park, found stuff from garge.

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  • world anonymous @ 2019-01-26 18:48:48

    what happen after get out from jail? i have not idea what to do, i got scene before catch from the police, the police drive me home, than i search for hobo, but hobo talk "see you tomorrow" and that make me confused, anyone know how i must suppose to do? thanks

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  • co Grimmy @ 2019-03-15 17:26:15

    anonymous, did you pass that part? Im stuck in there too...

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  • gr lonner @ 2019-01-18 21:15:32

    nice to spent time but you ass hols dont make em to save

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  • gb CT @ 2019-01-15 14:05:44

    Is they a different between Lida's adventure ep1 and ep2

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  • us Indicboi45 @ 2018-11-30 08:32:13

    I'm at a bug where I couldn't get inside the house.

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  • nl Luap @ 2018-11-23 01:37:33 (+1)

    graphics are nice. Story is definitely written by a guy... it is all just so... weird... The ending is sudden. Worst is the text though. The translation is terrible. All in all, had a fun time playing 6/10 for me

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  • in fallen269 @ 2018-10-19 21:30:50

    How does the game start ? I click on start game then it loads and a screen appears with 2 women and a fat ass male standing around a pool with the play button on the screen. Btw I'm using an iPhone

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  • us Yumyumm @ 2018-10-16 07:45:47 (+2)

    How do you cast the fishing pole to catch fish

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  • gb fredvein @ 2019-02-06 20:53:06

    click Z to both cast, guide bait and land your fish.

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  • za thisguy @ 2018-10-13 12:16:04 (+3)

    does anyone have saves i can download. i keep getting an error in the exact same place (after escaping prison and hiding from tony and his mother)and cant get past it?

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  • us edeo @ 2018-10-13 03:51:44

    with prison scene dont let them touch you in the showers though atomatic game over go for the a fellon or what .paas thru buil and shop then home have hobo help talk after out come homeafter him door dont open con l 2

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  • za thisguy @ 2018-10-13 12:13:33 (+2)

    does anyone have saves i can download. i keep getting an error in the exact same place (after escaping prison and hiding from tony and his mother)and cant get past it

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  • us edeo @ 2018-10-13 02:22:01 (+1)

    prison scene wont be able to esape prisoners but go out window and hide they will follow you can let them have thier way or scream hide if you do.then look for hobo to get you back in

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  • fr asidim malur @ 2018-10-12 14:27:07 (+2)

    stuck after grocery store…she don't want to go back, taxis are busy and she don't want to go anywhere…please help…thks

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  • us edeo @ 2018-10-12 06:29:49

    reload if error accurs save always jail window sream dumpstr run pass between buildings shop get clothes hide then run for home

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  • ca nipplez420 @ 2018-10-11 16:09:26

    sooo stuck after talking with old man where he meets other young lady it wont progrss to the next day wont let me sleep so i can meet her the next morning with old man .any help ideas what im missing

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  • us abndh @ 2018-10-11 07:46:16 (+3)

    how to get,fish?could'nt work

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  • in Messi @ 2018-10-10 11:14:14 (+1)

    My game crashes after i find the dog what to do now

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  • us Darkshane417 @ 2018-10-10 09:01:19 (+2)

    Was playing for the last two days...needed to restart my computer because it was getting slow and now the 'Continue button' isn't working. :( I don't want to start all over again. I just got to going with the Store Owner Tony to go see someone for the Fashion Show. I could use some help getting back to my spot if that's possible.

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  • au rockey8420 @ 2018-10-10 07:15:29 (+1)

    can anyone help me how to fishing i try 3 time cast wont work

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  • us Ralph @ 2018-10-16 17:31:56

    rockey8420, Get the pole ready, get the bait ready, then cast, use the return button to cast. I still don't know how to reel the fish in. I caught the red fish but every button I try does nothing.

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  • us SaintIsidore @ 2018-10-09 10:30:37 (+1)

    Got put in jail and escape naked after being raped by the guys from the shower. I get to the part where Tony tosses the clothes and I put on top and pants but can't get anywhere else. I get null bitmap message if I try going home.

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  • au rockey8420 @ 2018-10-09 10:05:56

    i try everything which fish to catch but cast wont work explain me how to do it please i have got rod and worms how it work i know to get rod and worms but how to catch fish and how to cast

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  • au rockey8420 @ 2018-10-09 07:43:55 (+2)

    i try to cast but how it work i try ti catrch fish hiw work cast ??

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  • de rockey8420 @ 2018-10-09 09:16:21

    rockey8420, you must use the enter taste;)

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  • gb Blah. @ 2018-10-09 13:09:28

    what do you mean by enter taste?

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  • au rockey8420 @ 2018-10-09 07:37:55

    how can i catch fish

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  • gb Jeremy @ 2018-10-08 23:14:34

    The girl in here in the hottest girl ever omg. I love this game 5/5 please make episode 2. This girl I'm so in love. If she was real omg I'd be in heaven.

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  • us AlertThisGameIsTrash @ 2018-10-08 13:57:34 (+4)

    I literally made this account just so I could voice how much I hate this game. Character is dumb as a brick, but that's fine because we're just playing to see her get fucked. Spoiler alert it doesn't happen. The most you'll get in this game is some oral, a bad dildo scene and A LOT of buildup for something that could have really been great. Instead its relentless teasing, blueballing, dumb ass questing and fucking running around to end on a cliffhanger. Fuck this game.

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  • us SaintIsidore @ 2018-10-08 04:58:51 (+1)

    Stuck now at fishing. The cast thing is on the screen but nothing happens when I click. How do you fish if it won't cast?

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  • us YESf @ 2018-10-07 22:16:10


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  • de Max Germany @ 2018-10-07 11:41:46

    have the same problem with fishing scene...what shall i do there???

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  • de annasromate @ 2018-10-08 03:09:41

    Max Germany, what is ur problem?

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  • de Max Germany @ 2018-10-08 09:07:26

    annasromate, fishing doesn´t work..i see the cast window but nothing happens

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  • de Max Germany @ 2018-10-08 09:09:52

    sehe erst jetzt, dass du auch aus deutschland bist...hallo auch...ich kann anklicken, was ich will, nichts passiert

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  • de annasromate @ 2018-10-09 03:45:43

    Max Germany, oh stimmt, hast du auch den köder mit der angel verbunden? bei mir funktioniert das fischen mit der enter taste

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  • gb Blah @ 2018-10-07 11:09:07

    Anyone tell me how to pass the fishing game from an iPhone?

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  • gb Blah @ 2018-10-07 11:07:42

    Anyone tell me how to pass the fighting scene from an iPhone

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  • us hardrock @ 2018-10-07 05:44:07 (+1)

    How do you get past the guys in the prison shower?

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  • de annasromate @ 2018-10-07 08:06:56 (+1)

    hardrock, there is a window you can jump out from there

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  • us hardrock @ 2018-10-08 04:50:41

    annasromate, Thanx

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  • us SaintIsidore @ 2018-10-07 05:12:19

    I get to the park as black biker and get error message about null bitmap. Unable to continue from that point.

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  • us TxRich @ 2018-10-11 18:54:52

    SaintIsidore, save before you fight them

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  • us AwesomeAmerican @ 2018-10-07 05:04:45

    Lag I hate Lag

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  • nl hans @ 2018-10-07 00:43:21

    really ? age thing blocks you ?hahhahahha . it tells me that this is idiotic

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  • tw 祥哥 @ 2018-10-06 19:02:18 (+1)

    更本不能玩\ 0 /

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  • fr damascinos @ 2018-10-06 16:24:06

    again this type of game ..... worst game again

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  • fr Dadodix @ 2018-10-06 15:06:08

    Error "Failed to load Game fonts" after the very first loading screen

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  • us Jack C @ 2018-10-06 13:49:44

    This game on here seem glitch as hell. Not sure if it is there game or the server.

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  • in MM @ 2018-10-06 12:28:47 (+1)

    How to cast the fishing line?

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  • us Veilwolf89 @ 2018-10-06 09:35:48 (+1)

    Shit it seems like most of these html games are using legend of versyle platform come on where's the originality?

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  • us AwesomeAmerican @ 2018-10-06 07:58:37 (+1)

    except lag

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  • us AwesomeAmerican @ 2018-10-06 07:50:57 (+1)

    It's porn what is there to complain about

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  • us lul @ 2018-10-05 23:59:35

    black screen aint that bad u can still do your quests. that being said..way to many 'go here collect this then go back here' quests. id like to free roam but hey beggars cant be choosers. probably wont play again as it took 30 mins to get where im at and get a HJ scene. thanks but no thanks 3/5

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  • nl Hah @ 2018-10-05 23:37:00

    Don't put yourself in your games you fucking loser lmao

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  • au trump @ 2018-10-05 19:27:15 (+1)

    can we fuck animals??

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  • in Putin @ 2018-10-06 14:19:19 (+2)

    trump, I never should have let you win the elections.

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  • au trump @ 2018-10-07 03:17:31

    in the game preview when you hover your mouse it shows a horses dick plus on patreon it has the farm and i wanted a legitamite answer but this comment section was damn hilarious

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