Fantasy Conquest [v 0.5]

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Description: The game takes place in an evolving fantasy world. You play as the main character who lives in a small village on the border, right next to unfriendly neighbors. One day, when you're in the woods, you come across soldiers from an enemy village! They're not happy you saw them, so watch out! Your life might be in danger!
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Version: Updated: 2024-07-11, Posted: 2024-07-08. Request for an Update!

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sg kingj @ 2024-07-09 09:59:24

lame crap game. it's terrible piece of work. can't even defeat the simple knight. suddenly just changed his action. terrible


us jim @ 2024-07-09 02:06:31

where you find the bunny girl


us BurnAI @ 2024-07-08 18:03:37

Just some more AI garbage from people with no artistic skill.


ca Thunderfuck @ 2024-07-08 17:14:12

once i built the wood storage shed I couldn't collect anymore wood to make coin


us squee @ 2024-07-08 17:04:36

Chop.. Chop.. Chop..


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