Celebrity Hunter [v 0.10]

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Description: You have always wanted to be a photojournalist and capture the juiciest of scandals. Well, in this game you have just graduated as a journalist and land a new job as a paparazzi. It's quite a tedious job that requires your full commitment but you love it nonetheless. Most of the time, you are usually up all night and enjoy taking scandalous picture of celebrities and common folk alike. To remain at the top, you have learnt the art of deceit, collect gossip and always trick your models. After a while, you become a custodian of all the dirty secrets that happen in the modelling business, the city mafia and the corrupt mayor's office.
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Version: Updated: 2024-07-19, Posted: 2024-07-09. Request for an Update!

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br Sr Anônimo @ 2024-07-14 03:18:01

Não acredito que esse jogo veio parar aqui, kk n sei se é exatamente brasileiro mas o foco dele não é pornô , e sim História

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br SungEdWoo7 @ 2024-07-19 06:08:11

Eu tmb fiquei surpreso k. O jogo é brasileiro né?


dk Ravnen23 @ 2024-07-09 12:34:11

Do you need a school class in what female protagonist means??


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