Being a Wife

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Description: The main heroine, named Christina, is a happily married middle-aged woman. Her husband recently got a new job in another city, so she was left all alone. Christina has always dreamed of a luxurious life, but due to financial problems she will have to look for other ways to enjoy life. Your task is to help Christina make choices that will affect her further sexual path.
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Version: Updated: 2024-07-05, Posted: 2024-07-05. Request for an Update!

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us Gman @ 2024-07-19 04:18:40

Wow what a low handed DEV. adding teaser pics that are not even in the game yet. Gonne bet there will be massive filler and very little sex for another 3 or 4 updates if even then. Another money grabber. Hey dev I just purchased some adult games on steam a few days ago. They were complete games or completed chapters that didn't tease and leave you hanging.

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us Gman @ 2024-07-19 04:24:26

I just noticed this was updated 10 days ago. This is a update and that's all the farther you made it. Do you think I or others are going to be tricked by your Patreon release. So I go and sign up and pay you. Then you don't make enough and decide to drop the game. Now I look stupid.


us Jerkfree @ 2024-07-08 09:54:43

Yeah, this game had a different name before.. It ends the same way and has nothing added. The art is good there's not much for a story, but it is a porn game.


at scaramouche @ 2024-07-06 20:08:16

its a waste of time even if its short


de Gay Mergirl @ 2024-07-06 05:48:12

Why is there a crosswalk sign on the roof?


us icrazyur2 @ 2024-07-05 20:00:59

how about you make a whole game first then ask for money and remeber your not making a game for yourself but other people and no one wants to see the cheating slut wife only fucking her hubby

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hr reg88 @ 2024-07-16 07:24:23

icrazyur2, That wouldn't make sense, how can he build a game when he don't have resources to build a game? It's not a problem that he's asking for money the problem is he's doing a very poor job with the updates, the game is just not progressing at all, it's stalled like a year ago and didn't move anywhere from there. Check Luna's Fall From Grace or Luna Reloaded for an example of a great developer.


fr clandestino @ 2024-07-05 19:44:34

not working


hr reg88 @ 2024-07-05 18:01:22

Just teasing, nothing happens, waste of time even though it's short. Just stop while you can, we can all see it's a remake of "Christine Watson: Good Wife and Mother", you did nothing with that game, you most likely won't do anything with this one as well, actually feel bad for patreons that pay for this.

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us icrazyur2 @ 2024-07-05 19:58:47

reg88, like the whole speech trying to get people to pay for this


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