TF Card Battle [v 1.24]

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Description: In this unique game, your mission is to transform the gender of your enemies before they do the same to you. Card selection is crucial, so grasp the game mechanics to accomplish your task. Choose the gaming mode at the start and dive into strategic battles. Understanding the game's intricacies is key to success, allowing you to skillfully navigate challenges. Whether in single-player or multiplayer mode, your goal remains the same: strategic card selection to transform genders and outwit your opponents. It's a game where every move matters, and mastering the mechanics is your path to victory. If you are obsessed with winning and sticking it to your opponent, this is the game for you!
Version: Updated: 2024-01-24, Posted: 2019-02-10. Request for an Update!

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us Johny @ 2022-12-24 09:31:23

I love the game but don't like the fact that the arcade mode does not offer dual transformation option.


bg kon @ 2022-07-05 07:59:25

whats the name of the blonde maid ?


us Bella @ 2022-03-31 02:54:50

I've been playing this game for almost a year now and it's an incredible game! Very fun, lots of replayability! But I would urge the tutorial to be a bit easier on the eyes and make it more clear that you can swap around certain card packs. As I said, I've been playing this game for quite a while and I only JUST found out you could swap them around.

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au CheertheDead @ 2022-10-26 12:13:49

Bella, good for you. I have no facking idea what I suppose to do.


us Anonymous @ 2022-03-15 22:25:18

I like the new pregnancy transformation option but i'm not getting the "get pregnant" cards quickly enough to have enough kids to take advantage of the powerful cards that really help late in the game, need more "quickie" cards

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fr Anonymous @ 2022-03-17 23:31:57

Pregnancy need rebalancing before being a good option. there is for now far too few option to get pregnant


gb Merodda @ 2022-03-26 23:38:47

The better pregnancy cards are found after the 25% TF mark within the Hearts cards. As such I found it a good idea to get a high value modifier (+20 with the bonus Heart is best) at the start of the game to boost nearer that area. Then go heavy into defence so you have time to build up a lot of kids to get the big bonuses from later cards that use them as multipliers.


us Cheater @ 2020-12-16 08:03:48

Cheat Code is Unveil

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id R.C @ 2023-07-16 12:38:59

Cheater, Thanks bro


is WTF @ 2020-11-02 23:14:25

Ok so this game... all that was on the screen for me were just squares it didnt do anything


us Pornohell69 @ 2020-04-10 19:56:45

Sissy can easily snowball just pick lots of draw cards and cards that increase your transformation meter


nl Some Guy @ 2020-02-12 04:45:12

For those of you who have trouble with the difficulty, I'll tell you how I beat the game very easily. I pretty much abandoned brain cards. I went with heart point (HP) cards and hucow transformation. Focus on stacking lots of cards that draw cards. After, go for some TF point cards. Cards that double your HP, convert your HP to TF points, and cards that convert your breast size into TF points will help you defeat the bosses easily as by now your breast size should be 22 TF points or so.

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fr Carder @ 2020-06-27 16:30:54

Some Guy, Really now? Interesting. So far I've crushed the game with nothing but brain cards. Basically, early I focus on getting more brain cards, shields and buying pile resets. When I enter into "heart" level I get the really strong brain drawing cards. In the final step when I am into submission levels I get the card to remove basic cards and the one that give me an extra turn. From there on, I my turns can last for ever.


us sdfgaeh @ 2019-12-23 23:54:00

what the hell is the point of this game. nothing work I click on everything and nothing works


us MeepKid @ 2019-09-18 06:38:17

I’m trying to play this game on mobile but won’t work keep saying full screen prompt it work two update before can the uploaded it without the forced full screen (I use safari) most (hthl) on it

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us Meepkid @ 2019-10-03 04:47:08

MeepKid, still same issue tw-user- script -0 say


us Succubitch @ 2019-06-26 17:25:33

Am I wrong or does armor do literally nothing in succubus more?

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us Cbomb9999 @ 2022-02-04 12:50:42

Succubitch, prevents the accumulation of + in the same way it would block incoming damage in other modes runs, with the same general status message after turn.


br s @ 2019-06-20 08:18:43

how i play this fucking game?


gb JammyCammy @ 2019-04-08 22:30:36

Need to bring a vs mode into this and play against other people


hu Kyrozis @ 2019-03-27 19:53:01

Animalgirl is the best and contains the most transformation-specific cards


us OtakuSzadek @ 2019-03-20 04:41:22

Soon, I kinda broke the game. Fill a deck with as many draw 2 as you can get, and add one triumph of the kind and a corrective surgery and you can just loop through your deck endlessly until you get unlucks with basic card draws. I beat the final boss with legit -4 tf on me. Which made me realize that you should get different versions of the endings based on your to level. Currently it makes no sense for your completely untouched guy to suddenly start acting like a maid at the end

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us OtakuSzadek @ 2019-03-20 04:45:59

Freaking autocorrect, sorry about that, anyone know how to edita comment?


au Tittysucker2019 @ 2019-03-01 03:52:24

This game is good


ca finally @ 2019-02-16 02:51:15

I finally managed to beat the story mode. the best strategy I found is to purchase any card that draws or gives you shield plus a few cards like targeted ads and strategic operation for a bit of extra damage. Don't get any heart cards as that will make make some of your cards do less. Use the first match to try and get as many upgrades as possible mainly the brain upgrade and the tech upgrade so you can get more shield and better cards earlier in your next games.

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us OtakuSzadek @ 2019-03-20 04:49:48

finally, I beat it the same way, but focusing on heart cards picking up top tier brain cards as available, temptress is key, and working from there. The heart card bonuses stack toward the same cards, so you get all the bonuses without the extra cards if you get the bonuses before the final round


vn C.C. @ 2019-12-21 09:15:11

finally, I manage to lose 10 in a row and never be able to pass Michael :'(


br bolado @ 2019-02-15 21:46:10

its unfair when u win the opponent(after choose side effects-bimbo-maid-hucow ), the main opponent after him caught u with TF points without reset if u dont had lucky he just game over so soon

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nl west @ 2019-06-13 17:28:25

bolado, git güt feg


ca Garbage @ 2019-02-11 04:58:58

Ok seriously, when did the internet just decide to push gender change/sissyfication for Summer Slam?

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us trash @ 2019-02-12 05:21:33

Garbage, I think someone who works on the website just really likes tfgames


se Someone @ 2019-02-12 14:04:18

Garbage, I know right!


ee jollygoodshow @ 2019-09-18 17:29:02

Garbage, yeah, it's very present. Wish there were more card games like this one, yet had more straight stuff.... - I really enjoy to play this for the game experience only and kinda cringe or feel obnoxious about the pornography itself. Hmm... dilemmas


us Dude the Dude @ 2019-12-16 15:42:54

jollygoodshow, I mean, a lot of the porn itself is straight. It's just the theme is... meh.


us Amanda212 @ 2021-01-13 23:55:44

jollygoodshow, ya most porn is for cis het men so i get how that would feel seeing as im not cis or het.


bg Mishoka @ 2019-02-10 22:08:57

Goood game !!


de Soldier @ 2019-02-10 21:14:18


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