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Description: Michael Jackson is trying to justify oneself that he had never used kids for satisfying his perverted fantasies. He shows paintings with very ambiguous meanings. He says that he and kids like perverted version of Flinstones and Beauty and the Beast.
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us bruh @ 2019-12-14 06:41:29

I was intrigued by the thought of this, and the absolute strangeness of it, but now after its over I realize its absolute awfulness.


tn this is correct @ 2019-07-02 06:42:37

for the person who watched this whole shit like me i know u hated the sick not really black bastered but ..... well. oh shit micheal jackson layers didnt pay me enought to support or defend him well fuck him then


nl Anoniem @ 2011-03-02 14:36:51

This Is Realy Stupid Shit, He's killed stupid things like this.


sk kikulienka @ 2010-11-09 19:35:32

presne takkk jak ste to mohli urobiiit !!!!


sk patka0902 @ 2010-08-29 16:29:37

Vy buzeranti pojebany co si o sebe myslite kokoti debili tranzvestiti opedofili . Jak si to mozte dovolit to je urazka cti , a aj po jeho smrti ze sa nehanbitwe


lt wika @ 2010-02-07 18:58:26

gerassss.tikrai!!!pasiulyciau visiems paziuret!juokingas!:DDD:):]]]]


lt SANDARA @ 2010-01-30 09:54:16



lt bith @ 2009-09-12 12:37:21

tikra nesamone


lt perlas @ 2009-04-07 18:01:57



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