Katies Diaries

Diary of Katty

  • Katies diaries Ep. 3 Animation

    Katie decided to give one room for rent and put an advertisement in magazine. There were a lot of calls from sexy guys with big muscles and big dicks but she couldn’t understand why she didn’t want them.One day came a hot girl Brandy and Katie just couldn’t refuse her.

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  • Katies diaries Ep. 5 Animation

    Katie and Brandy went to the club that night where Jim was working – a guy Katie was interested in. After a while Brandy disappeared with another guy and they went to fuck in the toilet. But Katie gave her number to Jim because he was interested in her.

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  • Chathouse 3D

    Make new friends and chat in 3D. Hang out, flirt and socialize in an anonymous, safe and secure virtual environment. Create, share and explore fantasies with like-minded others. Swing and play anytime, anywhere!

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  • Katies diaries Ep. 4 Animation

    Katie is wondering how Brandy can manage to do such a serious job during the day working in the laboratory and all the night fucking with so many guys. One day Katie decided to invite Brandy on a date to night club. Brandy was happy about this offer and agreed.

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  • Katies diaries Ep.8 Animation

    Katie and Brandy are in Googles bar again. Katie is lonely and bored again and Brandy spends good time with her fuck buddy. Well, do you think Katy will get a good fuck in the last part of these animated series? Brandy decided to make a surprise for Katie. They went to the club and Brandy persuaded Jim to come to their place and have sex together. In the beginning Katie couldn’t mellow out but Brandy just made her do it and that night thay had great sex.

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  • Katies diaries Ep. 7 Animation

    Katie refused Johny and kicked him of from her home. After a while suddenly Brandy arrived home with her sexy friend Deina. They went to the Brandy’s room and had a crazy sex. After that Brandy went out of he room and offered to join Katie but she was shy about joining and refused.

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  • Katies diaries Ep. 6 Animation

    Next morning after Katie and Brandy were in the club. Brandy looked so amazing like she didn’t drink at all last night but Katie felt so tired when Jim called her but her headacke became stronger when someone knocked on the door – it was Johny.

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  • Katies diaries Ep. 1 Animation

    Katie broke up with her boyfriend Johny. During the time she is getting bored to sleep alone and masturbating instead of sex is bored. All the time she thinks about Johny but she can’t forgive him cheating on her with another girl. Not to feel so lonely she bought nice dog and named him Chewie.

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  • Katies diaries Ep. 2 Animation

    Katie decided not to sit at home alone but meat new guys. At work she met one sexy blond guy and she liked him. So she offered him to come to her place and he agreed. He came and they had sex and in the middle of the actin Chewy bited him into the but and condom broke.

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