Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc [Restart]

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Tags: Adventure Arcade Big Dicks Big Tits Blow Job Cumshot Dress Up Erotic Games Female Protagonist Fetish Fighting Games Group Sex Handjob Hentai High Resolution Masturbation Oral Sex Over 18 Public Sex Quests Recommended RPG Sex Simulators Skill Based Tactics Toys [change]

Description: In this 2D first person Hentai game you play as Maiko Umiya. Normally you play as her and enjoy regular life. But then you can turn all this into something unreal. Play this game with your mouse and keyboard. Be patient when multiple files preload during the game, there are some big files that may take a lot of time (guitar play mini game).
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  • us luis @ 2018-02-12 19:56:43

    0H0H213H96H1H0H0H0H2062H2H21H227H210H5H2H213H 396H416H419H1H18H13H20H5H300H5H2H2H1H2H0H1H1H 0H0H1H0H0H0H4H2H4H40H8H3H47H3H3H0H1H0H0H8H2

  • us Bruh @ 2018-01-17 06:54:19

    Can someone give me a save after the Geez Dizzy Bug

  • de jack @ 2017-10-27 15:11:00

    please password the new version

  • ca Code @ 2017-07-25 05:14:06

    That one is a little tweaked 100H5H5000H500H1H1H1H1H1215752192H8H4H0H10H1H 1H0H999H999H999H3H55H46H999H5H9999H9999H2H1H0 H2H1H1H1H0H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H 0H0H0

  • ca Guilbaus @ 2017-07-24 22:55:43

    100H5H5000H500H1H0H0H0H10H8H4H0H10H1H0H0H0H99 9H999H3H55H20H999H5H9999H9999H2H1H0H2H1H1H1H1 H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0

  • hk Anonymous @ 2017-04-24 14:47:13

    0H0H413H122H1H0H0H0H868569H8H27H1540H1460H5H4 H858H618H551H569H3H52H49H386H5H5300H585H2H1H2 H2H1H1H1H1H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H100H24H10H43H11H12 H1H1H0H0H10H2 Use this code. It can play with $868569!

  • ca Some Guy @ 2017-02-05 02:08:54

    100H14H50H1H1H1H0H0H50H8H1H0H10H0H1H0H0H20H20 1H0H1H29H20H1H300H5H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0 H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H0H401H0H0 maybe this'll work, I saved just after the geez dizzy bug

  • vn Bruh @ 2017-02-01 20:55:22

    0H0H434H124H0H0H0H1H881449H0H36H1565H1510H5H1 H917H618H551H619H4H37H40H397H5H5300H585H2H1H1 H2H1H3H1H1H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H103H25H11H45H11H0H 1H1H0H0H14H23H0H1H19

  • us anon @ 2016-12-22 05:18:16

    please update this version

  • rs kyoko @ 2016-12-08 17:38:59

    yes,I'm having that same problem.

  • us Thisgameisbroke @ 2016-10-24 06:52:22

    Why is it that whenever I start the game, all I see is hair and in the backround a pink screen?

  • gb DreadHunter @ 2016-09-22 14:47:05

    Anyone got a save after dizzy bug?

  • de Cortimas @ 2016-09-19 00:39:26

    Sadly unplayable for me crashes as soon as i leave my room-

  • nl sgs @ 2016-08-30 14:42:27


  • us Unknown @ 2016-08-28 18:39:00

    0H0H213H96H1H0H0H0H2062H2H21H227H210H5H2H213H 396H416H419H1H17H52H20H5H300H5H2H2H1H2H0H1H1H 0H0H1H0H0H0H4H2H4H40H8H3H47H3H3H0H1H0H0H8H2 Another decent save

  • us geez @ 2016-08-19 08:42:49

    this really looked like a good game up until geez dizzy

  • us hhhh @ 2016-08-03 19:44:18

    0H0H413H122H1H0H0H0H868569H8H27H1540H1460H5H4 H858H618H551H569H3H52H49H386H5H5300H585H2H1H2 H2H1H1H1H1H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H100H24H10H43H11H12 H1H1H0H0H10H2

  • us say what @ 2016-07-28 06:21:09

    has any one make it past Geez Dizzy yet?

  • us rocketman33 @ 2016-07-26 11:48:12

    I got to the part where i fight one of the agents, but know it freezes before i get to fight him

  • th Guy with Cheat Engine @ 2016-07-23 23:46:17

    0H0H413H122H1H0H0H0H868569H8H27H1540H1460H5H4 H858H618H551H569H3H52H49H386H5H5300H585H2H1H2 H2H1H1H1H1H0H1H1H1H1H0H1H0H100H24H10H43H11H12 H1H1H0H0H10H2 Enjoy Everything!!!!

  • us Blah @ 2016-07-23 20:06:49

    I don't know how, but I got passed the Geez dizzy part once before, but ever since then. I could never get passed it!

  • se little pickle @ 2016-07-23 13:40:23

    100H16H387H87H1H0H0H1H11498H7H54H382H660H5H3H 4273H402H402H403H1H32H38H1694H5H300H5H2H2H1H2 H0H1H1H0H0H0H0H0H0H4H2H7H49H9H8H35H2H2H0H1H0H 0H7H2 All ending available

  • us NoOne @ 2016-07-23 05:27:28

    this game does not work doesnt even load

  • pl Predator @ 2016-07-22 19:50:16

    how to pass geez dizzy bug i have tried to to wait 20 min after restars and its still buged can anyone help?

  • ro sas @ 2016-07-22 15:32:04

    can someone who got pass the Geez Dizzy bug,post its save number,or what ever its called.

  • my jjjj @ 2016-07-21 17:19:45

    0H0H228H87H1H0H0H1H942H5H20H196H210H2H2H220H3 98H404H403H1H32H24H21H5H400H5H2H2H1H2H0H1H1H0 H0H1H0H0H0H4H2H4H37H6H3H34H3H2H0H1H0H0H7H2

  • us KumoriTentei @ 2016-07-21 04:27:38

    0H0H189H87H0H0H0H0H1742H7H18H371H660H5H3H590H 291H419H410H1H35H30H405H5H300H5H2H0H1H2H1H1H0 H0H0H1H1H1H1H0H0H0H54H8H5H30H7H0H1H1H0H0H3H2 Everything unlocked, should work.

  • us Just helping @ 2016-07-19 05:33:27

    0H0H203H16H1H0H0H0H1282H2H18H187H210H5H2H115H 340H402H403H1H0H46H20H5H300H5H2H2H1H2H0H0H1H0 H0H1H0H0H0H4H2H4H36H5H3H34H2H2H0H1H0H0H7H2 use this save code when you can use "load from save code" on the Ipad most things have been done, enjoy the fapping

  • ca Panda Boy @ 2016-07-19 04:01:35

    When Pattie says "... leaving your panties at home...", how about an option to go commando? With all these guys trying to get her pregnant, when can she buy condoms?

  • sv Mayhem @ 2016-07-17 21:36:23

    alguien me explica el mini juego del cafe, en la parte que tienes que tener sexo, no entiendo lo de los numeros

  • us AntMansBus @ 2016-07-17 06:44:52

    This shit is stupid!! it doesn't even start

  • ca Panda Boy @ 2016-07-17 05:49:20

    It keeps freezing... The original was a better RPG but the cafe scenes here are better.

  • us sam @ 2016-07-16 20:09:42

    click on her hair to fix it

  • de Cortimas @ 2016-07-16 05:05:32

    i never can work in cafe because my hair is in disorder

  • my unknow @ 2016-07-16 01:56:59

    alright for those who stuck at "geez dizzy" restart ur game then dont press load or new game cuz it still preloading file for games wait about 10 or less mins

  • lv mz87 @ 2016-07-15 20:06:04

    issue with Dizzy fixed

  • my unknow @ 2016-07-15 18:47:35

    same to me i was thinking is it about preload file or game problem

  • us Saddam Hussein @ 2016-07-15 18:29:47

    Anyone else having it always freeze at "Geez Dizzy! Your imagination is really wild."?

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